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  1. Rays don't need a new home, but ...

    Rob Neyer

    Tony Lee asks which team most needs a new stadium, and doesn't have much trouble coming up with the answer. Lee's big finish: All but eight of the 30 current stadiums in use in the majors were opened in the last 20 years, but those that are older ar...

    Blog | December 27, 2010
  2. Jayson Werth's deal no bellweather

    Rob Neyer

    J.C. Bradbury mounts a (half-hearted) defense of the Jayson Werth deal, and Beyond the Boxscore fisks the defense. BtB's big finish: Perhaps there are a lot of fantastic reasons that contract got so high, but I think the crowd has this one right. I...

    Blog | December 07, 2010
  3. Marvin Miller politicks (or not) for Hall

    Rob Neyer

    Earlier today, I quoted George Vecsey on George Steinbrenner. Among the things I left out was Vecsey's big finish: Everybody makes more money because of Marvin Miller. But voters have tended to ignore Miller because baseball people have a bad case ...

    Blog | November 11, 2010
  4. M's fans will return when the model's built

    Rob Neyer

    From close up, Larry Stone writes about where the Mariners went wrong and he's exactly right. The big finish: It's time for the Mariners, in the wake of this disastrous season, to step back and realize that to leap forward, they must not get lured ...

    Blog | August 23, 2010
  5. Phillies big winners, and not just in '10

    Rob Neyer

    The deal is finally done, and before I had time to jot down my first thoughts I happened across Calcaterra's. His big finish: This deal is a coup for the Phillies. They got a starter who would slot in as a number one on a great many teams and they ...

    Blog | July 29, 2010
  6. Young pitchers, strikeouts, and good defense

    Rob Neyer

    Following up his survey of run production in 2010 (summary: It's down), Jay Jaffe digs into strikeouts and young pitchers and what that means this season. Jaffe's big finish: My guess is that this is where a good bit of the talk about the Year o...

    Blog | June 30, 2010
  7. How are great teams built?

    Rob Neyer

    Sean Forman on how great teams acquire talent. Forman's big finish: The four primary ways teams acquire players are the draft; free agency; amateur free agency (which accounts for most of the players from Latin America); and transactions with other ...

    Blog | June 08, 2010
  8. Does MLB have a PR problem?

    Rob Neyer

    Good stuff from Rational Pastime about competitive balance. The big finish: So there you have it--based on win distributions, the MLB is clearly the most balanced American sports league, and the NFL the least balanced, contrary to popular opinion....

    Blog | June 04, 2010
  9. Borbon tries Rangers' patience

    Rob Neyer

    Julio Borbon has been awful. In fact, as BBTiA's Joey Matschulat notes, Borbon is working on something historical. What should the Rangers do? Joey's big finish: Josh Hamilton? David Murphy? Those are last-resort options, the kind you employ when th...

    Blog | May 17, 2010
  10. Have Royals given up on Alex Gordon?

    Rob Neyer

    You remember Alex Gordon? He was supposed to be an All-Star by now. Instead he's back in Triple-A, and Joe Posnanski isn't impressed. Joe's big finish: I think the Royals have made a huge mistake here sending Gordon down. Gordon, even a disappointin...

    Blog | May 03, 2010
  11. Mauer not a good fit with Yanks ... yet

    Rob Neyer

    Will Joe Mauer be wearing (Yankee) pinstripes this time next year? River Ave. Blues' Joe Pawlikowski doesn't think so. His big finish: As it stands, the Yankees have $144 million locked into the 2011 payroll before they work out contracts for Derek...

    Blog | March 18, 2010
  12. Big Papi's days in Boston numbered?

    Rob Neyer

    Are David Ortiz's days in Boston almost over? Dan Shaughnessy thinks they might be. His big finish: Papi issued a warning to those looking for him to burst out of the blocks. "I'm not a beginning guy, I'll tell you that right now," he said. "I'm...

    Blog | February 23, 2010
  13. If Big Hurt wasn't 'clean,' who was?

    Rob Neyer

    At the end of nearly 2,100 words, Joe Posnanski makes a great point about Frank Thomas and the Hall of Fame. Joe's Big Finish: We all understand that the Hall of Fame voters, as a group, have little sympathy or respect for steroid users. McGwire's...

    Blog | February 15, 2010
  14. Hey, M's: Think about signing Damon!

    Rob Neyer

    Hey, here's a team that's not been talked about for Johnny Damon: your Seattle Mariners. But Dave Cameron's thought about it, and he likes the idea very much. Cameron's big finish: There is apparently an opportunity for the Mariners here. As I wrote...

    Blog | January 27, 2010
  15. Are the Mariners really that good?

    Rob Neyer

    Blogger Garrett Wilson -- otherwise known as Monkey With a Halo -- reviews the Mariners' offseason and isn't quite as impressed as he's supposed to be. Wilson's big finish: Now that we've gone through that little exercise, let's recap. Seattle vas...

    Blog | January 15, 2010
  16. Which caps will they wear into the Hall?

    Rob Neyer

    Hey, if we can wonder who will be elected to the Hall of Fame in 2013, why not wonder about the logos on their caps? The Hardball Times' Pat Andriola starts with Mike Piazza. After running through the numbers, Andriola's big finish: Although he play...

    Blog | January 07, 2010