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  1. Trading walks for singles, Cooperstown-style

    Rob Neyer

    I'm not sure how much it costs to access Bill James' website, but I'm pretty sure his recent four-part series on the 2011 Hall of Fame ballot is alone worth whatever they get. Taking Bill's work and running with it -- Joe Posnanski's quite the run...

    Blog | January 21, 2011
  2. One and done for John Franco

    Rob Neyer

    Maybe it shouldn't have been all that surprising that Kevin Brown was named on only 12 Hall of Fame ballots this week, and fell off the BBWAA ballot forever. But what about John Franco, who also fell off the ballot upon falling just two votes shy of ...

    Blog | January 07, 2011
  3. Will Barry Larkin save the Hall in 2012?

    Rob Neyer

    This will be a good year for the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Oh, it won't be a great year. Not a year like 1999, when first-ballot enshrinees Nolan Ryan, George Brett, and Robin Yount packed the house. Not a year like 2014, when Ups...

    Blog | January 05, 2011
  4. O those eyes, Mize

    Rob Neyer

    Just the other day, responding to Pete Abraham's Hall of Fame ballot that omitted Jeff Bagwell, I argued (without any specific evidence) that Bagwell was the greatest first baseman between Jimmie Foxx and Albert Pujols. This elicited a short missive ...

    Blog | December 24, 2010
  5. No room for Bagwell in the Coop?

    Rob Neyer

    Pete Abraham's submitted his first Hall of Fame ballot yesterday, and is voting for Roberto Alomar, Bert Blyleven, Barry Larkin, Alan Trammell, and Tim Raines. Worthy choices, all. But there's one prominent name that's gone missing, and Abraham...

    Blog | December 22, 2010
  6. Will Bagwell get lost in Cooperstown crowd?

    Rob Neyer

    The Hall of Fame ballot is out there and in the hands of longtime BBWAA members (which leaves me out). In my mind there's just one big question but more on that in a moment. First the source material: Suspected steroid users Rafael Palmeiro and ...

    Blog | November 29, 2010
  7. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links can't be held responsible for what they might do later this morning, if more than one crazy voter or two leave Felix Hernandez off their Cy Young ballots completely ... The Platoon Advantage's Bill offers a gentle corrective to the ...

    Blog | November 17, 2010
  8. Johnson almost lost in Cy Young shuffle

    Rob Neyer

    The National League Cy Young balloting has seemed like a foregone conclusion for some time. Which, in the event, it was. In the SweetSpot Network balloting, Roy Halladay was the unanimous choice: 19 ballots, 19 first-place votes for Halladay. More...

    Blog | November 16, 2010
  9. Arguing for the greatness of Tabata

    Rob Neyer

    Yesterday, we learned that one voter, Dejan Kovacevic, left Jason Heyward completely off his Rookie of the Year ballot. In his Twitter feed, Kovacevic gamely offered a good-natured defense, starting here: Re: ROY voting. Felt very firmly about Pos...

    Blog | November 16, 2010
  10. Heyward, Posey go missing

    Rob Neyer

    So anyway, Craig has some issues with the National League Rookie of the Year voting: Check out the voting yourself: there are 32 voters. Each one gets to name three players on their ballot. Both Posey and Heyward were named on only 31 ballots. I don...

    Blog | November 15, 2010
  11. Tommy John leads Vets Committee ballot

    Rob Neyer

    From the Hall of Fame on this winter's Veterans Committee ballot: Every candidate receiving votes on 75 percent of the 16 ballots cast will earn election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and will be honored during Hall of Fame Weekend 2011, Ju...

    Blog | November 12, 2010
  12. San Jose to vote on ballpark for A's

    Rob Neyer

    With everyone west of the Bay and north of the Bay and east of the Bay and south of the Bay still waiting for some official word on the fate of the Athletics, San Jose's mayor has scheduled a ballot measure for this fall ... and Major League Baseball...

    Blog | July 28, 2010
  13. One man's vote against Edgar

    Rob Neyer

    With just moments to spare, we've got Dan Shaughnessy's Hall of Fame ballot. It's not the worst ballot I've seen. It's short: just three names. And I heartily endorse two of them: Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven (the other, Jack Morris, not so much)...

    Blog | January 05, 2010
  14. Don't look to Hall voters for consistency

    Rob Neyer

    Sunday night, Jon Heyman revealed his Hall of Fame ballot in a tweet. Just six months ago, this would have been unthinkable. Today it doesn't even qualify as news. No, what was interesting was Heyman's willingness, again via Twitter, to defend his ba...

    Blog | December 29, 2009
  15. Fisking the Crime Dog's candidacy

    Rob Neyer

    Yesterday in a post about the BBWAA's Hall of Fame ballot, I listed four candidates who aren't obvious (to me, anyway) ... There are four other candidates who give me pause: Edgar Martinez, Fred McGriff, Mark McGwire, and Dale Murphy. The first ...

    Blog | December 01, 2009
  16. Vetting the BBWAA's Hall candidates

    Rob Neyer

    There are some tough ones on the BBWAA's Hall of Fame ballot this year. Sure, there are some not-so-tough ones, too. First-timers Roberto Alomar and Barry Larkin both are among the top dozen or so players at their positions, ever. That seems to me...

    Blog | November 30, 2009