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  1. First Cup: Thursday

    Henry Abbott

    Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer: If you want to write off Michael Jordan as the guy who shouldn't be wearing a hockey jersey in Chicago when his NBA team is withering back in Charlotte, more power to you. If you want to conclude Rod Higgins is...

    Blog | April 26, 2012
  2. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Os Davis of BallinEurope: "Lithuania is as basketball crazy as the reputation. Man, after barely squeaking by unheralded Great Britain last night, the streets were full of partiers -- one game and it was Canada after an Olympic hockey win. Gotta love...

    Blog | September 01, 2011
  3. Gregg Popovich, bull of coaching

    Henry Abbott

    Coaches stop at nothing to inspire their players. About five seconds in to this video, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich pulls Tim Duncan's shirt over his head, like a hockey player in a scrap. About 11 seconds in, Pop charges right at Duncan like a rhin...

    Blog | November 05, 2010
  4. If Chris Bosh abandons Toronto, blame hockey

    Henry Abbott

    Glenn James/NBAE/Getty Images Raptor fans love Bosh almost as much as they love hockey. Chris from Ontario, a TrueHoop reader, e-mails: A month ago my mom bought tickets for the Blazers at Raptors game as a birthday present for my dad. Little did ...

    Blog | February 26, 2010
  5. Bringing Ice to the Hardwood

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz As if there weren't enough to follow in last night's Celtics-Bobcats double overtime thriller, Zach Lowe of Celtics Hub charted every deflection and "hockey assist" on the Celtics' side of the ball. As L...

    Blog | April 02, 2009
  6. Gretzkys for Cash

    Henry Abbott

    Dave Feschuk of the Toronto Star on the play a lot of people call the "Gretzky:" Sam Mitchell, the Raptors coach, said he was ranting to his players just the other day about the need for another stat. Call it the hockey assist, as Mike Brown, the Cl...

    Blog | October 22, 2007
  7. Stephen Colbert vs. the Toronto Raptors

    Henry Abbott

    First Colbert put the entire Raptor team "on notice" for being from a different nation, yet playing in the National Basketball Association. Then, when the Raptor mascot edged out a minor league hockey mascot named vaguely after Colbert (Steagle Colbe...

    Blog | March 30, 2007
  8. Best Quotes so Far

    Henry Abbott

    Paul Forrester at compiles some of the best quotes of the season so far. Here are two of my favorites from his list: "Typical NBA punch. In hockey, your own team would beat you up for that." -- Two-time MVP and proud Canadian Steve...

    Blog | February 02, 2007
  9. Deron Williams Has a Blog

    Henry Abbott

    It has been a month since his last (and first) post. But it's a good one. He tells about the new things in his life: an air hockey table in the basement, a Mercedes in the driveway, and a week at John Stockton's house under his belt. We talked about ...

    Blog | December 01, 2005
  10. Fatal Marketing Miscalculation

    Henry Abbott

    The NBA has been blessed with a product that looks good on TV. The players faces aren't hidden away like those in football and hockey. The action is vivid, constant, and acrobatic, unlike baseball and golf. There aren't big lulls between points (unle...

    Blog | June 21, 2005
  11. Carnival of the NBA

    Henry Abbott

    If you're into NBA blogs, then the Carnival of the NBA is heaven. It's a round-up of all the best blogging about the NBA. It's the brainchild of Matt at the BullsBlog. This one is the tenth of all-time and is hosted at a hockey-centric sports site. I...

    Blog | June 02, 2005
  12. John Weisbrod Out in Orlando

    Henry Abbott

    Leaving a coveted job is bad enough. But how's this for a depressing future? Sources told the Sentinel the 37-year-old Weisbrod, who has a hockey background, may look for an executive position within the NHL. (From ESPN.)...

    Blog | May 23, 2005