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  1. Sports and pain, lessons and limits

    Jeff MacGregor

    Is pain a means to grace? To clarity? Is it an "instrument for perfecting" ourselves? Where's the line between the instructive and the destructive? What are sports meant to teach?

    Story | Conversation | April 26, 2013
  2. Dance, circus, basketball and dreams of flight in March

    Jeff MacGregor

    Different arenas, different athletes, different nights: Almost everything here translates our dream of flight. The dream to fly as old as the species, the dream to somehow exceed ourselves.

    Story | Conversation | March 27, 2013
  3. High school basketball playoffs and divergent paths

    Jeff MacGregor

    We round again into March and basketball and spring and we come to see the sorting of those who'll stay behind when high school ends from those who might keep climbing. And to remember how much and how little are at stake.

    Story | Conversation | March 05, 2013
  4. Barry Bonds, Jerry Sandusky, Ryan Braun and sports as an example ...

    Jeff MacGregor

    It might be hard this week to remember that justice means more than punishment. Justice is the world's return to equilibrium. Justice is fairness. Balance. And part of the point of sports is to see justice done.

    Story | Conversation | December 12, 2011
  5. It's time to blow up the NCAA and start over with college sports

    Jeff MacGregor

    We've finally reached critical mass. It's time to blow up the NCAA and find a new approach to college sports.

    Story | Conversation | September 20, 2011
  6. Stripping away basketball to spring in The Cage

    Jeff MacGregor

    Climb up from the F train, into the light and rushing life and the blue of that sky at West 4th Street in Greenwich Village that first half-warm weekend, a kind of resurrection, and there it is, twenty feet high, The Cage

    Story | Conversation | March 21, 2011
  7. Naismith's basketball rules, Urban Meyer, Jets trip and Cam Newto...

    Jeff MacGregor

    Centenarian L. Hopwood Poteat, who has witnessed and participated in more sporting events than all the ancient Greeks combined, weighs in basketball's rules, tripping, Cam Newton, weak roofs and more.

    Story | Conversation | December 13, 2010
  8. What fans believe, and what they don't about sports

    Jeff MacGregor

    Jeff MacGregor asked sports fans what they believe. This week, some of their answers. All of which, in their hundreds, were terrific.

    Story | Conversation | October 11, 2010
  9. What's the proper response to Arizona's new immigration law? Turn...

    Jeff MacGregor

    If you're standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona, these days ... well, maybe it's best to keep your head down and stay put. Here's one writer's modest proposal about the new immigration law.

    Story | Conversation | May 04, 2010
  10. Every sport seems to have evolved into a year-round season, which...

    Jeff MacGregor

    We're fat with sports right now: baseball, pro hoops, NHL playoffs, golf, the NFL draft next week. But are we happy? Can we really appreciate a season if it never ends?

    Story | Conversation | April 13, 2010
  11. The NCAA tournament and health care reform provide dual lessons i...

    Jeff MacGregor

    Were the passions stoked by college basketball any different than the passions stoked in the grand theater of the House of Representatives on Sunday? Maybe not. There are lessons of hope in both.

    Story | Conversation | March 22, 2010