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  1. The next great baseball movie?

    David Schoenfield

    Fun piece from Rob Neyer at SB Nation on what the next great baseball movie might be, following the success of "42." He asks different people for their ideas -- Bob Costas says Barry Bonds (good luck finding an audience for that one), Allen Barra sug...

    Blog | April 24, 2013
  2. Bill James doesn't like groundball pitchers

    David Schoenfield

    Rob Neyer of SB Nation has an interesting post on a column Bill James wrote for Bill James online, where James sort of suggests we're all overrating groundball pitchers a little bit. Here's the link to Rob's piece, and the link to Bill's original pie...

    Blog | March 22, 2013
  3. Another nominee for Wing of Amazing

    Rob Neyer

    In recent weeks, I've occasionally been writing about something I call the Wing of Amazing (italics mine, and always necessary because it's just that brilliant). I introduced the notion here (and nominated Omar Vizquel for membership). My second nomi...

    Blog | January 26, 2011
  4. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Wangdoodles are the sort of things you don't miss until they're gone. Not that they'll ever be gone, really. But you should still read them today. While they're still fresh ... What's that? You haven't checked out espnW yet? What, just because (m...

    Blog | January 26, 2011
  5. Voros McCracken changed the game

    Rob Neyer

    Below, a long excerpt from a much longer article about Voros McCracken, who merely changed baseball analysis as we knew it, practically overnight. Jeff Passan: When a Baseball Prospectus book suggested pitching and defense were too intertwined to b...

    Blog | January 25, 2011
  6. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links have promised to behave, as long as meals are served regularly ... Come to A Very Special Episode for the (ironic) laughs, and stay for Larry's spot-on commentary. I like it when bloggers don't mince words, and when it comes to Ma...

    Blog | January 19, 2011
  7. Jack Morris just doesn't pass muster

    Rob Neyer

    In the latest entry in Joe Posnanski's Hall of Fame blowout, Joe gives the thumbs-down -- reluctantly, I'm sure, because Joe's such a nice guy -- to Harold Baines, John Franco, Juan Gonzalez, Don Mattingly, John Olerud, Dave Parker, Lee Smith, and .....

    Blog | December 30, 2010
  8. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links have been resting and recuperating at one of Missouri's treasures, the Wagon Wheel Motel... Fantastic work by BtB's J-Doug on how pitch speed and movement affect the strike zone (as called by the umpires). This story just keeps ...

    Blog | December 17, 2010
  9. Can Bill James see 2016?

    Rob Neyer

    Sean McAdam on the Red Sox doing their homework: Before the Red Sox gave Carl Crawford a seven-year, $142 million deal, they made sure to do their homework. The club had special assistant Allard Baird trail Crawford over the second half of the 2...

    Blog | December 14, 2010
  10. Friday Filberts

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links are so incredibly secure in their own linkulinity that they don't even really care if you click on them. That said, everybody can always use the occasional confidence booster ... No, the forkball isn't the same as the splitter. And ...

    Blog | December 10, 2010
  11. Seven years seems a lot for Crawford

    Rob Neyer

    A friend: "Carl Crawford is a fine player but his off/def tools are based largely on speed. With few BB, what will his OBP look like in years 5-6-7?" I'm not wild about the contract. Crawford's coming off his best season, and probably won't ever e...

    Blog | December 09, 2010
  12. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links are actually a little full of themselves. I'm not sure why. Granted, today there are more of them than usual. But more isn't always better ... What's that? You're hoping the Yankees don't sign Derek Jeter and instead your favorite ...

    Blog | December 01, 2010
  13. Monday Mendozas

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links almost didn't bother, because all the new news is about Derek Jeter and even that's not really new news. But the blog is a harsh mistress, my friends, and so the links must go on ... Evan Brunell interviews Bill James, and the resul...

    Blog | November 29, 2010
  14. Bill James on King Felix's time

    Rob Neyer

    It's subscriber-only and I don't even know if I'm supposed to do this, but Bill James runs through the math, finds that CC Sabathia was probably closer to Felix Hernandez than maybe you thought, but does wind up with the same answer as the Cy Young v...

    Blog | November 22, 2010
  15. Wednesday Wangdoodles

    Rob Neyer

    Today's links won't bite. Or bark. Unless you back them into a corner. Don't back them into a corner. If you're in the Bay Area tonight, be sure and catch "Out: The Glenn Burke Story" on CSN Bay Area. Here's Jon Weisman's review. Matt Klaasen...

    Blog | November 10, 2010
  16. Gold Glove results mixed, as usual

    Rob Neyer

    I have to get this out of the way ... Yes, Derek Jeter has just won another Gold Glove. It's his fifth, which means he's now won at least four more Gold Gloves than he's deserved. By any stretch of the fever-crazed imagination. Just to give you...

    Blog | November 09, 2010