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  1. Breakfast links: Burress back in N.Y.

    Matt Mosley

    Tuesday was a crazy day and Wednesday should be, too. Gonna be like this for a while, I believe. Fun ride with many twists and turns still ahead. Plenty more today, no doubt including another couple of hits on "First Take" to talk free agency league-...

    Blog | July 27, 2011
  2. Breakfast links: A new look for the Eagles?

    Matt Mosley

    We've got a new week. We've got lovely weather here in the East. And of course, we've got links. Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant took part in a celebrity basketball game that included a couple of NBA players over the weekend, and this report indicate...

    Blog | June 27, 2011
  3. Breakfast links: Rivers vs. Romo?

    Matt Mosley

    Good morning, friends. I was away for a couple of days. Osi and Shady still fighting? That might be a good Fired-Up Friday topic this week: Which two NFC East players would you most like to see fight, either on Twitter or in real life? "Twitter gangs...

    Blog | June 20, 2011
  4. New York Giants wrap up workouts

    Matt Mosley

    Looks as if Giants 101 joined the crew of media who went out to cover the Giants' workouts at Bergen Catholic this week, and they have a couple of reports so far, including this one on rehabbing receivers and this one on comments by Shaun O'Hara on t...

    Blog | June 10, 2011
  5. Breakfast links: Haynesworth hassles

    Matt Mosley

    A couple of people were asking during Tuesday's chat whether there was a chance the Redskins might bring back disgruntled defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. I'd say the interview defensive coordinator Jim Haslett gave on St. Louis radio this week a...

    Blog | June 08, 2011
  6. Justin Tuck monitoring player workouts

    Matt Mosley

    Giants defensive end Justin Tuck was on "First Take" this morning, promoting the charity billiards tournament he's got going on later this week in New York City. During the interview with Julie Foudy, Tuck addressed a couple of topics, including the ...

    Blog | May 31, 2011
  7. Little help? Best offensive players

    Matt Mosley

    Couple of housekeeping items ... First, Ray from Philly wrote into the mailbag and told me I should stop apologizing so much. It's good advice, and I've decided to take it. This, plus all the stuff I wrote on the topic before receiving Ray's advic...

    Blog | May 25, 2011
  8. The Hall of Fame drama builds

    Matt Mosley

    DALLAS -- I'm sitting next to a couple of Pro Football Hall of Fame voters, but they're not allowed to divulge any details. We'll find out the results at 7 p.m. ET. But while we wait, I wanted to bring up Washington Redskins linebacker Chris Hanburge...

    Blog | February 05, 2011
  9. Is Andy Reid's job on the line in 2011?

    Matt Mosley

    The Philadelphia Eagles have given an enormous amount of power to coach Andy Reid over the years. But there are signs that his job security is starting to fade. New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin has a Lombardi trophy, but he always seems a couple...

    Blog | January 30, 2011
  10. Cowboys fans pulling for the Jets?

    Matt Mosley

    When Michael Vick was in full-out MVP mode a couple months ago, I pointed out that Jerry Jones' doomsday scenario was the Philadelphia Eagles playing in the North Texas Super Bowl. Now, there's a great chance the organization that dashed the Cowboys'...

    Blog | January 21, 2011
  11. The Eagles Knee-Jerk Report

    Matt Mosley

    Let's take a look at what folks are saying about the Philadelphia Eagles' 24-14 loss to the Minnesota Vikings: Bob Ford of the Inquirer points out that this team is in big trouble when Michael Vick's not on his game. And he devotes a couple of pa...

    Blog | December 29, 2010
  12. NFC East High Energy Player of the Week

    Matt Mosley

    A look at a player who gave his team a significant boost in Week 16. OK, I realize Washington Redskins "safety" Kevin Barnes made a couple of (glaring) mistakes against the Jaguars, but he fought through that and made the interception that set up...

    Blog | December 28, 2010
  13. Shaun O'Hara's ready to return

    Matt Mosley

    NEW YORK -- Giants center Shaun O'Hara will finally return to the starting lineup Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. He said he's spent the last couple months handing out Gatorade and towels on the sideline. But O'Hara's the leader of this group...

    Blog | December 17, 2010
  14. Five things to watch: Texans at Eagles

    Matt Mosley

    This should be a pretty intriguing matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles (7-4) and the Houston Texans (5-6) tonight. The Eagles can take sole possession of first place in the NFC East (for a couple days), and the Texans have an opportunity to stay ...

    Blog | December 02, 2010
  15. Shanahan's decision still the talk in D.C.

    Matt Mosley

    Either Mike Shanahan is the most naive man in professional sports or he simply doesn't give a damn. And for now, I'll go with the latter. The Redskins' head coach learned over the past two weeks that a couple of Super Bowl rings in Denver can prov...

    Blog | November 13, 2010
  16. Andy Reid's 'beautiful' plan

    Matt Mosley

    Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid says it's a "beautiful thing" to have two capable starting quarterbacks in the NFL. But that won't make his decision in a couple of weeks any easier. Paul Domowitch of the Daily News has a intriguing take on this w...

    Blog | October 20, 2010