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  1. 00:53

    4Q USA SOUTH ALABAMA penalty, ineligible downfield on pass (-5 Ya...

    Bridge, Brandon pass attempt to Smith, Shavarez good, PENALTY USA ineligible downfield on pass 5 yards to the NAVY8, NO PLAY.

    November 28, 2014
  2. 00:08

    3Q TTU OKLAHOMA penalty, 12 Men on the Field (5 Yards)

    OKLAHOMA Penalty, 12 Men on the Field (5 Yards) to the TexTc 43

    November 15, 2014
  3. 01:08

    2Q KSU KANSAS ST penalty, Ineligible Downfield on Pass (C. Whiteh...

    Waters, Jake pass complete to Lockett, Tyler for 20 yards to the OKLAHOMA0, PENALTY KANSASST ineligible downfield on pass (Whitehair, Cody) 5 yards to the OKLAHOMA25, NO PLAY.

    October 18, 2014
  4. 00:41

    3Q SMU SMU penalty, Ineligible Downfield on Pass (E. Brown)

    Krstich, Garrett pass complete to Gaines, Jeremiah for 19 yards to the EASTCRLINA13, PENALTY SMU ineligible downfield on pass (Brown, Evan) 5 yards to the EASTCRLINA37, NO PLAY.

    October 04, 2014
  5. 01:04

    Spectacular Airborn Catch

    Armstrong Jr., Tommy pass complete to Westerkamp, Jordan for 41 yards to the MCNEESE14, PENALTY NEBRASKA ineligible downfield on pass (Cotton, Jake) 5 yards to the NEBRASKA40, NO PLAY.

    September 06, 2014