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  1. BBAO: We made it!

    Kevin Seifert

    We're Black and Blue All Over: It's here! (And no, I don't mean the morning after another NFC North triumph in the Madden cover contest.) It's Draft Day! (Well, at least Day 1 of a three-day process.) After months and, in some cases a ...

    Blog | April 25, 2013
  2. 'Madden NFL 25' cover: It's Barry Sanders!

    Kevin Seifert

    There was a time not too long ago when Barry Sanders seemed destined for a reclusive life after football. He faxed a surprise retirement announcement to his hometown newspaper in 1999, fled to England and later spent time in arbitration with ...

    Blog | April 24, 2013
  3. 'Madden 25' cover revealed tonight

    Kevin Seifert

    Here is your friendly reminder that Wednesday is the final day of voting for the all-NFC North "Madden 25" cover contest. Will it be Detroit Lions Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders, representing the "Old School" bracket? Will it be Minnes...

    Blog | April 24, 2013
  4. Madden: Adrian Peterson vs. Barry Sanders

    Kevin Seifert

    We wouldn't -- and couldn't -- have it any other way, could we? Of course. Of course, the Madden cover will feature an NFC North player for the second consecutive year. We just don't know which one yet. Former Detroit Lions tailback Barry Sande...

    Blog | April 17, 2013
  5. 'Madden 25:' Sanders, Peterson move on

    Kevin Seifert

    So in case you missed it Wednesday night, we learned there is now a 50 percent chance of an NFC North player adorning the "Madden" cover for a second consecutive year. Detroit Lions Hall of Fame tailback Barry Sanders and Minnesota Vikings tailbac...

    Blog | April 11, 2013
  6. 'Madden 25:' Sanders, Peterson advance

    Kevin Seifert

    Yippee! Both of our NFC North contestants in the "Madden NFL 25" cover contest have advanced to the quarterfinals! As you can see, former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders is now pitted against former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Mon...

    Blog | April 04, 2013
  7. Madden 25: Barry Sanders, Adrian Peterson

    Kevin Seifert

    An NFC North player had a record-breaking season after adorning the "Madden 13" cover. So let's get serious with this year's process, the "Madden 25" cover vote over on SportsNation. The contest is in the third round of a process that will conclud...

    Blog | April 01, 2013
  8. 'Madden NFL 13' predicts and people listen

    Kevin Seifert

    This video wasn't ready for publication Tuesday, when it first appeared, but it's firing on all cylinders now.'s 2012 season preview, complete with predicted finishes, is scheduled to post Thursday. But to start the appetite whetting process...

    Blog | August 29, 2012
  9. No 'Cam-paign' for Calvin Johnson

    Kevin Seifert

    I can't bring myself to write another word about the "Madden Curse." It's real. It's not real. Is it going to ruin the Detroit Lions season? Is it going to enhance it? Are robots, including Megatron, immune? I have no idea. Like most intangible, m...

    Blog | April 25, 2012
  10. 'Madden 13:' Final day of voting

    Kevin Seifert

    We're down to the final day of voting for the cover of "Madden 13," which according to our friends at SportsNation is a "neck-and-neck" battle between Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. ESPN's Zack McC...

    Blog | April 24, 2012
  11. Calvin Johnson transforms at ESPN HQ

    Kevin Seifert

    Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson should get the cover of "Madden 13" for this feat alone. As part of his visit to ESPN headquarters Tuesday, Johnson set a SportsNation record for catching (and holding onto) more footballs than any other human (o...

    Blog | April 18, 2012
  12. 'Madden 13:' Calvin Johnson one step away

    Kevin Seifert

    During his visit Tuesday to headquarters, Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson sat down for a SportsNation chat. One of the questions: Was he worried about the so-called "Madden Curse" that befalls those who appear on the cover of Madden fo...

    Blog | April 18, 2012
  13. 'Madden 13:' Rodgers and Johnson advance

    Kevin Seifert

    Last week, it was serious. Now, I guess it's really, really serious. Third-round voting to determine the cover of "Madden NFL 13" has concluded, and two NFC North players are among the final four players remaining. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aa...

    Blog | April 11, 2012
  14. 'Madden 13:' It's all yours, Rob Gronkowski

    Kevin Seifert

    We're not scared of you, Rob Gronkowski. Not here in the Black and Blue division. Something tells me you wouldn't be quite this tough if you were sitting next to the actual Megatron and not a toy in your latest video campaign to be on the cover of...

    Blog | April 09, 2012
  15. 'Madden 13:' Rodgers and Johnson advance

    Kevin Seifert

    It's getting serious, folks. In results we learned a short time ago, two NFC North players are among the final eight candidates for the cover of "Madden 13." Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson hav...

    Blog | April 04, 2012
  16. Three advance in 'Madden 13' vote

    Kevin Seifert

    PALM BEACH, Fla. -- We've been all wrapped up in the NFL owners meetings this week, but don't think for a second that I lost sight of what's really important. Yes, Wednesday marked the end of the first round of's "Madden 13" cover vote. T...

    Blog | March 28, 2012