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  1. Jason Collins is not Brittney Griner

    Henry Abbott

    So odd to me, that people wonder why Jason Collins' coming out made bigger waves than Brittney Griner's. Well, gather 'round, because I'm about to explain. How many WNBA players are out? As of 2005, Michele Van Gorp, Sue Wicks and Sheryl Swoop...

    Blog | May 01, 2013
  2. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Argentina's national team has an incredibly special place in modern basketball history, as they proved in winning the FIBA Americas tournament. A whole mess of insight into Jerry West on the internet. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News dips ...

    Blog | September 12, 2011
  3. Wednesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Patrick Hayes of PistonPowered: "Bill Laimbeer is a tough subject for me. I firmly believe he is one of the most underrated players of his era who, because of his reputation as an instigator (and punching bag of Robert Parish), never gets the cre...

    Blog | September 15, 2010
  4. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Posted by Kevin Arnovitz As of right now, the small-market Jazz are carrying at least $94 million (maybe more) in salaries and potential luxury tax payments into next season. Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune asks, "Nobody from the organizat...

    Blog | July 23, 2009
  5. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Caron Butler is Tuff Juice. In some places, writes the DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg, Tuff Juice is also a shot of Bacardi 151 mixed with sports drink and grapefruit juice. As Butler maniacally chews on the things, I'm thinking this might be ...

    Blog | January 08, 2009
  6. Karl Malone, Demetrius Bell, and Mother's Day

    Henry Abbott

    ESPN's Jemele Hill interviews Demetrius Bell. He's a draftee of the the Buffalo Bills, and, as you may have heard, is yet another out-of-wedlock child of former NBA star Karl Malone. Unlike the twins Daryl and Cheryl Ford (she plays for the WNBA's De...

    Blog | May 07, 2008
  7. Monday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The researcher whose study says NBA referees demonstrate racial bias has been attacked by the NBA as malinformed, claiming they have better (but private) information that proves him wrong. In a must-read Lester Munson article on, Wolfers say...

    Blog | May 07, 2007
  8. Friday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Golden State of Mind: "I know international hoops rules differ from the NBA, but I never knew that FIBA had different time frames for how long a week was. Yi is still listed as the Interview of the Week on Fiba's home page even though it took pl...

    Blog | August 11, 2006
  9. Henry Bibby Gets a Job, Brian McCormick Groans

    Henry Abbott

    Mike Bibby's dad is now working for his old teammate, Philadelphia Coach Maurice Cheeks. Brian McCormick doesn't think Bibby was the best pick. Henry Bibby was hired as a Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach, proving again that the coaching business is...

    Blog | January 18, 2006
  10. NBA Cares

    Henry Abbott

    I guess the NBA's market research people have determined that the league isn't as warm and cuddly as it ought to be in the minds of consumers, 'cause they just announced a major warm and cuddly campaign--which will hopefully benefit a lot of people. ...

    Blog | October 18, 2005
  11. Jay Mohr as a Sports Columnist

    Henry Abbott

    He's the best job security I've ever had, because the man is proving that you can be rich, famous, talented, funny, really into sports, and a dreadful sports columnist. I batted him around a little like a cat with a mouse before. But now the people ...

    Blog | September 22, 2005
  12. Wednesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The Sacramento Monarchs won the WNBA title. Throwing down a geeky gauntlet, the SacKingsBlog challenges anyone to name a better shooter than Peja Stojakovic. Don't bring that weak "Ray Allen" crap in there either. He ate that guy up as an appetizer,...

    Blog | September 21, 2005
  13. Bill Laimbeer Talks Knicks

    Henry Abbott

    A few years ago, before he returned to the game as a great WNBA coach, I interviewed Bill Laimbeer for an Inside Stuff story. At the end of the interview, I asked him if he missed basketball. Without hesitating one iota, he spurted "I don't miss the ...

    Blog | June 12, 2005