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  1. Analyzing Pac-12's nonconference slate

    Ted Miller

    College football is hard to keep up with in terms of who plays in what conference this year and whether they change affiliation the next. This week, we said goodbye to the Big East and welcomed something called the "American Athletic Conference." ...

    Blog | July 02, 2013
  2. Pac-12 as NFL coaching pipeline

    Ted Miller's Ivan Maisel looks at which conferences send head coaches to the NFL and makes a conclusion: "The shortest road for any FBS head coach to the NFL is through the Pac-12. In fact, no other conference even comes close." He points out that C...

    Blog | June 04, 2013
  3. Conference recruiting scorecard

    Ted Miller

    The SEC, as has become the pattern over the past decade, is ruling recruiting just as it has been ruling the national title hunt. On national signing day eve, it has five of the top 10 teams in the ESPN recruiting rankings -- it's pretty much the...

    Blog | February 05, 2013
  4. Oregon ends Pac-12 season on uptick

    Ted Miller

    At least two people whispered the unthinkable to me after the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. "That," they said, "was a boring game." That, I realized after some pondering, is what happens when the superior team plays an outstanding game: 35-17 is what h...

    Blog | January 04, 2013
  5. Pac-12 still third in power rankings

    Ted Miller

    The third-rated Pac-12 moved closer to the second-rated Big 12 in the Stats & Info conference power rankings, but the SEC widened its lead at No. 1. The Pac-12 is now 7.3 points behind the Big 12. It ranks third in both the human and ...

    Blog | October 16, 2012
  6. Contenders will be keen on Irish-Cardinal

    Ted Miller

    Is Notre Dame for real? (Skip.) Is Notre Dame for real? (Skip.) Is Notre Dame for real? (Skip.) Yes, the college football punditry and peanut gallery can sound like a broken record. The Fighting Irish are 5-0 and ranked seventh, and almost every s...

    Blog | October 12, 2012
  7. Pac-12 still third among power conferences

    Ted Miller

    The SEC moved past the Big 12 into first place of the ESPN Stats & Info's Conference Power Rankings, while the Pac-12 remained third, 10.5 points behind the Big 12. Why did the SEC move up? The SEC jumped over the Big 12 largely due to its str...

    Blog | October 09, 2012
  8. Larry 'Ca-ching' Scott is in the money

    Ted Miller

    Commissioner Larry Scott has opened up a new financial frontier for the Pac-12 -- most notably a $3 billion TV deal and a new network -- but he ain't doing too badly himself. USA Today published the 2010 salaries of college conference commissioner...

    Blog | May 23, 2012
  9. Imitation is the highest form of flattery

    Ted Miller

    SEC and Big 12 folks have been tweaking the Big Ten and Pac-12's love of the Rose Bowl of late. That made me grin because the primary motivation for those tweaks was jealousy. Don't buy that assessment? Well, then what do you make of this: The SEC...

    Blog | May 18, 2012
  10. Lunch links: Reyes is about to get paid

    Ted Miller

    Stepping in for Andrea, who often goes off the grid to do black ops in Pakistan. And, by the way, it's not lunch time where I'm sitting. Boise State, a future member, stayed in-house with its new offensive coordinator. Sort of worked before, yeah...

    Blog | April 19, 2012
  11. Points, counterpoints for BCS bowl season

    Ted Miller

    Has something seemed odd to you about the BCS bowls this year? Does it seem like ... oh wait, West Virginia just scored again. Does it seem like ... wait, there goes De'Anthony Thomas. Don't think he'll get caught from behind. Does it seem like...

    Blog | January 05, 2012
  12. Pac-12 would benefit in 'plus-one'

    Ted Miller's Brad Edwards considers a potential "plus-one" quasi-playoff being added to the BCS, and he shows that it's hardly flawless. First, here's specifically what he is writing about: For that reason, it had been assumed until very recently t...

    Blog | December 27, 2011
  13. Lunch links: Snub still irks Aaron Rodgers

    Ted Miller

    No! No! I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Rich Rodriguez and Todd Graham go way back, so the Arizona-ASU rivalry just got more interesting. The Wildcats are eyeballing some QBs. Paola Boivin's e...

    Blog | December 15, 2011
  14. Teams under consideration for BCS bowls

    Ted Miller

    The BCS has announced that 22 teams remain under consideration for BCS bowl berths, and that list includes Oregon, Stanford and, yes, UCLA. The champions of the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conferences automat...

    Blog | November 30, 2011
  15. Does Missouri have relevance for Pac-12?

    Ted Miller

    Just when we thought we were out of the expansion business, they pull us back in. Or does Missouri's wandering eye -- away from the Big 12 and toward the SEC -- mean anything for the Pac-12? It could but probably doesn't in the short-term. J...

    Blog | October 05, 2011
  16. How the BCS rates the Pac-12

    Ted Miller numbers guru Brad Edwards has an interesting piece here on how the Mountain West actually is stronger than the Big East based on the BCS's official system for calculating conference strength. But that's not why we're interested. Edwards i...

    Blog | August 25, 2011