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  1. With the Pirates' streak over, DJ Gallo takes a look at sports' c...

    DJ Gallo

    DJ Gallo takes a break from celebrating the Pirates to pity these poor teams.

    Story | Conversation | September 04, 2013
  2. How to decide whether to watch overtime

    DJ Gallo

    The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway and, with it, the drama of playoff overtime hockey. But extra time is not unique to the NHL. All four of our major sports can go long, and when those games occur we, the fans, must decide if we have the phys...

    Blog | May 03, 2013
  3. An NFL SEC, more smart realignment plans

    DJ Gallo

    The NHL has proposed a realignment plan that would give the league four divisions instead of six. Yet while radical realignment has some detractors -- those who are really into the current Southeast division's Winnipeg-Tampa Bay rivalry, for exam...

    Blog | March 01, 2013
  4. Playbook's definitive NHL power rankings

    DJ Gallo

    After a four-month lockout, the NHL is set to finally drop the puck. Teams have been practicing for six days. Six whole days! And they've all had an intrasquad scrimmage, too. That's more than enough preseason hockey action to draw conclusions fo...

    Blog | January 18, 2013
  5. Your intracity fighting words

    DJ Gallo

    Sports fans love a good rivalry. Team versus team. City versus city. Athlete versus athlete. Blood feuds sustain us. But what if we stopped limiting rivalries to teams in other cities and opened up the disdain to teams within individual cities. O...

    Blog | January 10, 2013
  6. 2013 resolutions for the world of sport

    DJ Gallo

    The new year is almost upon us. Here are a few resolutions the sports world should make in order to improve in 2013. Stop calling every fan base a 'nation' Red Sox Nation got this started in 2004. But Boston had a national following that o...

    Blog | December 28, 2012
  7. Playbook's ultimate list of who's NOT NEXT

    DJ Gallo

    ESPN's NEXT determines the people who are primed to dominate the sports world in the coming years. Playbook's NOT NEXT determines who and what have almost no hope for the future. Here are some names, teams and things not to keep an eye on. Ho...

    Blog | December 13, 2012
  8. Which sports are to blame for world's end?

    DJ Gallo

    It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and forget that we're all going to die. And not just because we're all mortals and will therefore one day, years and years from now, return to dust. I mean, like, pretty soon we'll ...

    Blog | December 11, 2012
  9. Hangover: NFL Shop has a gift for every fan

    DJ Gallo

    Looking for gift items for the NFL fan on your list? You're in luck! Monday isn't just a battle between the Panthers and Eagles, the preseason's premier Super Bowl/dynasty teams, it's also Cyber Monday -- the day in which Americans pretend to work...

    Blog | November 26, 2012
  10. A fan's dream lineup of 'NHL 13' features

    DJ Gallo

    EA Sports' "NHL 13" came out today. I have yet to play it because I have yet to purchase it. I am worried I will go to the game store and Gary Bettman will bar me from entering, intent on ruining my enjoyment of hockey season in every possible way. ...

    Blog | September 11, 2012
  11. The 2012 MLB guide for NBA and NHL fans

    DJ Gallo

    Now that the NBA and NHL playoffs are over, many sports fans are just tuning in to baseball for the first time. It can be overwhelming. Thirty MLB teams, most playing every night, and near-constant action (if you have every game on at once). Go...

    Blog | June 26, 2012
  12. NHL Awards needs new award categories

    DJ Gallo

    The 2012 NHL Awards are tonight in Las Vegas. The awards get a lot of buzz in hockey circles, but they're pretty much ignored in the mainstream. Maybe more people would pay attention if the NHL didn't always give away the same old, stodgy awards with...

    Blog | June 20, 2012
  13. What if Tom Brady never played football?

    DJ Gallo

    Tom Brady's father says he "would be very hesitant" to let his son play football if he had to make the decision today. Just imagine if Brady had never played football. Many lives would have changed. Bill Belichick - Instead of being seen as a f...

    Blog | May 23, 2012
  14. Potential neutral sites for the BCS playoffs

    DJ Gallo

    FBS conference commissioners are reportedly getting closer to approving a four-team playoff system for determining the sport's national champion. Why they would give up their uniquely terrible current system to become like every other sport in the wo...

    Blog | April 25, 2012
  15. Photos, captions from Stanley Cup playoffs

    DJ Gallo

    "Get lost or I'll send Shea Weber after you." "Excuse me. I don't mean to interrupt, but perhaps you of all people should realize that slamming someone's head off the ice can cause fairly serious injury." "Well, thanks for asking. I would proba...

    Blog | April 16, 2012