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  1. Tip of the Week: Use the 'windshield wiper'

    Tony Lance

    Hitting the ball at 180 degree angle can prove useful at the net or for making sharp angles.

    AssociateStory | October 08, 2002
  2. Tip of the Week: Elbow your overhead

    Tony Lance

    Trouble with overheads? Try pointing your non-playing elbow at the ball.

    AssociateStory | September 24, 2002
  3. Tip of the Week: Don't be afraid to stay back

    Tony Lance

    Serving and volleying is advanced and many players simply haven't mastered the skills to pull it off.

    AssociateStory | September 17, 2002
  4. Tip of the Week: Make some memories

    Tony Lance

    Good players make decisions by recalling their opponent's tendencies and patterns of play.

    AssociateStory | September 11, 2002
  5. Tip of the Week: Practice strengths, too

    Tony Lance

    You need to spend as much time practicing your strong shots as you spend on the weaker parts of your game.

    AssociateStory | September 03, 2002
  6. Tip of the Week: Play for position

    Tony Lance

    Rather than risk an unforced error, choose to play a few more shots.

    AssociateStory | August 28, 2002
  7. Tip of the Week: Weighty points

    Tony Lance

    Winning more first points can help you win more often.

    AssociateStory | August 22, 2002
  8. Tip of the Week: Spin doctors, take note

    Tony Lance

    Topspin is the most commonly used type of spin.

    AssociateStory | August 14, 2002
  9. Tip of the Week: Tennis Economics 101

    Tony Lance

    Some pointers gleaned from the success of Hall of Famer Pam Shriver.

    AssociateStory | July 23, 2002
  10. Tip of the Week: Doubles for two

    Tony Lance

    This doubles drill can be done with only two players on the court.

    AssociateStory | July 17, 2002
  11. Tip of the Week: Keep that elbow in!

    Tony Lance

    Tuck your elbow in to stabilize your forehand volley.

    AssociateStory | June 25, 2002
  12. Tip of the Week: Smart approach shots

    Tony Lance

    Down the line is the most effective approach shot on grass courts.

    AssociateStory | June 19, 2002
  13. Take advantage of short balls

    Tony Lance

    By learning to take advantage of short balls, you're bound to lift your game a notch or two.

    AssociateStory | June 12, 2002
  14. Tip of the Week: Get down!

    Tony Lance

    Bending your knees for forehands and backhands is essential to good shot-making.

    AssociateStory | June 04, 2002
  15. Tip of the Week: Clay buys time

    Tony Lance

    Don't get nervous when pulled out of position on a clay court.

    AssociateStory | May 30, 2002