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  1. Final conference power rankings

    Albert Larcada

    With the college basketball season now in the books, let's take a look at the final ESPN Stats & Information conference power rankings. One quick note on the final ratings. We are not using the RPI or the Associated Press poll in the final rat...

    Blog | April 07, 2011
  2. SEC tops final Conference Power Rankings

    Albert Larcada

    After 35 bowl games we finally have a conference champion. To go along with its fifth straight BCS championship, the SEC also reigns supreme in the ESPN Stats & Information college football conference rankings. The SEC did not have a great bowl se...

    Blog | January 20, 2011
  3. Ranking the conferences: From 1 to 32

    Albert Larcada

    Computers Human Bonus Final Rtg Big Ten 49.7 18.4% 40.6 Big East 60.5 19.7% 48.6 Big 12 70.7 18.5% 57.6 ACC 68.5 6.4% 64.1 SEC 92.4 6.7% 86.1 MWC 99.9 7.4% 92.5 Pac-10...

    Blog | December 21, 2010
  4. Ranking the conferences: From 1 to 32

    Albert Larcada

    Here are this week's ESPN Stats and Information conference rankings. We made a very slight adjustment to the human polls element in our formula from last week. Thanks to a helpful comment, we fine-tuned the human effect to account for conference s...

    Blog | December 13, 2010
  5. Ranking the conferences: From 1 to 32

    Albert Larcada

    Now that we are into December, it's time for ESPN Stats & Information to take a look at where all 32 Division I college basketball conferences stand. The rating system we use is a two-step process. First, we find the average of each school in four...

    Blog | December 06, 2010
  6. Conference Power Rankings: Bowl Season

    Albert Larcada

    The SEC maintains its strong grip on the number one spot in our conference rankings. Numbers 2-6, however, saw a lot of movement. The SEC is the only conference with multiple OOC wins against schools currently ranked in the AP top 25 -- Arkansas o...

    Blog | December 06, 2010
  7. Conference Power Rankings: Week 13

    Albert Larcada

    After a busy weekend with a handful of inter-conference matchups, our conference rating system has tightened up at all levels. At the top the SEC seems destined to once again be the strongest conference in America. The SEC has the best out-of-conf...

    Blog | November 29, 2010
  8. Conference Power Rankings: Week 12

    Albert Larcada

    Call it the calm before the storm, but there was very little movement in the conference ratings from last week. A large number of schools have finished their intra-conference schedules, meaning there should be a lot of action with these ratings in th...

    Blog | November 22, 2010
  9. Conference Power Rankings: Week 11

    Albert Larcada

    There is a lot of action this week in our college football conference rating system. The Mountain West conference -- which has held the No. 5 ranking throughout the season -- has fallen behind the WAC. The main culprit for the downfall is Utah. Wi...

    Blog | November 15, 2010
  10. Conference Power Rankings: Week 10

    Albert Larcada

    Week 10 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings Conference AP Rank Computers Rank Final Rating Final Ranking Rt Change SEC 1 3 95.5 1 1.3 Big Ten 2 4 91.9 2 4.4 Pac-10 3 2 89.7 3 -0.3 ...

    Blog | November 08, 2010
  11. Conference Power Rankings: Week 9

    Albert Larcada

    There are no changes in the college football conference rankings this week. None of the SEC's top 25 schools lost last week, which this time of year means all of them increased their AP point total. The SEC now has six schools inside the top 21 of...

    Blog | November 01, 2010
  12. Conference Power Rankings: Week 8

    Albert Larcada

    The two biggest movers after week 8 are the ACC and Big East. The ACC -- thanks to its most AP voting points since Week 1 -- had the largest jump of any conference from last week's rankings. Florida State and Virginia Tech have not lost since Sept...

    Blog | October 25, 2010
  13. Conference Power Rankings: Week 7

    Albert Larcada

    Thanks to upset losses by South Carolina and Florida, the SEC has lost considerable ground from last week's rankings, and the Big Ten, Pac-10 and Big 12 are all closer than ever to the No. 1 spot. The SEC's once daunting AP Poll lead has now been...

    Blog | October 18, 2010
  14. Conference Power Rankings: Week 6

    Albert Larcada

    For the first week this season, there was no change in the conference pecking order. All conferences are now into their intraconference schedules which leaves very little interconference action to affect the ratings. Most of the premier out-of-confer...

    Blog | October 11, 2010
  15. Conference Power Rankings: Week 5

    Albert Larcada

    Not much movement from last week as most schools have started into their intra-conference schedules. The Big Ten did flip-flop with the Pac-10 for the number two slot, although little change occurred in their actual ratings. Barring a catastrophe ...

    Blog | October 04, 2010
  16. Conference Power Rankings: Week 4

    Albert Larcada

    Week 4 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings Conference AP Rank Computers Rank Final Rating Final Ranking Rank Change SEC 1 1 98.1 1 -- Pac-10 2 3 92.1 2 +1 Big Ten 3 4 90.3 3 +1 ...

    Blog | September 27, 2010