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  1. The Nets on a decade-long spin cycle

    Henry Abbott

    Photos by Elsa and Ron Turenne via NBAE/Getty Images. As high-scoring leader of a bad Nets team, Devin Harris walks in Stephon Marbury's footsteps. A decade ago, the Nets were sad, divided and disappointed. They had an alpha-dog point guard who ...

    Blog | January 28, 2010
  2. Wayne Winston: Mark Cuban's Stats Expert Isn't Bashful

    Henry Abbott

    Wayne Winston is a professor at Indiana University and for the last nine years he has been Mark Cuban's stat guru for the Dallas Mavericks. Winston's recently published book "Mathletics," explains much of his work -- complete with f...

    Blog | September 30, 2009
  3. Department of Shameless Promotion

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz It's not unusual for struggling franchises to use elite visiting teams as vehicles to get bodies inside the building. Fans of the Clippers, Hawks, Sixers have all seen splashy ads in the daily sports section trumpeting a ...

    Blog | August 13, 2009
  4. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    A compelling case that Shaquille O'Neal should come off the bench in Cleveland. The season's best buzzer beaters. Remember the Devin Harris miracle? That came in third, a notch ahead of Brandon Roy's long turnaround 3 to beat the R...

    Blog | July 27, 2009
  5. The TrueHoop Network Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    How is Josh Howard like global warming? How is Devin Harris like a Bela Lugosi flick? How is J.J. Hickson like Joe Smith? You'll find the answers, like it or not, at the TrueHoop Network: Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game: "On the c...

    Blog | February 26, 2009
  6. The Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    The Hawks can't switch on defense to save themselves. Let's switch up the playoff format. Switch Brian Scalabrine for Kevin Garnett to no ill-effect?! Flip the switch at the TrueHoop Network: Bret LaGree of Hoopinion...

    Blog | February 24, 2009
  7. If a Shot Falls in the Woods ...

    Henry Abbott

    Last night the Meadowlands hosted just about as exciting a game as you could possibly imagine. Two teams fighting each other for their playoff lives, ending in a marvelous, contested, half-court, buzzer-beating game-winner. If there is a reason to ha...

    Blog | February 24, 2009
  8. All-Star Game Live Blog

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz Welcome to the post-kryptonite world. The arena is buzzier tonight. Security is more officious. In the media workroom, the tube is tuned to 48 Hours as the press corps warms up their laptops. As of 5:3...

    Blog | February 15, 2009
  9. Saturday Night Live-Blogging

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz Welcome to All-Star Saturday night. Since my spirit is dampened by the exclusion of Steve Novak from the Three-Point Shootout, and I've never forgiven the judges for robbing Dominique Wilkins of the 1988 Slam Dun...

    Blog | February 14, 2009
  10. Not on the Road to Phoenix

    Henry Abbott

    So, ladies and gentlemen, here are your 2009 NBA All-Stars from the Eastern Conference: Allen Iverson Dwyane Wade LeBron James Kevin Garnett Dwight Howard Danny Granger Chris Bosh Devin Harris Rashard Lewis Jameer Nelson Joe Johns...

    Blog | January 29, 2009
  11. The Shootaround

    Henry Abbott

    Is Manu Ginobili past his prime? Is Josh Smith a prime time contributor? The TrueHoop Network pursues some prime targets: Graydon Gordian of 48 Minutes of Hell: "All season long Spurs fans have been dealing with the anxiety-inducin...

    Blog | January 29, 2009
  12. Friday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz Kurt from Forum Blue & Gold will have his eye on Jazz rookie Kosta Koufos during tonight's Lakers-Jazz game. Kurt cites David Thorpe's description of Koufos' arsenal: "Want to get an idea of how diversified Koufos' ...

    Blog | January 02, 2009
  13. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz Mehmet Okur will take leave from the Jazz to attend to a family medical emergency in Turkey. Will Kosta Koufos get the nod at center? With Devin Harris on the shelf, the Nets are suddenly very thin at the point. Dave ...

    Blog | November 10, 2008
  14. Some Guy in a V-Neck vs. Devin Harris

    Henry Abbott

    It looks worse than it really is. Some little white dude, Stuart Tanner, in a v-neck sweater managed to get himself on the court against the Nets' point guard, Devin Harris, for a brief game of one-on-one. The video tells a tough story. Harris got th...

    Blog | October 13, 2008
  15. Mark Cuban's Maverick State of the Union

    Henry Abbott

    When I saw that Mark Cuban had written a long blog post about the Mavericks, before I read it, I paused, and asked myself: What am I hoping for here? What could he say that would fill me with confidence about a brighter future in Dallas? For whatever...

    Blog | May 06, 2008
  16. First Cup: Friday

    Henry Abbott

    League-Wide Gil LeBreton of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "To some of us, Devin Harris' inability to develop into a capable, dependable NBA point guard stands as one of Avery Johnson's notable failures. ... In the end, Avery, as teacher, was a sur...

    Blog | May 02, 2008