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  1. My dozen favorite baseball movies

    Rob Neyer

    Inspired by this crazy list of the 50 best baseball movies, I came up with my own list of baseball movies I can tolerate: 1. Bull Durham 2. The Natural 3. Eight Men Out 4. The Bad News Bears 5. Fever Pitch 6. 61* 7. Major League 8. A League...

    Blog | November 30, 2010
  2. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links, whatever else their differences, are all thrilled that the words "Joe Mauer" and "pinstripes" won't appear together again for a long, long time ... * Just the other day, we read that Dontrelle Willis was still a candidate for t...

    Blog | March 22, 2010
  3. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Because I know you love your bullets and your links ... * Big League Stew's 'Duk offers five early NLCS storylines, which are fine so far as they go. I wonder, though, how many of these things we can actually predict beforehand. &bul...

    Blog | October 14, 2009
  4. Tuesday Taters

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links were inspired by the biggest October storm to hit Northern California since 1962 ... * Yes, baseball still needs umpires ... but as Jonah Keri writes, perhaps not as much as you think. * Upon further review ... &bull...

    Blog | October 13, 2009
  5. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Hey, yesterday was yesterday, and time does march along at its own merry pace. So, onward ... * Hal McCoy may have covered his last game as a beat writer, but it's not like he won't keep writing about baseball. Let's not write his ...

    Blog | October 07, 2009
  6. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    Before we get into the usual Mendozas and whatnot, a few notes about yesterday's game in Seattle (which I enjoyed from a lovely sun-drenched perch not far from third base) ... * After the game, the Mariners hugged for a solid six or eight ...

    Blog | October 05, 2009
  7. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links will cost you $2 million unless you consult your local district attorney, in which case they're absolutely free ... * I don't really know how to summarize this story with any sort of brevity, so I'll just suggest ...

    Blog | October 02, 2009
  8. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links commemorate Kyle Farnsworth, The Greatest Pitcher Who Ever Lived ... * As someone somewhere noted, if you're going to listen to one bit of audio this year, it should be this one. * Shortly after Chris Iannetta hit ...

    Blog | September 30, 2009
  9. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links are subject (like everything else) to the Second Law of Thermodynamics ... * According to the Daily Dish, at least three teams have (or might have) some interest in acquiring Milton Bradley. One of those teams is Kansas City,...

    Blog | September 28, 2009
  10. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Did you know that if you click on the highlighted items, you'll make me happy and learn quite a bit more about baseball than if you don't? It's true! * When Jim Rice looks at Zack Greinke, does he see other skinny-but-dominant righ...

    Blog | September 25, 2009
  11. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    No links (or animals) were harmed in the making of this link-o-rama. * As Pinto points out, Brian Roberts has a chance to do something pretty cool. * It's good to know the postseason teams aren't completely tone-deaf. * S...

    Blog | September 23, 2009
  12. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links may bite just a little, but it's really their bark you should worry about ... * The Marlins' new ballpark might wind up being a bit pretentious, and I think Art Deco would actually have been sorta cool. But I'm gl...

    Blog | September 21, 2009
  13. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links were composed through a cascade of tears, as I keep wondering why we just can't all get along. * Derek Jeter might be the hittingest Yankee of them all. But he's no Harold Baines, that's for sure. * I think...

    Blog | September 18, 2009
  14. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links are merely a warmup for tonight, when I'll be at the Giants-Rockies game, tweeting for all I'm worth during The Only Meaningful Game ... * What will these kids think of next? * The Dish reviews Leo Durocher&#39...

    Blog | September 16, 2009
  15. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    John Henry's new blog looks an awful lot like a column to me. But I'm still trying to figure out the difference. Maybe this will help ... * John Klima's written a new book about Willie Mays' short stint in the Negro Leagues. I&...

    Blog | September 14, 2009
  16. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links were compiled by a supposed "pundit" who can't figure out how the Marlins (who never lose) have a better record than the Rays (who never win). Just one of those years, I guess (at least for this pundit) ... * Ye...

    Blog | September 11, 2009