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  1. Is Russ Martin the new Joe Girardi?

    Rob Neyer

    This Tweet from Ken Davidoff really gets to the heart of things, doesn't it? Yankees signed Russell Martin with his versatility in mind. Can help out at 3B, 1B, in addition to C. But Girardi values experience at C. Jorge Posada was blessed with Ha...

    Blog | December 15, 2010
  2. Posada's days as catcher numbered

    Rob Neyer

    Have we seen the last of Jorge Posada behind the plate? According to the Post, that's essentially the plan: Face to face Brian Cashman informed Jorge Posada that he will be the Yankees designated hitter next season, The Post has learned. Cashman...

    Blog | November 10, 2010
  3. Add Posada to list of concussed

    Rob Neyer

    The big news here was Nick Swisher's walkoff piece. The bigger news might be this: Following the game, Yankees manager Joe Girardi revealed that Posada felt post-concussion symptoms Tuesday after getting hit by a foul ball. The star catcher sat ...

    Blog | September 08, 2010
  4. Tuesday Taters

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links need no introduction. Went to the Coliseum last night, saw only two people (a young couple) wearing these . Meanwhile, Bradenia has lodged a formal protest . (Hey, he started this police action. Now he has to win the peace.) Shoul...

    Blog | July 06, 2010
  5. Yanks' 'Core 4' aging ... but this fast?

    Rob Neyer

    My friend Allen Barra on some surprising projections for a quartet of aging Bombers: If Nate Silver is correct, both the Democratic Party and the New York Yankees might be headed for tough times this fall. The ace political pollster/baseball analyst...

    Blog | March 19, 2010
  6. Slow it down and beautify it

    Rob Neyer

    This was written before the oft-delayed Game 5: All those meetings on the mound called by catcher Jorge Posada and the New York Yankees are giving Major League Baseball pause, too. Posada and pals visited pitcher CC Sabathia eight times -- in a s...

    Blog | November 03, 2009
  7. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links could have been all about Tim McClelland, except he seems like a nice enough fellow so I'll cut him some slack ... after I'm finished ripping him! My biggest problem with The Worst Call of All Time isn't that McClelland blew it. Eve...

    Blog | October 21, 2009
  8. Yankees bench Hall of Famer

    Rob Neyer

    Carrying on a grand tradition -- remember Greg Maddux and Javy Lopez? -- the Yankees are going to bench one of their best players because one of their starting pitchers doesn't care for him, much: Jorge Posada just revealed that Joe Girardi told...

    Blog | October 06, 2009
  9. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links started as mere sprouts but quickly -- with a bit of watering and a lot of love -- wound up as full-grown Wangdoodles ... * Would the Yankees be better with Francisco Cervelli instead of Jorge Posada behind the plate? It'...

    Blog | June 17, 2009
  10. Yankees' Rivera still rolling

    Rob Neyer

    Posted by's Claire Smith NEW YORK -- What most closers have trouble sustaining for five or six years, the Yankees' Mariano Rivera has mastered for a decade and a half. For that length of time, he has not only excelled at keeping hims...

    Blog | June 08, 2009
  11. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links are about baseball, mostly. * Jonah Keri takes issue with my supposition that Jorge Posada's not going to wind up as a deserving Hall of Famer. Jonah might be right. But I can't see Posada actually getting in. Not unl...

    Blog | June 03, 2009
  12. Pudge vs. Posada

    Rob Neyer

    While fisking someone else's all-'00s team yesterday, I goofed. As one commenter was only too happy to point out ... No Catchers played in the 2000s? Really? How can we be expected to take this seriously if something as egregious as leaving ...

    Blog | June 02, 2009