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  1. The World's Most Extreme Bass Tournament!

    Don Wirth

    Us Bass Clubbers was gathered at Zonker's Tavern, swappin' lies 'n' downin' a few brewskis, when fellow bass nut Mouse Mozzarella burst in. "Gather 'round, boys. I got some huge news!" he said excitedly. "I've just been to a meeting of the Swamp Gas ...

    Story | August 18, 2010
  2. Saving Piffington Manor

    Don Wirth

    Piffington Manor, the grand old house on Main Street, is a landmark in Swamp Gas Corners. It was built in 1810 by Eustis Q. Piffington, one of the original founders of our fair city. Its most famous occupant was Eustis Piffington's eldest son, Angus,...

    Story | June 07, 2010
  3. Can You Pass Our Big Bass Quiz?

    Don Wirth

    Think you're an expert on lunker bass fishing? Then put your money where your mouth is and take our Big Bass Quiz! Choose the best answer, then add up your score to see just how smart you really are about big bass and how to catch them. Ready? Then g...

    Story | May 14, 2010
  4. Election Antics

    Don Wirth

    The usual motley crew of bass nuts filled the back room of the Dew Drop Inn to dine on chicken fried mystery meat prior to the monthly meeting of the Swamp Gas Corners Bass Club. Just as me 'n' my bassin' buddy Harry had finished dinner, the club's s...

    Story | April 14, 2010
  5. The Trip To Lake Lonesome

    Don Wirth

    "How's this global warming workin' for ya?" I grumbled as I scraped ice off the windshield of the Lunker Express. "I wish Al Gore was here so I could personally slap him upside the head with a dead squirrel!" Harry shivered. The weather in Swamp Gas...

    Story | March 22, 2010
  6. Just Jerkin' Around!

    Don Wirth

    Around these parts, winter is regarded with the same level of disdain as vegetarians, PETA and the Internal Revenue Service. But spring had finally sprung in Swamp Gas Corners, and every bassin' man for miles around was eagerly anticipating the bigge...

    Story | February 12, 2010
  7. Harry's Worst Nightmare!

    Don Wirth

    "Harry, don't plan anything for that vacation day you got comin' up this Friday!" his ol' lady Maybelline said firmly. "Sorry, but you're too late — I'm already booked up!" Harry snapped back. "The paintin' or mowin' or fixin' or whatever it is...

    Story | January 06, 2010
  8. The Ultimate Harry 'N' Charlie Quiz!

    Don Wirth

    Calling all Harry 'n' Charlie fans! Test your knowledge of bass fishing's most colorful redneck twosome by taking this quiz! Ready? 1.Which of the following females is Harry's old lady? a.Zepha b.Maybelline c.Gertrude d.Bertha e.Sissy Belle ...

    Story | December 09, 2009
  9. The U.P. Smalljaw Expedition

    Don Wirth

    "Man, check out the size of that smalljaw!" Harry gasped in disbelief. The latest issue of Bassmaster had an article about the giant smallmouth bass that lurked in the massive, mysterious waters of Lake Michigan, and the hawg in the picture had to we...

    Story | November 09, 2009
  10. Bankin' on Winnin'

    Don Wirth

    The Swamp Gas Corners Bass Club's tournament year was drawin' to a close, and once again me 'n' Harry was in a dead heat with Wilbur Wangle (Harry's arch rival) 'n' Crusty Popodopolous (the club president), last year's winnin' team. Only one more tou...

    Story | October 13, 2009
  11. Sneak Up On Bass

    Don Wirth

    For most, they are the "great mystery fish" in bass fishing. They spend the summer in the open lake, suspended at mid-depths and trailing schools of shad like hungry wolves following lambs

    Story | Conversation | October 08, 2009
  12. Fall Fishin' Fiasco!

    Don Wirth

    Ever notice how non-fishermen always say autumn is their most favorite time of year? They like to wax poetic about the cold nights and frosty mornings, the brilliant leaves of red and gold, blah blah blah. But to redneck bassers like me 'n' Harry, fa...

    Story | August 17, 2009
  13. Cookin' Up Trouble

    Don Wirth

    On our way to the lake, me 'n' my bassin' buddy Harry made our usual breakfast stop at the Dew Drop Inn, Swamp Gas Corners' favorite dining establishment. We was surprised to find the parking lot nearly empty when we pulled in, but we was even more s...

    Story | June 12, 2009
  14. Full Moon Fever!

    Don Wirth

    "Harry, what's with all these scientific books and magazines?" I wondered. I examined some of the titles scattered about his den: Scientific American. Journal of Ichthyology. Exploration of the Moon. "I've been doin' a little research," he muttered,...

    Story | May 07, 2009
  15. Harry's Secret Weapon

    Don Wirth

    Our bass club tournament was scheduled for Saturday, and frankly I was worried. Me 'n' my fishin' buddy Harry hadn't performed up to our usual level of excellence in any of our tournaments so far this year, and we was fallin' behind in the points sta...

    Story | April 08, 2009
  16. Mail Call!

    Don Wirth

    Good grief! Looks like our plan to head for Belly Button Bayou this afternoon for some bass fishin' has been squelched by the postman! He just dumped a sack of mail from BASS members on the front porch, and it's so big, we can't even get out the door...

    Story | March 27, 2009