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  1. The Designated Player: The Not Top 10 of MLS 2013

    Graham Parker

    If you're not sick of top 10s of the year by this time, you should be. Fun as they are, most sane people find them as appetizing as turkey right now. I'm going to try not to add to the glut and instead, by way of marking the new year, share just a fe...

    Blog | January 02, 2014
  2. When JaVale McGee Insults Luther Vandross, We Draw the Line

    Rembert Browne

    RT @javalemcgee34 NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THIS LUTHER SONG AS INSPIRATION ON THIS TOURNAMENT MONTAGE! LOL- JaVale McGee (@JaValeMcGee34) April 9, 2013 Oh, really, JaVale? What do the people want, then? A living, breathing Not Top 10 that retw...

    Blog | April 09, 2013
  3. 2014 College Football Preview: The Group of Five and the Independ...

    Holly Anderson

    With the 2014 college football campaign looming and the preseason in full swing, let's take one last whip around the FBS to top off our talking points, shall we? Previously: the SEC, the ACC, the Pac-12, the Big Ten, and the Big 12...

    Blog | August 21, 2014
  4. 2014 College Football Preview: The Big Ten

    Holly Anderson

    With the 2014 college football campaign looming and the preseason in full swing, let's take one last whip around the FBS to top off our talking points, shall we? Previously: the SEC, the ACC, and the Pac-12. Next up: the Big Ten, growing ev...

    Blog | August 14, 2014
  5. About Last Weekend: Farewell to the Cup

    Spike Friedman

    In case you were busy trying to figure out how to drink out of a solid gold soccer ball, here are the top six stories you missed in sports last weekend: Mario Götze's extra-time strike gave Germany a 1-0 win over Argentina in a tens...

    Blog | July 14, 2014
  6. The Top 10 Classic Rock Artists Who Would’ve Had Horrible T...

    Steven Hyden

    It's a natural impulse: You appreciate an artist's work and you notice that said artist has a Twitter page, so you click "follow" on the person's feed. So why does this so often prove to be a bad deci...

    Blog | June 04, 2014
  7. David Letterman and ‘New Kid’ Stephen Colbert Chummed...

    Zach Dionne

    "Wait a- hey, hey! He doesn't get that yet! He doesn't have the job yet!" David Letterman groaned as the classic Top 10 List theme played for Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday night. "Good heavens! 'Don&#0...

    Blog | April 23, 2014
  8. About Last Night: Durant Stops Streaking

    Spike Friedman

    In case you were busy planning your resignation a mere 10 years after drafting Darko Milicic over Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, here are the top five stories you missed in sports on Tuesday: Kevin "Muffins" Durant&#039...

    Blog | April 09, 2014
  9. There and Back Again: The Philippines

    Rafe Bartholomew and Netw3rk

    netw3rk: Clearest memories of my last visit to the Philippines, age 10: My cousins catching a huge rat in a cage with a handle on top. Possum-size rat. They submerged the cage in an oil drum filled with water, and, using a stopwatch, set about det...

    Blog | March 05, 2014
  10. Eric Bledsoe Injury Puts a Huge Dent in the Fun (Albeit Tanking) ...

    Zach Lowe

    Going into Thursday's games, there were four teams in the top 10 in both points scored and allowed per possession — in offense and defense, basically: Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Miami, and the Clippers. It's an artificial cutoff point, but it'...

    Blog | January 10, 2014
  11. Do You Like Prince Movies? Podcast: Her and Spike Jonze

    Alex Pappademas and Wesley Morris

    A nonbinding conversation about 2013 top 10 lists that doesn't include any actual lists, plus Alex and Wesley discuss Her and the career of Spike Jonze. Listen to the podcast here: Podcenter Subscribe to the Grantland Network on iTu...

    Blog | December 25, 2013
  12. About Last Night: Blow Out the Candles

    Spike Friedman

    In case you were busy trying not to giggle when you heard "the Shockers cracked the top 10," here's what you missed in sports on Monday: A late pick-six by 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman in the final regular-season game at Candlestick Park clin...

    Blog | December 24, 2013
  13. My Top 10 Best (Favorite) Movies of 2013

    Wesley Morris

    10. Let the Fire Burn, directed by Jason Osder Part civic-social drama, part horror story, this found-footage documentary reconstructs a history of the black-radical MOVE organization and the 1985 inferno the city of Philadelphia sparked to drive ...

    Blog | December 19, 2013
  14. My Top 10 Best (Favorite) TV Shows of 2013

    Andy Greenwald

    10. Girls (HBO) Putting aside the rom-com Ephronica of the finale, Girls’s wildly improved second season impressed for the breadth and ballsiness of its storytelling. Hannah's all-night coke bender was plenty funny, but her two-night love affa...

    Blog | December 18, 2013
  15. My Sidekicks of the Year: A Top 10 List

    Molly Lambert

    Now more than ever, pop culture is about the small stuff — an obscure TV show, a few notes in a pop song, a tweet. To celebrate a year of micro moments, every day a new Grantland writer will highlight one specific thing — a Big Little Thi...

    Blog | December 17, 2013
  16. My Top 10 Best (Favorite) Albums of 2013

    Steven Hyden

    Three caveats before I share my top 10 albums list: 1. I don't care for the word "best" in this context. Not only is declaring a record "best" ridiculous, it's also dishonest. It implies that you've heard every single piece of music released in a ...

    Blog | December 17, 2013