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  1. Granderson: Michael Sam a novelty? Not really

    LZ Granderson

    There have been gay men in the NFL since Vince Lombardi coached.

    Story | Conversation | February 09, 2014
  2. Orlando Cruz still waiting for his dream to come true

    LZ Granderson

    Dreams of an openly gay champion boxer will have to wait after Orlando Cruz lost to bigger and stronger Orlando Salido, LZ Granderson writes.

    Story | Conversation | October 12, 2013
  3. espnW and Nine for IX -- Sheryl Swoopes being herself

    LZ Granderson

    Sheryl Swoopes is not a spokesperson, not a contrarian, just herself. That's apparent in the Nine for IX documentary "Swoopes," and it's clear as she interacts with her new team at Loyola University Chicago.

    Story | Conversation | July 27, 2013
  4. Reporters need to address athlete sexuality to avoid homophobia i...

    LZ Granderson

    In ESPN The Magazine's Taboo Issue, LZ Granderson writes that by purporting to respect athlete privacy by avoiding talk of sexuality, writers are actually perpetuating the stigma and failing to move the issue forward.

    Story | Conversation | May 30, 2013
  5. No perfect time for gay NFL player to come out

    LZ Granderson

    This fuss about whether the time is right for a gay man in the NFL to come out while playing is a silly one. The time for change is never right. It's the people who are right.

    Story | Conversation | April 13, 2013
  6. Tim Tebow simply can't win with critics

    LZ Granderson

    Because Tim Tebow was shouted down before he had a chance to speak, we might never know what he would have said, writes LZ Granderson.

    Story | Conversation | February 22, 2013
  7. Orlando Cruz on how coming out of the closet changed his fighting...

    LZ Granderson

    In ESPN The Magazine, Orlando Cruz shares with LZ Granderson his decision to become the first openly gay boxer and how it has affected his boxing, his fans and his plans for the future.

    Story | Conversation | November 29, 2012
  8. Amare Stoudemire not acting like a champion

    LZ Granderson

    I believe Stoudemire when he says he wants to bring New York back to glory, and he has the game to do it. But his actions in the past two months make me wonder if he'll ever "get it."

    Story | Conversation | June 26, 2012
  9. Give the NFL credit for progress on gay rights

    LZ Granderson

    It's time to give the NFL credit. Gay players are now protected from discrimination by the CBA, owners have been vocal advocates and there will be public service announcements during the Super Bowl.

    Story | Conversation | February 03, 2012
  10. Steve Nash takes stand on bullying, tragedy of teen suicide

    LZ Granderson

    "It's heartbreaking anytime you think of a child suffering to the point of suicide ... it's just so heartbreaking," said Steve Nash. And he's not the only athlete reaching out to youth in distress.

    Story | Conversation | October 08, 2010
  11. During Gay Pride Month, two incidents involving softball teams il...

    LZ Granderson

    Sexual orientation is the issue. One incident smacks of homophobia; the other seems to involve heterophobia. At the end of the day, the battleground winner in these softball disputes is hypocrisy.

    Story | Conversation | June 25, 2010
  12. Johnny Weir's a man, and that's all that matters, LZ Granderson w...

    LZ Granderson

    The real question in the figure skating homophobia discussion is why so many dudes ignore, and are even threatened by, the possibility that Johnny Weir could be straight.

    Story | Conversation | February 25, 2010
  13. A number of gay athletes play pro sports, no question, but the cu...

    LZ Granderson

    LZ Granderson speaks to a gay professional athlete who is considering coming out of the closet.

    Story | Conversation | October 08, 2009
  14. Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin's gay slur is merely a sympto...

    LZ Granderson

    Hawaii coach Greg McMackin's gay slur is merely a symptom of a much larger problem.

    Story | Conversation | July 31, 2009
  15. LZ Granderson: Magic Johnson's tolerance a valuable lesson for al...

    LZ Granderson

    By speaking out in favor of gay marriage, Magic Johnson may have completed his greatest assist.

    Story | Conversation | November 04, 2008
  16. Harrowing incident a troubling reminder of homophobia

    LZ Granderson

    After getting gay bashed and attacked in New Orleans, LZ Granderson thinks the Brady Quinn incident deserved more media coverage.

    Story | Conversation | February 18, 2008