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  1. 2012 NHL draft - How fast can young defensemen contribute?

    Alvin Chang

    With a number of talented defensemen ranked near the top of the 2012 NHL draft class, Alvin Chang looks at whether or not it's wise to expect immediate contributions from a highly-drafted D-man.

    Blog | Conversation | May 15, 2012
  2. 2012 NHL Draft - Can 3 No. 1 picks earn Edmonton Oilers a Cup?

    Alvin Chang

    ESPN Insider Alvin Chang writes that the Edmonton Oilers got lucky getting the No. 1 overall pick for the third consecutive year, and should they draft Nail Yakupov, they could be a few complementary players away from Cup contention.

    Blog | Conversation | April 17, 2012
  3. NHL draft - The biggest draft busts since 1990

    Alvin Chang

    Alexandre Daigle? Kyle Turris? Those are just two players who have fallen far short of their expected potential since their selections near the top of their draft classes. Using advanced metrics, here's a look at the 10 biggest draft busts since 1990.

    Blog | Conversation | December 27, 2011
  4. NHL draft - Are coaches or drafting to blame in Washington, Carol...

    Alvin Chang

    Four head coaches have been fired already this NHL season, but was it really their fault or the failings of the front office in the draft? Alvin Chang explores the Caps, Canes, Ducks and Blues to see how their drafting stacks up with the NHL average.

    Blog | Conversation | December 08, 2011
  5. 2012 NHL draft - How time to the NHL has an impact on player succ...

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang examines how the amount of time a player takes to get to the NHL correlates to player success.

    Blog | Conversation | November 23, 2011
  6. 2012 NHL draft - Potential age limit would have little impact on ...

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang examines the NHL draft to determine what impact a proposed age change would have on both the league and its young players. His findings? The impact would be fairly minimal.

    Blog | Conversation | November 03, 2011
  7. 2012 NHL draft - Windsor Spitfires D Nick Ebert is no stranger to...

    Alvin Chang

    Nick Ebert is a natural athlete whose baseball talents and late-development in hockey may signal vast untapped potential for the New Jersey native and potential first-round draft pick.

    Blog | Conversation | November 02, 2011
  8. NHL draft - Finding the next Pekka Rinne

    Alvin Chang

    Pekka Rinne is proving to be a draft steal for the Nashville Predators, but finding him wasn't easy. That begs the question: Is it better to sign elite free-agent goaltenders or find them in the draft? Alvin Chang finds it's hard to draft gems like Rinne.

    Blog | Conversation | September 09, 2011
  9. NHL draft - Steve Yzerman's draft-day gamble for Tampa Bay Lightn...

    Alvin Chang

    Lightning GM Steve Yzerman took a risk by selecting three Russians in the 2011 draft despite the lack of a transfer agreement. So what would such an agreement do for the draft stock of Russian prospects? Alvin Chang examines the question.

    Blog | Conversation | September 01, 2011
  10. NHL Draft - Morgan Rielly could be next elite offensive blueliner...

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang profiles Morgan Rielly, an offensively-gifted defenseman who is positioning himself as a top prospect for the 2012 NHL Draft.

    Blog | Conversation | August 17, 2011
  11. NHL draft - Searching for the next Shea Weber - The difficulty of...

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang examines why so many elite defensemen slip past the first round, a la Shea Weber. Is there something scouts are missing? In most cases, it appears to be a willingness to turn a weakness into a strength.

    Blog | Conversation | August 10, 2011
  12. NHL draft - Slots dictate pay well beyond entry-level contracts

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang examines the contracts signed by players over the course of their careers and notices that draft slot impacts salary well after the expiraction of their entry-level contract.

    Blog | Conversation | August 03, 2011
  13. NHL draft - Alex Ovechkin, Jaromir Jagr show hockey expertise by ...

    Alvin Chang

    Righties and lefties produce at roughly the same level in the NHL, so why is it so important for players to utilize their dominant hand at the top, rather than the bottom of the stick? And what does it all say about forwards who skate on their off wing?

    Blog | Conversation | July 27, 2011
  14. NHL draft - Trades for former first rounders are risky

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang looks at the success rate of teams that trade for former first-round picks. While swaps for stalled prospects are more common, they rarely pan out for the team acquiring the former first-rounder.

    Blog | Conversation | July 22, 2011
  15. NHL draft - Metrics, technology can improve scouting

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang looks at the world of NHL draft scouting and noting how a blend of metrics and technology can greatly improve NHL draft scouting.

    Blog | Conversation | July 13, 2011
  16. NHL Draft: Which characteristics portend readiness for prospects ...

    Alvin Chang

    Alvin Chang analyzes which characteristics of NHL prospects most determine their readiness to step in and contribute immediately. He also looks at which countries produce the most NHL-ready players.

    Blog | Conversation | July 06, 2011