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  1. Players to watch: Shooting guards

    Eamonn Brennan

    This week will feature a position-by-position look at players to watch for the 2014-15 season. The term "shooting guard" has never been so meaningless. This is true of all of the game's positional designations; the traditional responsi...

    Blog | May 06, 2014
  2. Seton Hall guard leaves for Israeli army

    Eamonn Brennan

    This summer, Georgia made one of the stranger and more random offseason personnel announcements in recent college hoops memory. In late July, incoming freshman and Switzerland native Dusan Langura, was injured in an explosion during a military train...

    Blog | December 11, 2013
  3. Saddle Up: Conference season commences

    Eamonn Brennan

    Saddle Up is our semi-daily preview of the night's best basketball action. It is super psyched about conference play. No. 8 Minnesota at No. 12 Illinois, 9 p.m. ET, BTN: I love this time of year. We're off and running with all-out conference play ...

    Blog | January 09, 2013
  4. SEC/Big East slate whets the appetite

    Eamonn Brennan

    The SEC/Big East Challenge may not quite have the longstanding cachet of its ACC/Big Ten brethren, nor should it. The ACC/Big Ten Challenge is 13 going on 14, and as the years piled up and the Atlantic Coasters just kept winning -- the ACC won the fi...

    Blog | June 01, 2012
  5. The case for and against five NCAA 'snubs'

    Eamonn Brennan

    Say this for the NCAA: When it expanded the tournament to 68 teams, it accomplished at least one thing. It made your argument invalid. Once the province of outrage and disgust, the post-tournament bracket digestion process has become downright ...

    Blog | March 11, 2012
  6. What we learned from Saturday evening

    Eamonn Brennan

    Click here to read our afternoon recap. Now back to the lecture at hand, which comes in three parts: The Rivalry No. 2 Syracuse 71, Connecticut 69: One of the many things to love about this Syracuse team -- besides its great zone defense and in...

    Blog | February 26, 2012
  7. TMA: Mini-Bubble Watch edition!

    Eamonn Brennan

    The Morning After is our semi-daily recap of last night's best basketball action. It highly recommends John Gasaway's treatise on the historical origins and context of the Ratings Percentage Index. Essential reading. I have a bad memory. It's one ...

    Blog | February 22, 2012
  8. What we learned from Saturday afternoon

    Eamonn Brennan

    Here are a few things we learned from the biggest games Saturday afternoon. Check back later for analysis of tonight's games. No. 3 Ohio State 58, No. 20 Wisconsin 52: Ohio State is hardly a breakneck team, but its adjusted tempo this season is 68...

    Blog | February 04, 2012
  9. Bottom 10 - UConn Huskies mired in ongoing slump

    Eamonn Brennan

    With a little help from Madonna, the Bottom 10 salutes Towson after the Tigers snapped their 41-game losing streak.

    Story | Conversation | February 03, 2012
  10. 'Bag: MSU-Illinois the ugliest game ever?

    Eamonn Brennan

    Every week, your humble college basketball hoops blogger (er, me) will respond to your questions, comments and nonsensical rants in this here Hoopsbag. To submit a query, visit this page by clicking the link under my name in the upper right-hand corn...

    Blog | February 01, 2012
  11. Saddle Up: A Super Tuesday buffet

    Eamonn Brennan

    Saddle Up is our semi-daily preview of the night's best basketball action. It stayed up late working on Bubble Watch last night. If it could have any one superpower, it would be the power to never feel tired. Or maybe flight. Flight would be cool, to...

    Blog | January 31, 2012
  12. Seton Hall updates mascot look

    Eamonn Brennan

    I'll admit it: I'm still fascinated by mascots. I have a huge amount of respect for the kids who willingly dress up in huge, stifling costumes -- complete with giant head covers that must really leave a crimp in the ol' neck -- especially when those ...

    Blog | October 05, 2011
  13. Memories from the 9/11 Generation -- college basketball

    Eamonn Brennan

    Current college students were just kids on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001. Then the world forever changed for that 9/11 generation. In their own words, nine college basketball players affected by the attack share their recollections.

    Story | Conversation | September 09, 2011
  14. Gonzalez: Pirates' season 'unacceptable'

    Eamonn Brennan

    The last time we checked in with former Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez, the coach -- who was fired last spring after an unflattering profile in The New York Times and blowups with Seton Hall athletics and administrative officials -- was defiantly lo...

    Blog | March 09, 2011
  15. Jeremy Hazell can't be stopped

    Eamonn Brennan

    Have you ever had shin splints? I have. They're the worst. They totally ache when you try to play basketball, and they cause you to quit earlier than you would have liked, and they screw with your footwork (and thus screw with your jump shot, thus ma...

    Blog | January 13, 2011
  16. Jeremy Hazell's scary shooting story

    Eamonn Brennan

    This was not a Merry Christmas for Seton Hall guard Jeremy Hazell. Hazell, a senior who was Seton Hall's leading scorer last season and was averaging 24 points per game this season before a broken wrist sidelined him in November, was walking home ...

    Blog | December 28, 2010