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  1. The magic of a good halftime act

    Henry Abbott

    ESPN's Patrick Hruby has penned the definitive article delving into the magic of NBA halftime acts. The unicycle-riding bowl-flipper known as Red Panda (real name: Krystal Niu) stars, of course. Hruby writes: Krystal crouches in a Verizon Center ...

    Blog | June 05, 2011
  2. The Larger Bowl of Candy

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz There's a lengthy interview with Lamar Odom posted in the video gallery at his official website: Most of the interview is boilerplate stuff, but the opening snippet about candylerium is interesting: This is the p...

    Blog | June 03, 2009
  3. First Cup: Monday

    Henry Abbott

    Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: "The guy who has energized the Timberwolves' recent, unexpected winning ways with his flair for the spectacular is quiet away from the court ... and he bowls. 'He does what?' Wolves forwar...

    Blog | January 12, 2009
  4. The Sixers vs. the Starlings

    Henry Abbott

    Just hopped in the car for a ride to Philadelphia, where right now most of the Pistons are doing some warm-up deep knee bends on the court in front of me. As I walked into the main bowl of the stadium a little while ago, I had a weird feeling, like t...

    Blog | April 25, 2008
  5. Chris Webber Owes Al Harrington Something Nice

    Henry Abbott

    Al Harrington reportedly had 50-yard-line seats to that little game called the Super Bowl. But then the Warriors signed a new guy -- Chris Webber. And Chris Webber needs to learn the team's ways, so they needed more practice. And one of those practic...

    Blog | February 05, 2008
  6. Shaquille O'Neal as Tight End

    Henry Abbott

    I'm telling you, I find this massive batch of articles trying to find an NFL angle in the NBA to be pretty weak. I mean, I like watching basketball. I like watching football. They don't have to somehow blend just because it's Super Bowl week. There d...

    Blog | February 02, 2007
  7. Bill Simmons Praises TrueHoop

    Henry Abbott

    Bill Simmons spoke it into the microphone of AOL's Jamie Mottram at the Super Bowl in Miami, as part of a conversation about sports blogs: Mottram: Do you have any favorites out there that you'd like to mention and put a little thrill into the hear...

    Blog | January 31, 2007
  8. Wesley Fan Describes Wesley's Job on Message Board

    Henry Abbott

    Remember a few weeks ago there was talk on a Michigan message board about William Wesley's alleged plans to take a prized high-schooler to the Super Bowl? I'm dying to know whether or not that outing actually happened. (Can anyone help?) I checked ba...

    Blog | February 14, 2006
  9. Bob Whitsitt Sighting!

    Henry Abbott

    John Canzano is all over it, with news that Whitsitt put together much of the Super Bowl Seahawks before his departure. Whitsitt also may be headed back to the NBA in one way or another....

    Blog | February 03, 2006
  10. Rumor: Wesley Honing in on High School Freshman

    Henry Abbott

    The high school message board Michigan Preps has a little mention today claiming "Wes" from Nike" will be taking a top Detroit high school freshman to the Super Bowl in a limousine. DaShonte' Riley is one of the big names in Detroit basketball. The ...

    Blog | January 31, 2006