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  1. Curmudgeon's Week 21 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Someone hire Mark Messier as a general manager quick so we can put an end to the National Blubbering Tour. Week 21: Monday: New York Islanders over New York Rangers. Ryan Smyth: Watch him. Learn from him. Strive to be like him every day. Go hard to ...

    Blog | Conversation | March 03, 2007
  2. Curmudgeon's Week 20 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    The thing is, I can't think of one NHL player named Oscar. Week 20: Tuesday: Dallas over Tampa Bay. The key question remains: Can the Stars trust Darryl Sydor? Real result: Dallas 2, Tampa 1 (OT) Tuesday: Buffalo over Toronto. It's good to see th...

    Blog | Conversation | February 26, 2007
  3. Curmudgeon's Week 19 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Special trade-deadline edition, meaning I could be packing my bags by the end of the week. Week 19: Monday: Boston over Philadelphia. Eww. Real result: Boston 6, Philadelphia 3 Tuesday: Ottawa over Edmonton. Mercifully, the Oilers' vacation to war...

    Blog | Conversation | February 18, 2007
  4. Curmudgeon's Week 18 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Is it me, or is it cold in here? Week 18: Monday: Detroit over Philadelphia. Watching TV with the sound off has never been so rewarding. Real result: Philadelphia 6, Detroit 1 Tuesday: Atlanta over Calgary. Citizens of Atlanta will be watching thi...

    Blog | Conversation | February 11, 2007
  5. Curmudgeon's Week 17 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    And here all this time I was thinking the Super Bowl was a Steak n' Shake platter honoring Keith Tkachuk. Week 17: Monday: Detroit over New York Rangers. Let's all cry a melancholy tear as Brendan Shanahan faces his old teammates. He left Detroit t...

    Blog | Conversation | February 03, 2007
  6. Curmudgeon's Week 16 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    I went almost entire week without hockey of any significance, so I'm feeling extra grumpy. That's right, I'm talking to you, All-Star Game. Week 16: Tuesday: Detroit over the New York Islanders. Who will Jason Blake stick next? No, that's not right....

    Blog | Conversation | January 28, 2007
  7. Curmudgeon's Week 15 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Sometimes I have a case of the Mondays all week. This is one of those weeks. Week 15: Monday: Los Angeles over Dallas. Marty Turco is playing like he's got tape on his skates. Stand up, man! Or at least wait until the shooter has made a move before ...

    Blog | Conversation | January 14, 2007
  8. Curmudgeon's Week 14 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    I wasn't sick, just hung over. I'm going to slide this in late like a Sidney Crosby highlight goal. Week 14: Tuesday: Atlanta over Montreal. Feed a cold, Habs. I recommend poutine and Laurentide. Real result: Montreal 4, Atlanta 2 Tuesday: Anaheim ...

    Blog | Conversation | January 09, 2007
  9. Curmudgeon's Week 13 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    I'm really in no mood for an introduction. Week 13: Tuesday: St. Louis over Chicago. But that doesn't mean I can't call St. Louis the Gateway to the Worst. Real result: Chicago 4, St. Louis 1 Tuesday: Montreal over Tampa Bay. Whom do you think Ja...

    Blog | Conversation | January 01, 2007
  10. Curmudgeon's Week 12 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Bah. How about we have Christmas in the summer so we can interrupt the interminable baseball season? Week 12: Tuesday: Columbus over Boston. There's no way Ken Hitchcock will be outcoached by Liza Minnelli. Real result: Columbus 5, Boston 4 (OT) Tu...

    Blog | Conversation | December 25, 2006
  11. Curmudgeon's Week 11 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Never mind the bollocks. Week 11: Monday: Anaheim over Calgary. Have you had a real close look at the Ducks? Shane O'Brien? Shawn Thornton? Todd Fedoruk? George Parros? Names ring any bells? As in, the fight's over? Real result: Anaheim 4, Calgary 1...

    Blog | Conversation | December 17, 2006
  12. Curmudgeon's Week 10 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Let's not hide from it. Last week was brutal, what with all those shootout losses. But this ain't a sally league -- we don't get partial points for losing in a shootout. Week 10: Monday: Washington over Pittsburgh. When in doubt, go with the budding...

    Blog | Conversation | December 10, 2006
  13. Curmudgeon's Week 9 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    'Tis the season. Hockey season, chump. What other season is there? Week 9: Monday: Vancouver over Edmonton. Without that long-haired guy, what's the point of going on, really? Real result: Edmonton 4, Vancouver 0 Tuesday: Chicago over Minnesota. T...

    Blog | Conversation | December 03, 2006
  14. Curmudgeon's Week 8 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    In the spirit of the holiday, stuff it. Week 8: Monday: Detroit over Dallas. Because "Dallas" spelled backwards is "Salad" with an extra "L," as in "loser." Real result: Detroit 2, Dallas 1 Tuesday: New York Islanders over Pittsburgh. Alexei Yashi...

    Blog | Conversation | November 26, 2006
  15. Curmudgeon's Week 7 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Don't pull this short-week crap on me. Hockey does not take a holiday. Week 7: Monday: Boston over Florida. But it pains me to take blindsidin' Brad Stuart's Bruins. Real result: Florida 3, Boston 2 Tuesday: Edmonton over Calgary. This is in no wa...

    Blog | Conversation | November 19, 2006
  16. Curmudgeon's Week 6 Six Pack

    Hockey Curmudgeon

    Who says the season is too long? Baseball fans, that's who. Their season is 162 games long, right? Then zip it, Lippy. Week 6: Monday: Washington over Florida. Roberts, Nieuwendyk, Belfour. Man, those Panthers are a good team. Fifteen years ago. Re...

    Blog | Conversation | November 12, 2006