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  1. Delonte West goes all kindergarten on Gordon Hayward's ear

    Henry Abbott

    Jeff Caplan of ESPNDallas has the story behind one of the oddest plays of the year, which you can see on video, where Delonte West goes well out of his way, in a dead ball moment, to stick a pointer in an opponent's ear: Delonte West joked that he w...

    Blog | April 17, 2012
  2. Delonte West's version

    Henry Abbott

    In addition to being a skilled and tenacious NBA guard, Delonte West has been one of the league's great mysteries. He has long been treated for bipolar disorder. He says entirely off-the-wall things on the record with some regularity. His name has be...

    Blog | September 21, 2011
  3. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The Cavs made an underwhelming trade for Ramon Sessions. But did they just trade a player who will be cut (Delonte West) for a better point guard than they ever put alongside LeBron James? John Krolik of Cavs: The Blog says Sessions could be the best...

    Blog | July 27, 2010
  4. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    By Henry Abbott Sounds like Delonte West is day-to-day with ... whatever's going on. One NBA Insider told me he hopes the team will give West several months away from basketball to fine tune things without the pressure of the spotlight. West has ...

    Blog | October 27, 2009
  5. Mike Brown on Delonte West

    Henry Abbott

    A year ago, Delonte West sought treatment for a mood disorder. Two weeks ago, he was arrested riding around a three-wheeled motorcycle with guns strapped to three parts of his body. A day ago, he said he was eager to just focus on basketball, yet a f...

    Blog | September 29, 2009
  6. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst on Delonte West (who was arrested last week with three guns on him, his dad says it was about personal protection): "West opened himself up to the fans by talking about his struggle with bipolar disorder. I...

    Blog | September 21, 2009
  7. The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Matchup problems are a two-way street, you know. For Magic fans, this trip up the mountain feels a whole lot different. And it's time for certain GMs to make some tough decisions about their 2010 free agents. Bill Bridges of Forum Blue &am...

    Blog | June 02, 2009
  8. It's Not Magic, It's Execution

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz The Cavs and Magic each came into the series with a full playbook of good offensive material that worked all season -- which is why they're playing basketball in late May. The difference came down to which team better exe...

    Blog | May 31, 2009
  9. Dwight Howard's Extra Frame

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz Despite Dwight Howard's protests following Orlando's Game 5 loss to Boston in the Eastern Conference semis, there's no correlation between the number of shots Howard takes and the likelihood of an Orlando Magic vi...

    Blog | May 27, 2009
  10. The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Have the Cavs gone from invincibility to must-win crisis mode in a single day? Did the Magic catch lightning in a bottle, or was Wednesday night their definitive statement game? And the Celtics always manage to maintain a spot in the news cycle, even...

    Blog | May 21, 2009
  11. The Other Side of the Ball

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz It's getting increasingly difficult to put LeBron James' postseason heroics into historical perspective. His production has made an extremely good offensive team (109.7 points/100 possessions in the regular season)...

    Blog | May 12, 2009
  12. Seven Reasons to Fear the Orlando Magic

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz I've heard the rap on the Orlando Magic. They're essentially a jump-shooting team. They don't hit the offensive glass, and don't have a go-to guy on the wing who can manufacture points in crunch time. In short...

    Blog | April 06, 2009
  13. The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Mike D'Antoni should be thinking draft position. John Paxson should be thinking extension for Ben Gordon. Think Mo Williams and Delonte West will snap out of their slumps? Think long and hard: Mike Kurylo of Knickerblogger: "[T]he Knic...

    Blog | March 20, 2009
  14. The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Business as usual for the Celtics and Cavs, as both clinch playoff berths. The Spurs fail to take care of business on the defensive end of the floor. Russell Westbrook means business in the ROY race. The TrueHoop Network is open for business:&n...

    Blog | March 05, 2009
  15. The Houston Rockets Beat the Odds

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz In an interview with Jason Friedman published yesterday at, Daryl Morey says unequivocally of LeBron James: Yes, he's the best player in the league - by a good margin, I think. If you had first pick in ...

    Blog | February 27, 2009
  16. The Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Injuries to Kevin Garnett and Amare Stoudemire open up opportunities for Rajon Rondo and Matt Barnes. Delonte West's return opens up the Cleveland offense. David Falk just plain opens up. Open your NBA week at the TrueHoop Netwo...

    Blog | February 23, 2009