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  1. Quizzing Andrew Wiggins

    Henry Abbott

    What's a Cavalier? Where should LeBron play? What would you say to Donald Sterling? TrueHoop TV with tough questions for the top NBA draft prospect....

    Blog | June 25, 2014
  2. Recent play of top draft prospects

    Henry Abbott

    The four NCAA freshmen who define the top of 2014 NBA draft -- Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle -- have each faced recent challenges. Chad Ford on who emerges looking best....

    Blog | February 04, 2014
  3. A little respect for coaches and PT

    Henry Abbott

    ND at the Team Rebound blog has done a fascinating job of following up my examination of the workload of top players on title teams. I noted that top players who play huge minutes used to win titles, but stopped seven years ago. Related: LeBron...

    Blog | January 20, 2012
  4. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov writes a letter to USA Today about the Miami SuperFriends team: "What surprises me is the amount of negative commentary directed at the three top free agents (especially LeBron James) who decided to play on the same team ...

    Blog | July 29, 2010
  5. The billion-dollar Knick pitch

    Henry Abbott

    Experts seem to be fuzzy on one of the most important issues of free agency: Can a player earn more, on and off the court, if they play in a top market like New York? Michael Jordan earned the most of any player ever, and he was in neither New Yor...

    Blog | July 02, 2010
  6. Tyreke Evans' game-winning non-steal

    Henry Abbott

    (I recently learned how to embed highlights on TrueHoop, and I'm going crazy with it!) Good for Tyreke Evans! The clutch steal is right up there near the top of the list in terms of my favorite basketball plays, and he got a great one. He's r...

    Blog | December 17, 2009
  7. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    By Henry Abbott Kevin Garnett tops a list of NBA defenders, as measured by a Dean Oliver-inspired metric that extracts individual accomplishments from play-by-play data. Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Marcus Camby and Gerald "20 rebounds last night...

    Blog | November 03, 2009
  8. A Proposal: Eliminate a Fifth of the NBA

    Henry Abbott

    Dave from BlazersEdge wants you to close your eyes, and imagine a world where every NBA team plays its closest rivals six times each. Where every team has at least one more top quality player. Where players play fewer minutes, play fresher and harder...

    Blog | March 18, 2009
  9. Nothing Like a Little Luck

    Henry Abbott

    You think these Conference Finals are hard fought? That's friggin' child's play compared to the intense, back-stabbing, and brutal competition to become an agent representing a top NBA draft pick. Those young men are basically big pots of gold at the...

    Blog | May 27, 2008
  10. Pay Attention to Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans

    Henry Abbott

    SLAM's Ben Osborne watched both top senior Derrick Rose, and top junior Tyreke Evans, play in New York last weekend (as did John Calipari who will coach Rose, RIck Pitino who allegedly hopes to coach Evans, and William Wesley who is said to be advisi...

    Blog | January 18, 2007
  11. The D-League Draft

    Henry Abbott

    It's tonight. All the training camp cuts are lining up, and Jonathan Givony has a big old preview. Here are some of the top names as he sees it: Andre Owens 6-4 tough-nosed athletic guard who can slash, play great defense and hit the open jumpe...

    Blog | November 02, 2006
  12. The Life of LeBron James

    Henry Abbott

    Basketbawful has news of his visit to Baruch College for a photo shoot for that New York Times magazine PLAY: The site refers to James as "one of the top basketball players in the world and a popular member of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers,&quo...

    Blog | September 25, 2006
  13. Andrea Bargnani on Video

    Henry Abbott

    Of all the top prospects for this year's draft, the one most of us have not seen play is the European big man Andrea Bargnani. Well, now you can see a few little highlights of him. I learned about that video from Chad Ford's blog, where he has this...

    Blog | March 10, 2006
  14. Stop the Noise

    Henry Abbott

    When I was a kid, I went to see the Blazers play in Memorial Coliseum every chance I got. It was loud and cramped. The seats were right on top of the court, and there was nothing to watch but basketball. No replay screen. No dance team. No music. No ...

    Blog | December 19, 2005