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  1. John Terry's error turns the Prem title tables

    David Hirshey

    When you think of the world's most beautiful sights, a few come immediately to mind. Paris at twilight. The Grand Canyon at sunrise. A Spurs fan sobbing pretty much any time. But all those exquisite images pale compared to Saturday's awe-inspirin...

    Blog | March 31, 2014
  2. Home humiliation epitomizes Moyes' failure

    David Hirshey

    Elitist Europeans proclaim that Americans simply don't understand the true spirit of world soccer, but they should have seen the display this past Sunday at my local watering hole. Large bald men who looked like they may have either spent time in the...

    Blog | March 17, 2014
  3. Will Mourinho come to regret selling Juan Mata?

    David Hirshey

    Damn you, Special One. This was supposed to be my weekend off. I had scheduled a tasty Saturday brunch with the part of the family that I can actually stand and that can actually stand me (it's only one person). Friday night had seen Arsenal bust ...

    Blog | January 27, 2014
  4. Mourinho counting his lucky stars for picking Chelsea over United...

    David Hirshey

    For 15 glorious minutes on Sunday at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United fans briefly forgot the grim reality of their Premier League fortunes and made believe that all was right with the world. As their team attacked the Chelsea defense with the ...

    Blog | January 20, 2014
  5. Fearless predictions for 2014

    David Hirshey

    Luis Suarez will get banned, Clint Dempsey will need a hand and the team that will win the league is... Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that Sir Alex was prowling the technical area, furiously chewing his magic gum and pointing to his watch as...

    Blog | December 31, 2013
  6. More proof of the Prem's 'apocalypse' season

    David Hirshey

    From an early age, I was trained to keep an eye out for signs of the approaching apocalypse. Fire belching from the sea, dogs and cats tongue-kissing with impunity and, most alarming of all, Arsenal winning every week. Maybe that's why I detect a ...

    Blog | December 09, 2013
  7. Rampant Rooney comes to Man United's rescue

    David Hirshey

    Lest we forget -- and there's at least one cranky old Scot who can't and won't -- it was only this past summer that Wayne Rooney was the belle at the debutante ball, fluttering his eyelashes at Chelsea and even playing footsie with Arsenal, the club ...

    Blog | December 02, 2013
  8. Watching Chelsea with the future of Roman's empire

    David Hirshey

    You want to meet an eclectic menagerie of people? Go to a soccer bar. For instance, several years ago, Sean Connery walked into my chosen pub in the middle of an FA Cup game between Manchester United and Portsmouth. He was wearing a hat and sunglasse...

    Blog | October 28, 2013
  9. Let's give United a second chance

    David Hirshey

    Stop the season -- United manager David Moyes wants a do-over. Think of all the pain and suffering this magnanimous idea would save. Plus, it would give Wayne Rooney's head wound time to heal so that he doesn't have to look so miserable wearing a fan...

    Blog | September 23, 2013
  10. Thrifty United and Arsenal heading in different directions

    David Hirshey

    Take a deep breath and repeat after me: It's only one game. A single 90-minute match would not have been sufficient for Arsenal's new dream team -- Julio Cesar, Sven Bender, Gonzalo Higuain, Wayne Rooney, Luis Suarez and Luiz Gustavo -- to settle in,...

    Blog | August 19, 2013
  11. Revived Cosmos get a second chance at a first impression

    David Hirshey

    Nostalgia can be a wondrous thing. You can bathe in its sepia-tinted glow and revel in the sweet memories of a time when the world seemed more innocent -- and Luis Suarez hadn't bitten anyone yet. But it can also be a curse. Admit it, those seven...

    Blog | August 02, 2013
  12. The choke's on ... who?

    David Hirshey

    It's not fair. Every Christmas, I put money into the Salvation Army kettle in spite of that incredibly annoying bell they ring. Every Arbor Day I always plant a tree -- or at least sit under one sipping a beer. And every July 4, I donate my mustache ...

    Blog | May 06, 2013
  13. RVP showered with boos at Arsenal, but did he get one last kick i...

    David Hirshey

    I had one of those vivid, hi-def dreams Saturday, the kind where you don't want to wake up, especially after a 12-hour bender celebrating Spurs being Spurs and dropping two points at Wigan. (Imagine the damage I would have done if the Latics had actu...

    Blog | April 29, 2013
  14. A biting chance in the fight for fourth

    David Hirshey

    It's been a horrible, crazy week but on the bright side, it now looks as if there won't be a title-clinching honor guard for Sir Alex and the Dutch weasel at the Emirates next Sunday. That's because barring a miracle -- and after Spurs' mind-boggling...

    Blog | April 22, 2013
  15. FA Cup is Rafa's last Chelsea dance

    David Hirshey

    Sometime in May, Rafa Benitez will walk through the door at Stamford Bridge marked Vamonos while being careful not to bump into Jose Mourinho who, according to reports in the oh-so-reliable English press, will be swaggering through the door marked "W...

    Blog | March 31, 2013
  16. Bale and farewell, Gareth?

    David Hirshey

    I admit it. I looked out of my New York City window on Saturday morning, saw what looked like Nemo-geddon, hit the snooze button, knocked over my half-drunk glass of Stella, and went back to dreaming of an English team winning the Champions League. ...

    Blog | February 11, 2013