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  1. Michael Parker

    Michael Parker MMA


  3. Cat-like mascot unveiled for Rio Olympics

    A bright yellow cat-like figure, which also combines elements of monkeys and birds, is the mascot of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

    Story | Conversation | November 24, 2014
  4. Rapid Reaction: Atlanta Falcons

    Vaughn McClure

    TAMPA, Fla. -- A few thoughts on the Atlanta Falcons' 27-17 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium: What it means: The Falcons finally got the monkey off their back while breaking a five-game losing streak and winning their fir...

    Blog | November 09, 2014
  5. South Alabama Breaks Out of the Lab

    Holly Anderson

    It's daunting work, maintaining a football program. It's downright exhausting building one from scratch, and there are few who know that better than South Alabama Jaguars head coach Joey Jones. The Mobile native and Bear Bryant&am...

    Blog | October 14, 2014
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  8. Tottenham loss a necessary reality check for Southampton

    Chris Rann


    Blog | Conversation | October 06, 2014
  9. Gremio fans accused of racial abuse in Brazilian cup match

    Associated Press

    International News

    Story | Conversation | October 01, 2014
  10. Former Queretaro city official calls Ronaldinho 'a monkey'

    Associated Press

    MEXICO CITY -- A former public official in the Mexican city where Ronaldinho has signed to play has called the Brazilian star "a monkey." - Toe Poke: Ronaldinho wants 'title and girls' - Ronaldinho won't change lifestyle The comment by Carlos M...

    Story | Conversation | September 15, 2014
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  12. Friday and Saturday night college football

    ESPN Music

    here's a list of music from ESPN's Friday and Saturday night college football coverage this month, along with the artists' websites and links to buy and/or download the music: Friday Night College Football Florida Georgia Line: "Anything Goes" ...

    Blog | August 27, 2014
  13. We Went There: Jarvis Cocker Judges a Pulp Karaoke Contest in New...

    Daniel Ralston

    There's a big difference between the criteria for a perfect song and the criteria for the perfect karaoke song. This can be proven through a simple test: Swing by Duet 53 north of Times Square, Cafe Brass Monkey in L.A., or any othe...

    Blog | August 11, 2014
  14. #HotSportsTakes: The Perks of Being a True Professional

    Andrew Sharp

    Every now and then, we will attempt to write the worst sports column on earth. Today: Let's talk about Andy Dalton and redemption. CINCINNATI - It's not easy. It's not sexy. It's not cool. It's just work. Day afte...

    Blog | August 05, 2014
  15. Ready to Hear a Compelling Theory About Jon Snow’s Mother?

    Zach Dionne

    ALERT: This theory spoils a few things from the first season of Game of Thrones/the first A Song of Ice and Fire book. And if it's correct - which it totally might be! - it'll spoil books and seasons still to come. Procee...

    Blog | July 17, 2014
  16. 'Apehood': It's the touching story of a young monk...


    Blog | July 14, 2014
  17. Monkey See

    Wesley Morris

    And so into the city they rode, on horseback, with machine guns and exposed fangs and grunts, and stood with spears atop rusting cable cars, looking first for something like peace and, later, for war. The place is San Francisco, the horsemen apes, an...

    Blog | July 11, 2014
  18. Train in Vain

    Brian Phillips

    The trains run every half-hour up the green slope of Corcovado, the Hunchback, through a forest whose branches scrape against the windows of the cars. They climb a mountainside where howler monkeys live, and also ocelots, and birds the color of imagi...

    Blog | June 19, 2014
  19. Is ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Sexist? Is Link a Girl? A...

    Emily Yoshida

    "We compared the interactions of 34 rhesus monkeys, living within a 135 monkey troop, with human wheeled toys and plush toys. Male monkeys, like boys, showed consistent and strong preferences for wheeled toys, while female monkeys, like girls, s...

    Blog | June 12, 2014
  20. Big Ten lunch links

    Brian Bennett

    Glorious sunset of my heart was fading. Soon the super karate monkey death car would park in my space. But Jimmy has fancy plans. And pants to match. The cost of having Michigan's offensive coordinator position named after you: $3 million. Taylor...

    Blog | May 30, 2014
  21. Dunn monkeys around with clubhouse mascot

    Doug Padilla

    CHICAGO -- The newest member of the Chicago White Sox's clubhouse has his own uniform, but has to share a locker with Adam Dunn. "Phil," as he is being called until a better name is unearthed, is a 3-foot tall, 5-pound lifelike monkey statue cast ...

    Blog | May 28, 2014