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  1. MLB - Yankees Mariano Rivera refuses to retire after ACL injury M...

    Howard Bryant

    In ESPN the Magazine, Howard Bryant writes about how Yankees reliever Mariano Rivera refuses to retire after his May 3 ACL injury. By not walking away from the game, the once-unknowable player has revealed his true self.

    Story | Conversation | May 14, 2012
  2. Boston Red Sox swoon a product of sustained MLB success

    Howard Bryant

    Sooner or later, the Red Sox balloon was bound to burst. No franchise could be expected to sustain such a draining and taxing regimen for so long a time.

    Story | Conversation | April 18, 2012
  3. Mariano Rivera's greatest asset -- his faith

    Howard Bryant

    It's bigger than his right arm. It's more powerful than his cutter. What sets Mariano Rivera apart from teammates and opponents alike? His faith.

    Story | Conversation | September 30, 2011
  4. Derek Jeter and the New York Yankees are talking but there still ...

    Howard Bryant

    Derek Jeter in Boston? As a Dodger? It's a new morning for the Yankees' front office, and the sun is setting on the old shortstop. Here's why the unthinkable is suddenly possible.

    Story | Conversation | December 01, 2010
  5. George Steinbrenner has died and Bobby Cox, Lou Piniella and Joe ...

    Howard Bryant

    Some familiar baseball faces are nearing the end of the line, and the game won't be the same without them. Sadly, the cult of personality in MLB is about to be a thing of the past.

    Story | Conversation | July 30, 2010
  6. MLB playoffs: The postseason had its share of defining moments

    Howard Bryant

    While the Yankees returned to glory by winning the World Series, the inevitability of full-scale instant replay in baseball stood out as perhaps the most important aspect of the 2009 postseason.

    Story | Conversation | November 06, 2009
  7. MLB playoffs: New York Yankees are still in control, but this Wor...

    Howard Bryant

    The Yankees are still in command, but this World Series suddenly has a different feel as it swings to New York for Game 6 on Wednesday night.

    Story | Conversation | November 03, 2009
  8. ALCS between New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels has become a...

    Howard Bryant

    The ALCS continues, and so too will the examination of the jobs being done by managers Mike Scioscia and Joe Girardi.

    Story | Conversation | October 23, 2009
  9. New York Yankees' Mariano Rivera from time to time shows a declin...

    Howard Bryant

    Mariano Rivera is certainly showing signs of decline, but it's not making him a completely vulnerable target.

    Story | Conversation | June 12, 2009
  10. Alex Rodriguez biography will cost him credibility on the New Yor...

    Howard Bryant

    The new biography about Alex Rodriguez will cost him any shot at being considered a person of substance, but that doesn't make him any different from a number of the game's other fallen heroes.

    Story | Conversation | May 04, 2009
  11. Howard Bryant: New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi under siege i...

    Howard Bryant

    The pressure to perform encircles second-year Yankees manager Joe Girardi, and the scrutiny will be as intense as ever.

    Story | Conversation | April 04, 2009
  12. Mark Teixeira is next to try to measure up to Reggie Jackson on t...

    Howard Bryant

    The toughest pressure for new Yankee Mark Teixeira this season just might come from the watchful eye of the man known as Mr. October.

    Story | Conversation | March 25, 2009
  13. Rays can't let their thoughts betray them

    Howard Bryant

    After a devastating loss in Game 5, the Rays can't let their thoughts betray them if they hope to advance to the World Series.

    Story | Conversation | October 17, 2008
  14. Consider the Yankees dynasty officially over

    Howard Bryant

    The Yankees not only lost the AL Division Series to the Indians. They also watched their aging dynasty come crumbling down for good.

    Story | Conversation | October 08, 2007
  15. Pitching Byrd, not Sabathia, only gives Yankees hope

    Howard Bryant

    Now that the Yankees have more confidence from winning Game 3, the Indians are making a mistake by not pitching their ace, C.C. Sabathia, in Game 4.

    Story | Conversation | October 07, 2007
  16. Yankees counting on Clemens to save season

    Howard Bryant

    The Yankees' great dynasty is nearing its end, but Joe Torre and company aren't ready to throw in the towel yet.

    Story | Conversation | October 06, 2007