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  1. Rob Neyer: Is Jim Thome in the same class as Eddie Murray?

    Rob Neyer

    Eddie Murray was considered a Hall of Famer long before he retired. There is still some debate whether Jim Thome, when his playing days are done, is worthy of Cooperstown. Their numbers are quite similar, probably more than you might think.

    Story | Conversation | February 11, 2010
  2. Rob Neyer: Seattle Mariners' Cliff Lee a great fit for Safeco Fie...

    Rob Neyer

    When you factor in the player and the ballpark he'll call home in 2010, Cliff Lee pitching in Safeco Field should be the best fit among players who changed teams this offseason.

    Story | Conversation | February 02, 2010
  3. Rob Neyer: Yankee Stadium not a great hitters' park?

    Rob Neyer

    In its first season, the new Yankee Stadium was a great home run park. It, however, wasn't a great hitters' park.

    Story | Conversation | January 22, 2010
  4. Rob Neyer: Who should the Baseball Hall of Fame's Veterans Commit...

    Rob Neyer

    Rob Neyer lists Billy Martin, Doug Harvey and Bob Howsam among seven who deserve election by the Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee.

    Story | Conversation | December 04, 2009
  5. 2009 World Series: Top seven weather moments in World Series -- M...

    Rob Neyer

    With the World Series being played in the Northeast and extending into November, Rob Neyer looks back at years when the weather was a factor.

    Story | Conversation | October 26, 2009
  6. Baseball's top 10 baserunning blunders

    Rob Neyer

    Nick Punto and Carlos Gomez are included on Rob Neyer's list of the top 10 all-time baserunning blunders.

    Story | Conversation | October 14, 2009
  7. Rob Neyer: New York Yankees should keep Brett Gardner, deal Melky...

    Rob Neyer

    In case you haven't noticed, the New York Yankees have too many outfielders. And according to Ken Rosenthal, one of them's on the block: The Yankees are telling clubs that they are open to moving outfielder Melky Cabrera, who would be a perfect fit...

    Blog | Conversation | March 26, 2009
  8. In Division Series, nothing beats having three good starters

    Rob Neyer

    In the division series, the teams with three good starters are the ones who stand the best chance to advance.

    Story | Conversation | October 01, 2008
  9. Reviewable plays from baseball history

    Rob Neyer

    Rob Neyer cites some incidents from baseball history that could have turned out differently if instant replay had been in place.

    Story | Conversation | August 21, 2008
  10. Top 10 All-Star Games

    Rob Neyer

    The best games in All-Star history? Ted Williams' game-winning blast at Briggs Stadium in Detroit put 1941 on our list.

    Story | Conversation | July 15, 2008
  11. Hamilton, Gonzalez setting noteworthy paces

    Rob Neyer

    One can't assume players will continue a particular pace through the second half, but Rob Neyer points out several to watch.

    Story | Conversation | June 27, 2008
  12. Best and worst No. 1 picks of all time

    Rob Neyer

    With A-Rod, Junior and Chipper leading the way, we take a look at the best -- and the worst -- No. 1 picks in the history of the draft.

    Story | Conversation | June 05, 2008
  13. At third base, Jones ranks among the best

    Rob Neyer

    While Chipper Jones has already done enough in his career to be a Hall of Famer, he still has time for more elite consideration.

    Story | Conversation | May 16, 2008
  14. History shows very few pitchers could really hit

    Rob Neyer

    In reality, very few pitchers in history could really be considered good hitters. The numbers prove it.

    Story | Conversation | May 07, 2008
  15. What's weird in April? Braves and Cliff Lee

    Rob Neyer

    The Braves' run differential and the performance of Cliff Lee have highlighted the weird happenings in April.

    Story | Conversation | May 01, 2008
  16. Manager's impact is tough to gauge

    Rob Neyer

    Does a good manager make a team, or vice versa? Other than using wins and losses, a manager's true impact is tough to measure.

    Story | Conversation | April 25, 2008