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  1. Bill Russell on young stars

    Henry Abbott

    Bill Russell tells that he is not yet back on the golf course, but will be in six weeks or so after undergoing open heart surgery to repair a faulty valve about three weeks ago. His condition, he says, is not serious, because he does not d...

    Blog | September 13, 2012
  2. When golf clubs meet basketballs

    Henry Abbott

    A little while ago, TrueHoop departed from its normal, family friendly approach to basketball to talk about shafts for a thousand words or so. The occasion was a YouTube video showing a guy hitting a basketball into the hoop with a golf club. Seem...

    Blog | September 20, 2010
  3. On hitting a basketball with a golf club

    Henry Abbott

    On Monday I linked to this video with a shot of a guy using a golf club to chip a basketball into the hoop from some distance. Quickly there were people saying it was clearly faked. If the ball were to travel that far, they say, then either it was...

    Blog | July 27, 2010
  4. Byron Scott tees off

    Henry Abbott

    By J.A. Adande What's next for Byron Scott? At the moment I'm writing this, next is another swing of the golf club. "I've got a lot of time to work on my game," Scott said, one day after he was let go by the New Orleans Hornets. There are...

    Blog | November 13, 2009
  5. Pay Them By the Made Free Throw

    Henry Abbott

    On today's New York Times Op-Ed page, Thomas Friedman contrasts golf and basketball: Golf is all about individual character. The ball is fixed. No one throws it to you. You initiate the swing, and you alone have to live with the results. There a...

    Blog | July 29, 2009
  6. Friday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Here's a 1,000+ word preview of a preseason game that is still more than two days away. Bloggers, I think, it is safe to say, are pumped for the season to start.The 100 most influential people in sports, according to Business Week. Golf (Tiger Woods)...

    Blog | October 03, 2008
  7. J.R. Smith in Your Foursome, and a Hole-in-One

    Henry Abbott

    Mike Wolf of the Denver Examiner was surprised when he showed up at the local municipal golf course and spied an actual Denver Nugget -- J.R. Smith -- in the parking lot. He was even more surprised when they were both assigned to the same foursome. B...

    Blog | September 16, 2008
  8. First Cup: Tuesday

    Henry Abbott

    Scott Howard-Cooper of the Sacramento Bee reports: "Fifteen years have passed since that day on a rain-slicked German autobahn, when the Volkswagen Golf slammed into the tractor-trailer and crumpled into awkward shapes and the legend of Drazen Petrov...

    Blog | January 22, 2008
  9. Pave the South Lawn

    Henry Abbott

    Jodi Kantor's story on the cover of The New York Times describes Barack Obama's love of basketball. Read the whole article. It's fun. My favorite part: the idea of basketball functioning like golf -- as the medium for powerbrokers to network. That wo...

    Blog | June 01, 2007
  10. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Toni Kukoc loves the game. Only the game isn't basketball. He tells Gary D'Amato: "I think it's the best game ever invented," he said. "I'm actually mad at my dad that he didn't get me involved in golf, but we didn't have golf back the...

    Blog | September 12, 2006
  11. The King of All NBA Golfing Accident Stories

    Henry Abbott

    News of Jamal Mashburn's alleged golfing accident reminded of what has to be the greatest story of NBA golfing accidents, which stars my friend George, who tells it by e-mail like this: I was playing golf with my brother in law at his home course, W...

    Blog | July 26, 2006
  12. Charles Barkley on Steve Nash in TIME

    Henry Abbott

    Barkley wrote a little tribute to the Canuck. It ends like this: I'm a lucky guy to be living in Phoenix. The sun. The golf. And I get to watch Nash act like a magician on the court. Can't top that. And who knows? Maybe he'll inspire a whole new gene...

    Blog | May 03, 2006
  13. Michael Jordan's Fiery Round of Golf

    Henry Abbott

    Last Saturday, Michael Jordan and some buddies played a round of golf at the Rancho San Marcos golf course in Santa Barbara County, California. Somehow or another, a 25-acre fire that required 250 firefighters, two air tankers, and three helicopters ...

    Blog | August 12, 2005
  14. Fatal Marketing Miscalculation

    Henry Abbott

    The NBA has been blessed with a product that looks good on TV. The players faces aren't hidden away like those in football and hockey. The action is vivid, constant, and acrobatic, unlike baseball and golf. There aren't big lulls between points (unle...

    Blog | June 21, 2005