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  1. Tuesday Bullets -- now with video!

    Henry Abbott

    Iman Shumpert has original poetry about his aunt's losing battle with cancer. He does it right, with heart, and it packs a wallop. Dare you not to cry when he builds to this: "Seeing you battle cancer was a nightmare, don't know how my pops could spe...

    Blog | September 18, 2012
  2. "We wanted you to be who you said you'd be"

    Henry Abbott

    That's the burn. That's the line that packs the wallop. Check it out, some Clevelanders with video cameras have, unfortunately for LeBron James, answered the questions he raised in his most recent Nike commercial. At the crux, James asks: "Shou...

    Blog | November 05, 2010
  3. No such thing as an alpha dog?

    Henry Abbott

    Seriously? Don't take my word for it, I'm just learning about it myself. But apparently the idea that packs of wolves in the wild would be led by an alpha dog is outdated thinking. Apparently we used to assume that was so, based on some flawed res...

    Blog | August 06, 2010
  4. The Celtics' offense was only ever average

    Henry Abbott

    Boston's offense was in middle of the pack in the regular season and again in the playoffs, and it always bogged down against good defenses. It's an amazing testament to their defense that they made it so close to a title. Zach Lowe of CelticsHub:...

    Blog | June 18, 2010
  5. T-Mac Ten Pack

    Henry Abbott

    Chris McGrath/NBAE/Getty Images Tracy McGrady's not the same player he used to be, but he's also not useless. Ten things to know about Tracy McGrady, on the day that he has been traded from the Houston Rockets to the New York Knicks. 1. The big ...

    Blog | February 18, 2010
  6. Shannon Brown: A Pack Man?

    Henry Abbott

    By J.A. Adande If you've wondered what makes Shannon Brown's dunks seem, well, different, it's his height. At 6-foot-4 he doesn't blow you away with the physical improbability of smaller dunkers such as Nate Robinson, Spud Webb and Dee Brown, yet ...

    Blog | February 13, 2010
  7. San Antonio's Big Fundamental Worry

    Henry Abbott

    Manu Ginobili is out. The days of cruising to the Western Conference Finals are out. And the Spurs have come well and truly back to the pack in the playoff race. But if I were a Spurs fan, none of that would bother me nearly as much as what the ESPN ...

    Blog | April 08, 2009
  8. Welcome Back to the Pack, San Antonio

    Henry Abbott

    For most of the Spring, in the West, there have been two teams at the top: The untouchable Lakers, and then the dignified Spurs. Below those two -- the royalty the NBA's West for as long as anyone can remember -- there has been a roiling scrum of...

    Blog | March 23, 2009
  9. Kevin Garnett, Pack Your Flip Flops

    Henry Abbott

    The idea was for various team bloggers to represent their squads in a fun little exercise: a bidding war for Kevin Garnett. It was the idea of Jeff of CelticsBlog, who freely admits (his words) to a "man-crush" for KG. (I secretly think the whole ...

    Blog | March 24, 2007
  10. Come Fly With Me, and Pack a Parachute

    Henry Abbott

    Dax-Devlon Ross is a writer I wish I had known about before today. On his website, he writes about the magical power of a Michael Jordan video to a latch-key kid: What really made Come Fly With Me so special and put it outside of a simple highlight ...

    Blog | March 02, 2007
  11. Photo: William Wesley and LeBron James Post-Game

    Henry Abbott

    Thanks to the two people who have e-mailed me this photo from just after yesterday's game. That's LeBron James on the right, and William Wesley leaning in from the left to check to see if James really does have a tight six-pack. And, I think I figur...

    Blog | May 22, 2006
  12. Roland Ratings as of Sunday: Ray Allen Tops

    Henry Abbott

    By this much-admired statistical measure, Ray Allen, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Ron Artest are the four who are ahead of the pack. The stats include measures of individual player production, one-on-one defense, and a player's effect on team succ...

    Blog | November 23, 2005