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  1. Overdue mailbag: Nicks vs. Jackson

    Matt Mosley

    Wow. With all this traveling and reporting and stuff that's been going on since the lockout ended, I realized this morning that it had been way too long since I'd check the mailbag. So here you go. John from Silver Spring asks which receiver I'd r...

    Blog | August 15, 2011
  2. Breakfast links: Sun comes up for Giants

    Matt Mosley

    And a good morning to you all. Lovely one here in northern New Jersey as I head back to Giants camp for another day of interviews there. When I arrive, I expect to find the team ... looking pretty much the same as it did Wednesday. Yeah, Steve Smi...

    Blog | August 11, 2011
  3. Outlook grim for NFC East dominance?

    Matt Mosley

    Obviously, as we discussed earlier, the post from Tuesday on my pick for the dominant team in the NFC East from 2014-16 drew a fair bit of interest. Our bloggers from the other seven divisions each weighed in as well, as this post was all part of the...

    Blog | July 20, 2011
  4. Breakfast links: Kerry Collins calls it quits

    Matt Mosley

    Kerry Collins announced his retirement Thursday after 16 NFL seasons, and that matters to the NFC East blog because of the somewhat significant place he occupies in the history of the New York Giants. No, as Mike Garafolo points out, he's not Phil...

    Blog | July 08, 2011
  5. Breakfast links: The ring's the thing

    Matt Mosley

    My wife and I were living together when it came time to propose, so I was able to hand her the ring instead of having to mail it to her. As we discussed Wednesday, not everyone is so fortunate. We do all, however, have the links. They're going to ...

    Blog | July 07, 2011
  6. Video mailbag: Eli's interceptions

    Matt Mosley

    Eli Manning threw a league-leading 25 interceptions in 2010. How concerned should Tom Coughlin and the Giants be about that number?...

    Blog | July 06, 2011
  7. Wake up and let's chat

    Matt Mosley

    Yeah, I know everybody's still shaking off the long weekend. I know you were up late watching fireworks. And I know (trust me) it was tough to get the kids out of bed this morning and off to camp. But by noon ET you should be caught up, and that mean...

    Blog | July 05, 2011
  8. Breakfast links: What? Still no deal?

    Matt Mosley

    When we last left our heroes, things were looking a little better on the NFL labor front, with the sides negotiating until all hours late last week and promising to resume talking after the holiday weekend. Those who were hoping to spend their Fourth...

    Blog | July 05, 2011
  9. Breakfast links, fantasy style

    Matt Mosley

    The optimism over the possibility of the NFL lockout ending soon has spread to the fantasy football community, and our excellent fantasy writers rolled out a whole bunch of new content this week that's worth looking at if fantasy football is your kin...

    Blog | June 30, 2011
  10. Breakfast links: More labor thaw

    Matt Mosley

    See, to me, this can only be a good sign. The fact that the NFLPA would ask commissioner Roger Goodell -- and that he would agree -- to speak to rookies at the rookie symposium the NFLPA is having in lieu of the one the league canceled because of the...

    Blog | June 29, 2011
  11. Breakfast links: New MetLife in NJ

    Matt Mosley

    I link, therefore I am. Dallas Cowboys "Leaving himself out of it," DeMarcus Ware says Darrelle Revis is the best defensive player in the NFL. Guy knows talent, and yes of course he himself belongs in the discussion. I'm still taking a healthy ...

    Blog | June 28, 2011
  12. Breakfast links: Sticking up for Eli?

    Matt Mosley

    Morning. Let's make this quick. I have a lot of posting to do before the 1:40 pm showing of "Cars 2." We'll start, as we always do, with the links: Dallas Cowboys Matt Mosley throws cold water on the idea of Nnamdi Asomugha to the Cowboys. Does...

    Blog | June 24, 2011
  13. Peyton, Eli Manning are... 'Football Cops?'

    Matt Mosley

    I really don't have a lot to add to this. I think it just about stands on its own. The mustaches, the haircuts, the predictable use of football cliches in almost every line of dialogue, the fact that Peyton's incredibly accurate throw is needed to...

    Blog | June 22, 2011
  14. Breakfast links: Tackle talk

    Matt Mosley

    Happy Flag Day, everyone. No matter what we do these days, we have offensive lines on the brain. Fired-up Friday was about left tackles. Last Thursday's column was about offensive lines. Power Rankings, which come out today, rank the best left tackle...

    Blog | June 14, 2011
  15. Mailbag: Pondering Giants' leadership

    Matt Mosley

    Your questions are so good, it took longer than usual to go through them all this weekend. We'll get right to 'em. ManningStephen from Philadelphia is reading closely, and makes a good point. He cites Friday's post in which I wrote that it was sil...

    Blog | June 12, 2011
  16. New York Giants wrap up workouts

    Matt Mosley

    Looks as if Giants 101 joined the crew of media who went out to cover the Giants' workouts at Bergen Catholic this week, and they have a couple of reports so far, including this one on rehabbing receivers and this one on comments by Shaun O'Hara on t...

    Blog | June 10, 2011