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    Feds Seek Death Penalty For Boston Bombings

    Federal prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty against 20-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombings.

    January 30, 2014
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    1992 NYC Marathon Moments

    Fred Lebow's emotional run with Grete Waitz in 1992: Race founder Lebow, in remission from brain cancer, elected to finally run the marathon he'd guided for years, and Waitz accompanied him every step of the way.

    October 09, 2013
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    1988 NYC Marathon Moments

    Grete Waitz's ninth and final victory in 1988: At the time of her first NYC victory, women's distance running was a novelty. Just 938 out of 8,937 entrants in the 1978 race were women -- in 2010, 16,253 of 45,350 entrants were women.

    October 09, 2013
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    1983 NYC Marathon Moments

    Rod Dixon's victory over Geoff Smith in 1983: Dixon came from behind to catch Smith at the 26-mile mark and won by nine seconds.

    October 09, 2013
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    1982 NYC Marathon Moments

    Alberto Salazar's "puff of smoke" victory in 1982: In the third of his three consecutive NYC Marathon wins, Salazar overtook Rodolfo Gomez in the race's final 40 meters.

    October 09, 2013
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    Summer on the Run: Long Runs

    Summer Sanders talks about the joys of long runs and tapering.

    February 26, 2013
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    Summer on the Run: Pace training

    Summer Sanders shares tips for pace training as she prepares for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

    February 05, 2013
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    Summer On The Run: Essential Gear

    Summer Sanders shows off some of her must-have running gear.

    January 15, 2013
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    A family affair

    Summer Sanders talks about getting her kids involved as she continues her training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

    January 02, 2013
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    Summer On The Run: Get Out There!

    During one of her training runs, Summer Sanders offers some words of encouragement for fellow runners.

    January 01, 2013
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    Catching Up With The Elites

    ESPNW catches up with elite runners Desiree Davila and Joan Benoit Samuelson after the 2011 Boston Marathon.

    April 19, 2011
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    Road to the Race: Pre-Race Prep

    nycm video blog 3 1107

    November 06, 2010