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  1. Canada curling skip at Vancouver Paralympics charged with traffic...

    The Vancouver Paralympics curling skip who won gold for Canada was arrested for allegedly trying to smuggle thousands of counterfeit pills into the country.

    Story | Conversation | April 22, 2010
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  4. First Cup: Thursday

    Henry Abbott

    Jim Armstrong of The Denver Post: "And now for a few words never before typed in this space: Kenyon Martin is underpaid. At least judging from his performance in the Nuggets-Hornets series, he is. Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony have scored...

    Blog | April 30, 2009
  5. Okada orders Japan to go on attack

    Jim Armstrong

    Japan manager Takeshi Okada wants his players to take some chances in Saturday's crucial Asian World Cup qualifier against Bahrain.

    Story | Conversation | March 27, 2009
  6. An easy-listening All-Pro

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong reveals the truth about Bill Romanowski. You will never guess what this nasty boy listens to while working out.

    Story | Conversation | August 15, 2003
  7. Sports is filled with special people

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong says the sports world is filled with many more good people than bad ones.

    Story | Conversation | August 12, 2003
  8. Is Tiger really in a slump?

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong says Tiger Woods isn't in a slump -- but he's also not living up to his own standards.

    Story | Conversation | August 04, 2003
  9. Easy does it at NFL training camps

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong says NFL training camps are more Club Med than Club Dread for today's players.

    Story | Conversation | July 29, 2003
  10. Tour de Lance: Who cares

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong has had it up to here with Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France. It's time to give the race back to the french.

    Story | Conversation | July 18, 2003
  11. Let's add spice to All-Star Game

    Jim Armstrong

    Page 2's Jim Armstrong has 20 ways to make the All-Star Game more interesting.

    Story | Conversation | July 07, 2003
  12. All contenders are pretenders

    Jim Armstrong

    Why not celebrity boxing? Anything would be more interesting than these lopsided heavyweight bouts.

    Story | Conversation | June 30, 2003
  13. I'll pass on the mysterious European

    Jim Armstrong

    'Melo led Syracuse to the national title and second pick in the NBA draft is some Dirk-wannabe from Europe?

    Story | Conversation | June 20, 2003
  14. And the dog ate my homework

    Jim Armstrong

    Sammy Sosa and Rick Neuheisel offered up some lame excuses. But that's nothing compared to what Page 2's Jim Armstrong has heard.

    Story | Conversation | June 13, 2003
  15. A victory cut short

    Funny Cide

    Forget about the fame and money, there's one thing Funny Cide would really love to celebrate with writes Page 2's Jim Armstrong.

    Story | Conversation | June 06, 2003
  16. Crumbling Brickyard

    Jim Armstrong

    There was a time when Memorial Day Weekend meant one thing -- the Indianapolis 500. Not anymore writes Page 2's Jim Armstrong.

    Story | Conversation | May 23, 2003
  17. Page 2 Jerky Awards

    Jim Armstrong

    Even though we're only a few months in, Page 2's Jim Armstrong offers his candidates for jerk of the century.

    Story | Conversation | May 19, 2003
  18. The unwritten, secret clubhouse rules

    Jim Armstrong

    In-game clubhouse haircuts may be frowned upon, but Page 2's Jim Armstrong reports on baseball's secret, unwritten clubhouse code of conduct.

    Story | Conversation | May 07, 2003