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  1. First Take: Seahawks-Redskins predictions

    Mike Sando

    On the theory that enough is never enough, I hereby present on the NFC West blog a "First Take" debate over which team will win the wild-card playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins. Buckle up....

    Blog | January 04, 2013
  2. Sando's best guesses: Week 18 predictions

    Mike Sando

    A postseason featuring two NFC West participants has just about arrived. The San Francisco 49ers earned a bye in the wild-card round. The Seattle Seahawks are on the road. Let's get right to the prediction for this 18th week of the 2012 season:...

    Blog | January 04, 2013
  3. You called it: Fearless predictions (Wk. 18)

    Mike Sando

    2008-12 You Called It Repeat Winners Rank Winner Ws 1 pope_c_hawk 4 2 fundadfor2 3 2 artman9865 3 4 NiNeR-fAn 2 4 OleSagginSeahawk 2 4 CoasterNiner 2 4 cloudturo 2 ...

    Blog | January 03, 2013
  4. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 10)

    Mike Sando

    2008-12 You Called It Repeat Winners Rank Winner Ws 1 pope_c_hawk 4 2 fundadfor2 3 2 artman9865 3 2 CoasterNiner 2 2 cloudturo 2 2 allenjr16 2 2 catterbu 2 2 tt...

    Blog | November 07, 2012
  5. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 3)

    Mike Sando

    The St. Louis Rams' 31-28 victory over the Washington Redskins wasn't such a surprise. We had three people predict the outcome and final score correctly during our weekly contest projecting NFC West winners and final scores. BamaCards1, goduxgo...

    Blog | September 20, 2012
  6. Sando's best guesses: Week 2 predictions

    Mike Sando

    The NFC West surprised us (translation: me) in Week 1 with San Francisco dominating at Green Bay, Kevin Kolb leading a fourth-quarter comeback for Arizona and St. Louis nearly shocking Detroit at Ford Field. I've got a 1-2 record in predictions to...

    Blog | September 14, 2012
  7. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 2)

    Mike Sando

    We've added a first-time winner to the "You Called It" Wall of Fame for picking an NFC West outcome and final score. Congratulations, redngold65, for picking the Arizona Cardinals' 20-16 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Week 1. 2008-12 Yo...

    Blog | September 13, 2012
  8. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 13)

    Mike Sando

    We've got a new three-time winner in the weekly NFC West predictions contest. pope_c_hawk had the Arizona Cardinals' victory over St. Louis and 23-20 final score correct in Week 12. We also had a first-time winner, jason Odell81, who nailed the Wa...

    Blog | December 01, 2011
  9. Sando's best guesses: Week 12 predictions

    Mike Sando

    The record stands at a halfway decent 24-11 in picking NFC West outcomes for the 2011 seasons. Going 2-0 for a second consecutive week will require an underdog winning in Week 12, if one can consider a 9-1 team to be an underdog. Let's cut righ...

    Blog | November 24, 2011
  10. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 12)

    Mike Sando

    The San Francisco 49ers' game Thursday night is moving up the timetable for our weekly predictions item. Those with Thanksgiving-related plans for the next couple days will have an easier time participating now that this item is open for business....

    Blog | November 23, 2011
  11. Sando's best guesses: Week 9 predictions

    Mike Sando

    The San Francisco 49ers' 20-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns came as a surprise to those of us who predicted a 20-9 outcome. That oh-so-close call salvaged little from a rough week predicting NFC West outcomes. I went 2-2, missing on the St. L...

    Blog | November 04, 2011
  12. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 9)

    Mike Sando

    The St. Louis Rams' stunning upset over the New Orleans Saints makes Pishy17 a stunning winner in the "You called it" predictions contest from Week 8. Pishy17 predicted not only a Rams victory, but also the final score, 31-21. That final score req...

    Blog | November 03, 2011
  13. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 5)

    Mike Sando

    So, you saw the St. Louis Rams' 17-10 loss to the Washington Redskins coming. Way to go. Now, get in line with the six winners from our Week 4 contest predicting scores and outcomes for NFC West games. They got it right, too. But if you foresaw...

    Blog | October 06, 2011
  14. Sando's best guesses: Week 4 predictions

    Mike Sando

    Three games against the NFC East and one against the NFC South threaten the NFC West in Week 4. Though I've gone 9-1 predicting outcomes for games involving NFC West teams, the one misstep was an easily avoidable one. Picking the Rams to beat Balt...

    Blog | September 30, 2011
  15. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 4)

    Mike Sando

    Nice work, Mood__Indigo. You're the latest addition to the Wall of Fame after predicting the Seattle Seahawks' 13-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3. The Wall has been updated to reflect your prescience. No one could have foreseen ...

    Blog | September 29, 2011
  16. You called it: Fearless predictions (Week 2)

    Mike Sando

    Fontroe2 dropped a good question among the nearly 650 comments trailing the "You called it" predictions item from Week 1. "How does Sando keep up with all these various formats of predictions?" he asked. "It must take hours to get it right. ESPN ...

    Blog | September 15, 2011