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  1. 2012 All-Star Game: First inning

    Rob Neyer

    Admit it: You didn't predict Melky Cabrera would be starting and batting second in the All-Star Game, did you? And he hits a soft one-out single to left field! That's the last time I make a crack about Melky. Joe Buck just recited a story about Al...

    Blog | July 10, 2012
  2. All-time draft rosters: AL Central

    Rob Neyer

    Let's move on to the AL Central as we look back at the all-time draft rosters. Remember, these are the best players drafted and signed by the team, even if they didn't necessarily contribute to that franchise. Other divisions: AL East Chicago W...

    Blog | May 31, 2012
  3. Links: Storylines to watch, Angels bullpen

    Rob Neyer

    Recommended reading for Tuesday ... One of my favorite pieces of the season: Colleague Jim Caple reveals all the early spring training storylines. The Astros will be wearing their old Colt .45s throwback jerseys this year. However, as Paul Luka...

    Blog | February 21, 2012
  4. Links: The Carlos Zambrano owner's manual

    Rob Neyer

    Some good stuff from around the SweetSpot network ... Jeremiah Johnson at The View from the Bleachers has written the Carlos Zambrano Owner's Manuel. You'll need it, Marlins fans. And just remember: He's not a toy and doesn't come with a refund. ...

    Blog | January 17, 2012
  5. Podcast: Manny, Weaver, Pujols

    Rob Neyer

    It's Monday, which means Eric and Mark have many news items to discuss on the Baseball Today podcast , including: Manny Ramirez retires from the Rays and will older players taking PEDs become an issue? Jered Weaver, MLB's forgotten star pitcher...

    Blog | April 11, 2011
  6. Damon, Ramirez give Maddon options

    Rob Neyer

    Did anyone see this coming? (Actually, yeah, sort of.) Introducing the Tampa Bay Rays' latest acquisitions: A couple of former Red Sox are reuniting in another American League East city. The Tampa Bay Rays have agreed to one-year deals with f...

    Blog | January 22, 2011
  7. A's blog joins SweetSpot Network

    Rob Neyer

    This is a good day. Of course, I don't generally have much to complain about, so most of them are good days. This is a particularly good day, though, because today I'm pleased to introduce the latest addition to the SweetSpot Network ... Baseba...

    Blog | December 15, 2010
  8. Free-agent pickings getting slim

    Rob Neyer

    Top 10 free agents still available: 1. Cliff Lee 2. Adrian Beltre 3. Orlando Hudson 4. Carl Pavano 5. Magglio Ordonez 6. Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin 7. Manny Ramirez 8. Jim Thome 9. Bill Hall 10. Hideki Matsui Once you get ...

    Blog | December 09, 2010
  9. Too many Gold Gloves, not enough MVPs?

    Rob Neyer

    A friend tweets : "It's absurd that Jeter won a Gold Glove, but no more absurd than his never having won an MVP." No, it's not. It's not nearly as absurd. Jeter's won five Gold Gloves, and hasn't deserved any of them. If you tilt everything tow...

    Blog | November 09, 2010
  10. Will Manny quit on the White Sox?

    Rob Neyer

    Will Manny Ramirez quit on the White Sox? Dan Shaughnessy sure thinks so: On a daily basis, there's nothing evil or disruptive about having Manny on your team. He shows up most of the time, puts in the work, and produces. He keeps to himself for t...

    Blog | September 03, 2010
  11. Don't count Cardinals out ... yet

    Rob Neyer

    Let's be serious for a moment, on this first day of September, and figure out what's left out there, realistically. The American League is static, and has been for some time. The Rangers locked up the West a long time ago, and for some weeks the R...

    Blog | September 01, 2010
  12. Did Manny really quit on the Dodgers?

    Rob Neyer

    I know I'm way behind on this story, so I'll let a non-behinder take the lead today: Yesterday I took Ken Rosenthal to task for saying that Manny Ramirez "quit on the Dodgers." My reason: neither Rosenthal's nor anyone else's reports had any eviden...

    Blog | August 31, 2010
  13. Podcast: Rob Neyer on Manny, AL East staff

    Rob Neyer covers Manny Ramirez's expected move to Chicago and the AL East race....

    Blog | August 30, 2010
  14. Sure Manny could help White Sox, but...

    Rob Neyer

    What would Manny Ramirez do for the White Sox? Potentially plenty. Kyle Koster: In his 63 games this year, the slugger has hit .308 with 8 home runs and 39 RBI. Taking him out of pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium and into the band-boxy U.S. Cellular ...

    Blog | August 25, 2010
  15. Is 600 just a milepost on way to 763?

    Rob Neyer

    How is Alex Rodriguez's latest milestone not really so exciting? Let us count the ways ... 1. Steroids Right or wrong, we just don't get excited about drug cheaters. Not about their positive accomplishments, anyway. Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McG...

    Blog | August 04, 2010
  16. Final 2010 standings: N.L.

    Rob Neyer

    Seriously, you can bet on everything you're about to read. Bet the house. Bet the car. Bet the kids. Seriously, don't do any of that. Don't even bet the dog. Baseball players are people and people are people and people will surprise you. But this ...

    Blog | July 26, 2010