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  1. ESPN faces challenges in Twitter Era

    Jason Fry

    Brian Windhorst remembers the day the Miami Heat cried -- and how Twitter changed his story. Windhorst, an NBA writer, is a fan of Twitter, the 6-year-old service that marries the speed and brevity of text messaging with the reach of soci...

    Blog | July 06, 2012
  2. To cover a story, or be part of it?

    Kelly McBride's Jemele Hill did a very nice, tight column this week explaining how the lives of professional athletes are connected to the life and death of Trayvon Martin. Contrast that to ESPN's bouncing back and forth on whether its talent can post ...

    Blog | March 27, 2012
  3. Why did Grantland edit Cuban podcast?

    Jason Fry

    Earlier this month, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made an anti-gay joke at the expense of Grantland's Bill Simmons while the two were onstage in front of a large audience at a well-known sports conference -- a remark excised from a podcast record...

    Blog | March 20, 2012
  4. Has ESPN learned from 'The Decision'?

    Kelly McBride

    A year ago today, ESPN aired "The Decision." It was the first chapter of a story about hubris that unfolded throughout the entire NBA season, ending a year later with LeBron James still lacking a championship ring and ESPN's name and reputation ...

    Blog | July 08, 2011
  5. Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer: ESPN pays penance for 'The Decision'

    Don Ohlmeyer

    Negative reaction to's spiking of a LeBron James story, writes the ombudsman, was payment for what many viewers see as an unholy alliance between the network and the superstar.

    Story | September 23, 2010
  6. Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer: Lebron James' 'Decision' special damaging...

    Don Ohlmeyer

    ESPN's decision to air the Lebron James free agency special, writes the ombudsman, was a case of a network blinded by the lure of ratings that thought it could dance around what should be revered journalistic tenets.

    Story | July 21, 2010
  7. Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer: Vuvuzelas create World Cup dilemma for ES...

    Don Ohlmeyer

    Although ultimately respectful of ESPN's decision not to filter the sound of vuvuzelas during broadcasts from South Africa, the ombudsman admits he was thankful for the mute button while watching the network's World Cup coverage.

    Story | July 08, 2010
  8. Ombudsman Don Ohlmeyer: Examining common ESPN viewer annoyances

    Don Ohlmeyer

    From announcers to politics to scheduling, the ombudsman examines some of the most chronic irritants to the ESPN viewership -- and offers suggestions as to how the network can find a cure.

    Story | April 20, 2010
  9. Written guidance necessary to establish boundaries of comment

    Le Anne Schreiber

    Without a formal handbook of guidance and policy, writes the ombudsman, there is not much chance ESPN's producers, editors, columnists and commentators will ever be on the same page.

    Story | July 13, 2008
  10. ESPN must allow announcers to keep eyes on the ball

    Le Anne Schreiber

    The Ombudsman says that many ESPN broadcasts of live games seem more scripted than spontaneous and that announcers should be allowed to keep their eyes on the ball.

    Story | July 09, 2007
  11. Viewers held hostage by 'tyranny of the storyline'

    Le Anne Schreiber

    The Ombudsman says ESPN is guilty of the tyranny of the storyline, when saturation coverage of the few results in a drought of coverage for everybody else.

    Story | June 07, 2007
  12. Given conflicts, Amaechi coverage 'over the top'

    George Solomon

    ESPN would have been better served by showing restraint in how it covered former NBA player John Amaechi's recent revelation that he is gay, says the Ombudsman.

    Story | March 05, 2007
  13. ESPN needs more journalism, less sensationalism

    George Solomon

    ESPN Ombudsman George Solomon says the network should focus more on quality journalism and less on sensationalism.

    Story | Conversation | May 26, 2006