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  1. Yearbook, Dec. 3: Mound goes down

    Patrick Dorsey

    Dec. 3, 1968: On this day 44 years ago, Major League Baseball approved its rules changes. Big deal. Oh, but this time it was. After a season "completely owned by pitchers," in the words of "Sports Illustrated" back then -- owned most notably by th...

    Blog | December 03, 2012
  2. Yearbook, Oct. 24: Toronto's triumph

    Patrick Dorsey

    Oct. 24, 1992: Oh, Canada. On this day, your 24-year quest to see the World Series championship go north finally reached its completion -- in your first World Series, no less. Yes, 20 years ago today spelled success for the Toronto Blue Jays, who ...

    Blog | October 24, 2012
  3. Yearbook, Oct. 6: Jordan's first retirement

    Patrick Dorsey

    Oct. 6, 1993: On this day 19 years ago, the shocking news was confirmed by the man himself: Michael Jordan, age 30, was retiring from the game he seemed to tame -- most recently with three consecutive NBA championships. Oh, but it's no spoiler to ...

    Blog | October 06, 2012
  4. Yearbook, Sept. 7: A sports network debuts

    Patrick Dorsey

    Sept. 7, 1979: On this day 33 years ago -- oh hey! The Entertainment Sports Programming Network aired its first broadcast. Wonder whatever happened to that thing....

    Blog | September 07, 2012
  5. Yearbook, Sept. 3: Oh passes Aaron

    Patrick Dorsey

    Sept. 3, 1977: Fans not wishing to acknowledge Barry Bonds as the all-time home run king can claim Sadaharu Oh, who hit 868 home runs during his 22-year career with Japan's Yomiuri Giants. He became professional baseball's homer hero on this day 35 y...

    Blog | September 03, 2012
  6. Home Run Derby: The swings (photos)

    Patrick Dorsey

    There's little sweeter in sports than a great home run swing. And oh, you're about to see a few Monday night, when the Home Run Derby hits screens and home run heroes hit baseballs. Who's going to win? That's for our experts to decide. We're j...

    Blog | July 09, 2012
  7. Web Clips: The basketball shot next door

    Patrick Dorsey

    What's that they tell you when you're growing up? Oh yeah: Don't go in the neighbors' yard. ... unless it's to hit a long-distance basketball shot. Then it's worth it. (Thanks to Ti'Rell Williams for sending this in.) Web Clips features new, su...

    Blog | July 08, 2012
  8. Rickie Fowler tees off from X Games ramp

    Patrick Dorsey

    Oh, just stylish PGA Tour pro (and Brandon Weeden favorite) Rickie Fowler hitting chip shots off of the MegaRamp. This MegaRamp: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood #xgames @MegaRamp CA RampWorks (@CaRam...

    Blog | June 28, 2012
  9. Meet Gabe Richesson, artist to the athletes

    Patrick Dorsey

    So you're an athlete. And you want a painting, a portrait, something that stands out on your wall. Oh, and you want it to look completely and utterly like nothing else. Whom do you call? Gabe Richesson is a pretty good option. Richesson -- a...

    Blog | June 20, 2012
  10. Web Clips: FC Dallas players crush oranges

    Patrick Dorsey

    Coming to ESPN2 on Saturday night: Major League Soccer's Texas Derby (pronounced "darby"), between FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo. And oh, Dallas is ready. Like, really. Just check the video, in which players like Brek Shea use all sorts of instrum...

    Blog | June 14, 2012
  11. Morning Look: A jump-roping ... car?

    Patrick Dorsey

    It's throwback time for Morning Look, courtesy of SportsNation's Weird Web Stories. And seriously, if you haven't seen it -- or even if you have -- you've gotta watch this crazy clip that shows exactly what the headline says it does. Oh yeah, and...

    Blog | May 22, 2012
  12. Golf funnyman Ben Crane at it again

    Patrick Dorsey

    "Pro Files," ESPN's weekly video series featuring PGA Tour golfers, caught up recently with Ben Crane to talk influences. Oh, and using lasers on the course. And designing shoes. Lots of shoes. We shouldn't be surprised, though. Crane long has bee...

    Blog | May 09, 2012
  13. Wednesday's Web video of the day

    Patrick Dorsey

    When asked why he shot so many 3s, Antoine Walker once said: "Because there aren't any 4s." Oh yes there are! And here's how to make them, thanks to this new instructional video released by the Harlem Globetrotters, who introduced the shot in 2010...

    Blog | May 09, 2012
  14. Reliving Peyton Manning's 'SNL' moments

    Patrick Dorsey

    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is set to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight, making him the second Super Bowl-winning Manning brother to do so. And oh, we have a bombshell. According to the New York Post, Seth Meyers said the younger ...

    Blog | May 05, 2012
  15. Playbook's summer movie guide

    Patrick Dorsey

    With "The Avengers" in theaters, the summer blockbuster season has unofficially kicked off. What does that have to do with sports? Oh, this: THE AVENGERS Synopsis (from Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super hu...

    Blog | May 04, 2012
  16. Fan shots: Occupy Nicklas Backstrom

    Patrick Dorsey

    We're staying neutral in the simmering Nicklas Backstrom/Washington Capitals/Boston Bruins/was-he-targeted feud. But facts is facts: Backstrom was suspended for Thursday's Game 4, and Caps fans rallied in support. (Oh, and Washington won 2-1 to even ...

    Blog | April 20, 2012