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  1. NCAA absolves schools of sked confusion

    Eamonn Brennan

    On Saturday, we brought you the strange case of Google Chrome software version NCAA bylaw, which reads as follows: "An institution may schedule and play not more than four basketball games, including any contest (e.g., scrimmage, exhibiti...

    Blog | January 16, 2014
  2. Colorado's genius attendance arbitrage

    Eamonn Brennan

    Let's face it, women's basketball games are not well-attended. That is not necessarily an indictment of women's basketball. After all, plenty of collegiate events suffer attendance issues, issues that span gender and type. No one would argue that ...

    Blog | November 19, 2013
  3. Creighton-North Texas goes streaming

    Eamonn Brennan

    There are lots of good college basketball games on Friday, the first official day of the season. You will be able to watch nearly all of them. That is the glorious reality of the year 2012. Sports networks are hungry to broadcast any and all sports, ...

    Blog | November 08, 2012
  4. Nebraska changing hoops home atmosphere

    Eamonn Brennan

    Few college hoops fans outside the dyed-in-the-wool Nebraska clan are probably familiar with the environment at the Huskers' home men's basketball games. I'm not, and I write about basketball just about every day. Apparently, a game in the Devaney...

    Blog | June 10, 2011
  5. Revisiting Roscoe Smith's awesome heave

    Eamonn Brennan

    You've probably already seen UConn-Texas highlights; the game was Saturday, after all, and it's not like it takes two days to see highlights of awesome college basketball games on the Internet. (We love you, Internet.) But I want to revisit Connectic...

    Blog | January 10, 2011
  6. It's simple: Poor shooting sends UK home

    Eamonn Brennan

    Sometimes, basketball games are decided in ways the eyes can't see. Sometimes, differences between the winning team and the losing team are imperceptible, made clear only through statistics -- cold, unbiased, objective numbers. Other times, basket...

    Blog | March 27, 2010
  7. ACC's shot clock experiment: Why not?

    Eamonn Brennan

    The NBA installed a 24-second shot clock in 1954. It took men's college basketball another 30 years -- until 1985 -- to follow suit. Decades of painful stalling strategy would have seemed to make the shot clock a no-brainer, but the college game p...

    Blog | May 15, 2014
  8. Planning for Success: Enter the Octagon

    Eamonn Brennan

    Saturday turned insane late, and for reasons only tangentially related to basketball. But before that, it was a pretty standard day of basketball. Boring, even. There weren't many great games, and there weren't many big surprises, and thus Kansas Sta...

    Blog | February 10, 2014
  9. Cooney saves 'Cuse from letdown

    Eamonn Brennan

    Two nights after the best game of a great 2013-14 season, played in front of the largest on-campus crowd in college basketball history -- a brilliant back-and-forth affair so good it stunned Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and Duke Mike Krzyzewski, the tw...

    Blog | February 04, 2014
  10. Afternoon links: Wazzu did what?

    Eamonn Brennan

    What we're reading as we shake off the last remnants of New Year's Eve. Submit links via Twitter. First things first: Washington State scored 25 points in a 40-minute basketball game Thursday night. No, seriously! I thought the headline said the ...

    Blog | January 03, 2014
  11. Weekend Homework: Indiana in transition

    Eamonn Brennan

    The Indiana Hoosiers are fun to watch.* *Offer not applicable to Indiana fans. To the casual basketball person, or the random fan of a random program looking for a watchable game on a random night, Indiana is practically a made-for-TV guarantee. ...

    Blog | January 03, 2014
  12. Weekend Homework: Zags' thin margin

    Eamonn Brennan

    There are lots of ways to play offense in the game of basketball, countless characteristics on which to hang one's proverbial hat. Few are as pure and pleasurable as Gonzaga's. The Bulldogs play fast, decisive, intelligent offensive basketball. Th...

    Blog | December 27, 2013
  13. The rules changes have worked -- so far

    Eamonn Brennan

    Last week, when the NCAA updated its Division I men's basketball statistics, the raw numbers came with a narrative: "Early numbers suggest improved game," read the headline, as chairs of the various basketball committees chimed in with their approval...

    Blog | December 16, 2013
  14. Iowa State's win is Iowa's squandered shot

    Eamonn Brennan

    Iowa State's 85-82 victory over Iowa on Friday night was many things. It was a seminal moment, a truly great game, and a line of demarcation for two basketball programs that haven't had a truly marquee rivalry game since 1987, in a state that reall...

    Blog | December 14, 2013
  15. Delta bumps passengers in favor of Gators

    Eamonn Brennan

    How important is a college basketball game? More important than whatever 50 or so Gainesville Regional Airport passengers were planning on doing Sunday afternoon. At least, that was the message conveyed at the Delta Air Lines terminal in Gainesvill...

    Blog | December 03, 2013
  16. One game, one coach: Who you got?

    Eamonn Brennan

    The college game is stiflingly overcoached. Very few fans seem to mind. Some even seem to like it that way. How can this be? Coaches are the stars of the college basketball show. Fans identify with these guys not only because they look and act lik...

    Blog | August 21, 2013