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  1. Just play basketball

    Henry Abbott

    Noah Graham/Getty ImagesPhil Jackson says this is not the game Dr. James Naismith envisioned.A year and a half into HoopIdea, our motto, more than ever: "Basketball is the best game ever. Now let's make it better." The fun comes from the fact that ...

    Blog | June 05, 2013
  2. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Alan Hahn sees tonight's Knicks vs. Nets as a trumped up thing, and I see his point. But the two franchises are not without history. The Nets had to sell Dr. J to afford the fee they owed the Knicks upon joining the NBA. One of the few good Nets team...

    Blog | November 26, 2012
  3. NBA Today: Dr. Jack Ramsay, Roy Hibbert

    Henry Abbott

    Mike Yam talks playoffs and more with Pacers restricted free agent big man Roy Hibbert, then Dr. Jack Ramsay tells what he's seeing on the court in these Finals. The NBA Today with Roy Hibbert and Dr. Jack Ramsay....

    Blog | June 15, 2012
  4. First Cup: Tuesday

    Henry Abbott

    Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post: "Kevin Durant's performance created an evening for the ages at Rucker Park. 'Some nights are very special,' DC Power guard Randy (White Chocolate) Gill said. 'This is going down as one of those special nights.'...

    Blog | August 02, 2011
  5. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    "South Park" lampoons LeBron James' "What should I do" TV commercial. It's pretty funny and, as it's South Park, a little PG-13. You can watch the entire episode online. The relevant few minutes are immediately following the first commercial break. ...

    Blog | November 04, 2010
  6. I'm worried about Baron Davis

    Henry Abbott

    He's playing chess in Washington Square Park and then he decides to go to The Cage -- the West Fourth Street basketball courts. So he takes a subway? Google maps will tell you those two places are a block apart, and there is no subway. But the music ...

    Blog | January 12, 2010
  7. The Steve Nash Charity Soccer Game in New York City

    Henry Abbott

    It's back on again this year, for the night before the draft. Wednesday, June 24, at 6 p.m., at Sara D. Roosevelt Park Chrystie and Houston streets in New York City. Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Jason Ki...

    Blog | June 17, 2009
  8. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Caltech Coach Dr. Oliver Eslinger writes about how vicarious experiences can improve confidence: "Many have commented on Kobe's striking way of looking like Mike on the court, in the air, even in the press room. But this day, he was him -- f...

    Blog | April 27, 2009
  9. 2008 NBA Finals: Liveblogging Game 3

    Henry Abbott

    An extremely unusual night, thanks to the latest allegations from Tim Donaghy's attorney. Most of the media here is not even worried about the game. Nevertheless, there is a huge game to be played, and I am once again joined by Dr. Jack Ramsay, David...

    Blog | June 10, 2008
  10. 2008 NBA Finals: Liveblogging Game 1

    Henry Abbott

    HENRY ABBOTT: TrueHoop's Henry Abbott will be blogging here live from the NBA Finals tonight, with insight from Dr. Jack Ramsay, David Thorpe, and Mike Moreau. Game 1 of the NBA Finals begins at 9pm ET on ABC. DAVID THORPE: Looking forwa...

    Blog | June 05, 2008
  11. Liveblogging Game 4

    Henry Abbott

    Henry Abbott: (8:56 PM ET ) It's alive! Game 4 is about to tip off, and once again there are flames leaping from the scoreboard. And once again, say hello to ESPN's Dr. Jack Ramsay and David Thorpe. Henry Abbott: (9:06 PM ET ) A couple of fun litt...

    Blog | June 14, 2007
  12. Friday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Time to assess the meaning of Piston pride. What does it mean to be from Detroit? One from the archives, from Dr. Todd Boyd, "the Notorious Ph.D." My hope: that Detroit attitude doesn't come unhinged in Game 6. Remember, it's basketball that keeps us...

    Blog | June 01, 2007
  13. Wednesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The Washington Post's Mike Wise with an insightful look at Don Nelson: "He's an aged Han Solo, forever trying to fix the Millennium Falcon. But it's hard to completely square the lovable carouser everybody is gloating over now with the NBA survivalis...

    Blog | May 09, 2007
  14. To Be Macho All the Time is to Lie

    Henry Abbott

    The NBA locker room is an amusement park of testosterone. Like eighth grade, it's all about how big your subwoofer is, if you know what I mean.But of course, natural machismo comes, at best, in spurts. Like when you're all hopped up on adrenaline, vi...

    Blog | March 28, 2007
  15. Dennis Haas Writes to Ronnie Nunn

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kelly Dwyer THIS is a fabulous column. Put together by Dennis Hans, who's written for several hoity-toity outfits, it details the drudgery that the block/charge conundrum has created. Referees, made into robots by the lea...

    Blog | December 14, 2006
  16. Buy Crap Out of the Naismith Basement

    Henry Abbott

    Yesterday there were a lot of stories about new light being shed on Dr. James Naismith and the origins of basketball, thanks to some new documents from the family of the inventor. Now, in a fit of lucky timing (that's PR at work!) those documents...

    Blog | November 15, 2006