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  1. Mitch Kupchak, Lakers

    Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak discusses his team's outlook, the L.A.'s struggles, Nick Young and the future of the team.

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  2. Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

    How much better was Jordan than Kobe? Max & Marcellus react to comments from Mitch Kupchak on The Herd talking about Swaggy P, Kobe and the future of the Lakers.

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  3. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Ben Lyons & Ramona Shelburne in today as it seems like NBA players left and right are coming out of the wood work to defend the kind of player & competitor Kobe Bryant is. Also, could there be a hitch in the Matt Kemp trade to the Padres?

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  4. The Thundering Herd

    Colin Cowherd explains why the Michigan job is not a top tier opening anymore and chats with Brock Huard and Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak.

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  5. Max & Marcellus: [hr4]

    Max & Marcellus mix it up on this edition of Remix at Six. Some big upsets in the NFL... Did that shake up Dat Dude's Power Rankings? Is LA still a destination according to Mitch Kupchak?

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  6. The Herd 12/17 - Hour 3

    Colin Cowherd shares his thoughts on Michigan's coach search, talks to Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak about Kobe Bryant's future and more.

    Audio Podcast | December 17, 2014
  7. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Brian Kamenetzky & Ramona Shelburne in today as the big discussion of the day is Ramona's sit down with both Jim & Jeanie Buss as the argument becomes why Jeanie doesn't publicly support Jim the way he has been supporting her.

    Audio Podcast | December 12, 2014
  8. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Beto Duran in today with Mychal Thompson as the Lakers get an exciting win in Staples Center against Kings despite Magic Johnson saying the Lakers should lose every possible game they can. Why would Magic say that in public?

    Audio Podcast | December 10, 2014
  9. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Mychal Thompson & Andy Kamenetzky in today as the Lakers get blown out of Staples Center by the Pelicans and the fans booed the team off the court. Andy wonders what Byron Scott is doing out there; is he even trying to build something back here in Lo

    Audio Podcast | December 08, 2014
  10. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Andy Kamenetzky & Kelvin Washington in today as the Lakers fell to their first eastern conference team of the season and Kobe looked tired at the end of the game. Can Kobe keep up the pace and would he play past his current contract?

    Audio Podcast | December 04, 2014
  11. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Ben Lyons & Kelvin Washington in today as the Lakers get the win in OT over the Raptors with a triple-double from Kobe. Also, are the Lakers doing enough to improve the team for the future?

    Audio Podcast | December 01, 2014
  12. ESPN LA Now [hr2]

    Ben & Kelvin dig into how they feel the NBA celebrates the individuality of its player while the NFL has missed the boat in letting its players express themselves. Also, are the Lakers turning a corner?

    Audio Podcast | December 01, 2014
  13. ESPN LA Now [hr1]

    Ben Lyons is in with Mychal today as the Dodgers have made quite a few changes to their front office. Ben worries that the Dodgers might have too many voices making decisions; is it a problem the Lakers could be facing now?

    Audio Podcast | November 07, 2014
  14. ESPN LA Now [hr2]

    Ben brings up a subject that gets Keyshawn frustrated ....."tanking". Should the Lakers consider "tanking" as an option to build for the future? Also, the guys also some of the week 9 NFL matchups.

    Audio Podcast | October 30, 2014
  15. ESPN LA Now [hr2]

    Ben & Andy discuss Julius Randle breaking out for the Lakers in their preseason win over Portland last night and they wonder if he can be that first young piece for the Lakers to turn into something special. Also, Jeanie Buss speaks out to defend Kob

    Audio Podcast | October 23, 2014
  16. Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

    Max & Marcellus are broadcasting live from Lakers headquarters for Lakers media day. What do Max & Marcellus think about Mitch Kupchak saying the Lakers have championship aspirations?

    Audio Podcast | September 29, 2014