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  1. Media Blitz: Exclusive 'LeBrons' clip

    Sam Alipour

    Even LeBron James' animated game is making a leap. On Friday, May 10, catch the premiere of Season 2 of "The LeBrons," the now four-time MVP's family-oriented, animated web series that debuted in 2011 and went on to tally 50 million total online v...

    Blog | May 07, 2013
  2. Media Blitz: '42' red carpet premiere

    Sam Alipour

    When Jackie Robinson broke major league baseball's color barrier in 1947, he did so with uncommon grace and humility. It's a good bet that Robinson wouldn't have cared much for Tuesday night's glittery red carpet premiere of "42," held at the fame...

    Blog | April 12, 2013
  3. Media Blitz: Jet-packing with Rob Lowe

    Sam Alipour

    The message hit my inbox like a poke to the eye: "Do you want to go jet-packing with Rob Lowe?" What-what-what? The "Parks and Recreation" star, I was later told, aims to promote, a daily lifestyle email that provides recommendat...

    Blog | March 27, 2013
  4. 'Cleveland Show' joins Dodgers' front office

    Sam Alipour

    Last week we alerted you about a sportsy night coming up on "The Cleveland Show" on Sunday night. Here now is video proof that Blitz doesn't lie to you -- unless we're in Vegas, and it's late. Check out the exclusive video from the MLB-themed "Cal...

    Blog | March 11, 2013
  5. NASCAR, MLB on 'The Cleveland Show'

    Sam Alipour

    On Sunday, March 17, Fox's "The Cleveland Show" will pitch a sports doubleheader. At 7:30 pm, catch "The Hangover Part Tubbs," which will see Cleveland and his crew stranded at Richmond International Speedway after a night of drinking. In de...

    Blog | March 07, 2013
  6. Media Blitz: Ryan Howard hits 'The Office'

    Sam Alipour

    As "The Office" concludes its illustrious nine-season run on NBC, not all is well at its Scranton, Pa., paper company. At present, Jim and Pam's storybook romance is on the rocks, Dwight and Angela's totally icky liaison may never reach the goal ...

    Blog | February 25, 2013
  7. Statham and Chiklis talk sports, 'Parker'

    Sam Alipour

    "Parker," in theaters today, features all the hallmarks of a Jason Statham action flick: stylish stunts, fast cars, sexy locales, sexier ladies -- in this case, Jennifer Lopez -- and tough guys, lots of tough guys, including Michael Chiklis of "The S...

    Blog | January 25, 2013
  8. Corey Brewer talks role in 'Movie 43'

    Sam Alipour

    Russell Westbrook found himself starring in another YouTube highlight Sunday night when the Thunder guard goaltended the Nuggets mascot's half-court shot during a break in the action in Denver. Bearing witness to Westbrook's trolling of Rocky the...

    Blog | January 22, 2013
  9. Derek Jeter on charity golf, tabloid rumors

    Sam Alipour

    In every major sport, there are a handful of stars known in media circles to be too professional, too tight-lipped and politically correct to say something interesting about non-sports topics in interviews. In the NFL, Eli Manning might lead that gro...

    Blog | January 18, 2013
  10. 'Parks and Recreation' hits up Colts, Pacers

    Sam Alipour

    This Thursday night, the gang at NBC's "Parks and Recreation" hits Indianapolis, where they'll mingle with and, at times, annoy the hell out of local pro athletes. For starters, Adam Scott (who plays Ben), Nick Offerman (Ron), Chris Pratt (Andy),...

    Blog | January 14, 2013
  11. Little therapists help Metta World Peace

    Sam Alipour

    Metta World Peace, a noted mental health advocate, needs help -- and he'll take it anywhere, and from anyone, he can get it. In a Blitz exclusive, check out "Pressure," the first episode in the coming eight-part NOC series, "Metta World Therapy,...

    Blog | December 21, 2012
  12. Media Blitz: Bosh goes Disney & more

    Sam Alipour

    When was the last time Chris Bosh missed a dunk? "Let's just say it was because I had a full diaper," Bosh offers in the Jan. 18 episode of Disney Channel's "Jessie." It'll be brick city for the Heat's big man when he visits the series' NYC e...

    Blog | December 07, 2012
  13. Travel Channel hits road with the Browns

    Sam Alipour

    It's not quite like watching the Chad Johnson get cut by the Dolphins in 2012's "Hard Knocks," or even Chad Ochocinco explaining the meaning of "Kiss Da Baby" in 2009's "Hard Knocks." But Dawg Pounders, hardcore NFL enthusiasts and, I'd imagine, ...

    Blog | December 04, 2012
  14. Bradley Cooper talks Philly fans and Eagles

    Sam Alipour

    Editor's note: This is the extended cut of an interview that appears in the Dec. 10 issue of ESPN The Magazine. Subscribe today! It's been said that Philadelphia Eagles fans are -- how shall we put this? -- a tad off-kilter. That sort of uniqu...

    Blog | November 28, 2012
  15. 'Red Dawn' & exclusive Danny Way doc clip

    Sam Alipour

    "I hate remakes, but this is phenomenal news. That movie is why I drink deer blood. No, I'm telling you, deer blood is great -- the deer runs through you, and then I eat the heart. I really hope they don't cut out the part where they drink deer blood...

    Blog | November 20, 2012
  16. Ryan Fitzpatrick guests on 'The League'

    Sam Alipour

    As any owner of a fictional football team composed of real NFL players can attest, Ryan Fitzpatrick's fantasy football stock is, in a word, low. In three words: Forget about it. That might've been the Buffalo Bills quarterback's mindset when ...

    Blog | November 08, 2012