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  1. Brian Griese

    Brian Griese

    • College football analyst for ESPN
    • 11-year NFL QB and had a 17-5 record as a starter at University of Michigan

    Career NFL Stats


    An insider's up-close-and-personal chronicle of the France family, the most powerful lineage in American sports

    Eticket | Conversation | July 22, 2013
  3. Remembering the brilliance of Suitcase Jake Elder

    Ed Hinton

    There were just three of us in the late Ralph Earnhardt's old garage, out behind the house in Kannapolis, N.C. Dale Earnhardt and I were standing, having just breezed in from one of our around-town pickup truck cruises of the time. Jake Elder was sq...

    Blog | Conversation | February 26, 2010
  4. Daytona 500 grand marshal Junior Johnson discovered the draft by ...

    Ed Hinton

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Junior Johnson is arguably the most appropriate grand marshal of this race ever. Fifty years ago, Johnson discovered the draft, won the second Daytona 500 and invented the technique that would launch NASCAR to popularity. "I...

    Blog | Conversation | February 14, 2010
  5. So whatever became of Kyle Busch?

    Ed Hinton

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- So whatever became of Kyle Busch? You know, the NASCAR prodigy/brat (depending on your point of view) gone silent since summer in the Cup wins column and the headlines? Don't necessarily expect to rediscover him this season,...

    Blog | Conversation | November 07, 2009
  6. NASCAR drivers hold more power than you think

    Ed Hinton

    If the boss won't talk Don't take a walk Sit down! Sit down! -- Early 1900s union organizing chant A case could be made that a de facto drivers' union is operating in NASCAR as we speak. To wit: the sit-down strike on wheels they staged Sund...

    Blog | Conversation | November 03, 2009
  7. David Pearson's plight could be bad news for Jimmie Johnson

    Ed Hinton

    CONCORD, N.C. -- This is about consensus disrespect for greatness, which is a chronic neurosis with NASCAR and its following. Never has there been a clearer confluence of names and careers than Jimmie Johnson and David Pearson, here, this week. John...

    Blog | Conversation | October 16, 2009
  8. New standardized start times show NASCAR fans finally listened to...

    Ed Hinton

    When was the last time you heard this one? You win, NASCAR fans. You were heard. Taken seriously. Given more than lip service by drivers as part of the victory-lane litany ordered by NASCAR this year. You held sway. Next year, races are going to ...

    Blog | Conversation | October 08, 2009
  9. Juan Pablo Montoya loving his racing life on a little bit of the ...

    Ed Hinton

    LOUDON, N.H. -- The other 11 drivers enter the Chase game-faced. Juan Pablo Montoya comes rollicking in, always running on the edge of laughing. If sheer cool can win a championship, Montoya is a lock. I've never seen a driver enter NASCAR's playoff...

    Blog | Conversation | September 19, 2009
  10. Some advice for NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series, a fair-weather sport ...

    Ed Hinton

    Big Bill France, who had the vision to found NASCAR, also had enough common sense not to defy the weather. In July, he would start the Firecracker 400 at 10 a.m., knowing full well that if he went up against the afternoon thunderstorms along Daytona...

    Blog | Conversation | August 13, 2009
  11. Rainout plays right into Smoke's hands?

    Ed Hinton

    WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- Another summer Sunday in the Northeast, another rainout for NASCAR. Last week Pocono, this time Watkins Glen. Again, the Cup cars didn't turn a wheel on the scheduled day. Persistent drizzle on the Finger Lakes district of New ...

    Blog | Conversation | August 09, 2009
  12. Sprint Cup stars vs. road-course ringers

    Ed Hinton

    WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. -- There just might be more drivers capable of winning here Sunday than for any NASCAR road race I can remember. The era of oval-track stars giving up on turning right is fading fast. The event is officially called the Heluva Good...

    Blog | Conversation | August 08, 2009
  13. An afternoon in Tony Stewart's world

    Ed Hinton

    LOUDON, N.H. -- Let's title this blog "An Afternoon of Life Around Tony." You know who the leading candidate is to drive a third car for Tony Stewart if he fields one next year? Me. Eat your hearts out, Brad Keselowski, Martin Truex Jr. and Kasey...

    Blog | Conversation | June 27, 2009
  14. Formula One teams in full revolt

    Ed Hinton

    Methinks this is the big one, the real deal, the Category 5 hurricane headed straight for Formula One. The big teams are in full revolt, according to the storm warning that arrived in my e-mail Thursday evening from the Formula One Teams Association...

    Blog | Conversation | June 18, 2009
  15. Hard times in Michigan apparent at speedway this weekend

    Ed Hinton

    BROOKLYN, Mich. -- Once-mighty Detroit lies little more than an hour's drive to the east. And so time was when the garage area at Michigan International Speedway teemed on race weekends with bigwigs who'd cruised over from Ford, Chrysler and General ...

    Blog | Conversation | June 13, 2009
  16. GM, and particularly Chevrolet, are going to survive, and race

    Ed Hinton

    DOVER, Del. -- NASCAR's sky will not fall with the bankruptcy of General Motors, any more than it has fallen with the bankruptcy of Chrysler -- which continues to race its Dodge brand. To be sure, there's enough information out to set the Chicken Li...

    Blog | Conversation | May 31, 2009
  17. David Reutimann takes backseat to Dale Earnhardt Jr.-Kyle Busch u...

    Ed Hinton

    DOVER, Del. -- It's fun to watch guys fly in under the radar. While we in the NASCAR media corps were obsessing on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s crew chief switch, and Kyle Busch's shots at the move, David Reutimann quietly took the first step toward showing...

    Blog | Conversation | May 30, 2009