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  1. Rangers have big squad, so what will the starting XI be?

    John Gow

    With the new signings coming in, and the injuries from last season clearing up, who Ally McCoist will play in the starting eleven arrives is a question many Rangers fans are asking. It's doubtful the manager knows exactly who will be in the first ...

    Blog | June 26, 2013
  2. Rangers step into the SPFL unknown

    John Gow

    So the vote is in and there will be a merger between the Scottish Premier League (SPL) and the Scottish Football League (SFL). The SFL clubs finally accepted joining the top division in a vote carried by 23 to 6 on Wednesday afternoon. The new body, ...

    Blog | June 12, 2013
  3. Would Rangers and the fans accept an SPL2 invite?

    John Gow

    One of the more interesting rumours surrounding Rangers at the moment is the notion that if the proposed merger of the Scottish Premier League (SPL) and the Scottish Football League (SFL) fails, the SPL will create an 'SPL2' and invite the Ibrox club...

    Blog | June 02, 2013
  4. Gers fans to fill Ibrox for title-party weekend

    John Gow

    It's fitting that there will be a complete sell-out for the last game of the season against the 'wee Rangers' at Ibrox on Saturday. Even just for the symbolism of the Rangers still being alive and kicking, it would have been disappointing if the Thir...

    Blog | May 03, 2013
  5. Wicked witch of league reconstruction is dead . . . probably!

    John Gow

    The Wizard of Oz song 'Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead' might have raced up the UK music charts for reasons other than love of the munchkins, but it is the type of lyric that could be used by Rangers fans now that league reconstruction has been shelved ...

    Blog | April 30, 2013
  6. If Green did try and influence St Mirren, so what?

    John Gow

    One of the interesting outcomes of Ross County and St Mirren voting against the league reconstruction proposals was the childish outbursts trying to link Rangers with St Mirren Chairman Stewart Gilmour's 'No' vote. The big scandal? Charles Green went...

    Blog | April 18, 2013
  7. Rangers shouldn't pay vindictive SPL's bill

    John Gow

    After it was revealed the Scottish Premier League are asking Rangers to pay around 500,000 pounds in costs for the SPL enquiry into the club's contracts, which resulted in a a conclusion of "no sporting misdemeanors", the Ibrox side released a state...

    Blog | April 03, 2013
  8. Rangers win more than the Third Division

    John Gow

    Nothing sums up the rollercoaster last 12 months for Rangers fans better than Saturday, March 30, 2013. With all the moans and subsequent worry the direction in which the football is going after seeing a truly dire 0-0 draw with Montrose at Links Par...

    Blog | March 30, 2013
  9. Rangers use 'colts' idea as a deal 'maker or breaker'

    John Gow

    As regular readers know, these pages have often rallied against the notion that league reconstruction in Scottish football should be rushed through so that all SFL3 results for season 2012-13 are null and void. The idea that the Scottish Football ...

    Blog | March 19, 2013
  10. The 'colts' idea is doomed by jealousy

    John Gow

    In the new round of league reconstruction discussions between the Scottish Football League (SFL) and the Scottish Premier League (SPL), one of the more surprising topics to reappear from the dead of previous meetings is a Rangers and Celtic second te...

    Blog | March 13, 2013
  11. Scottish football should be ashamed after Gers verdict

    John Gow

    After all the fuss and acres of trees felled to supply the insatiable lust to see Rangers punished for actions they did not do, the Scottish Premier League Commission under Lord Nimmo-Smith clearly points out that Rangers did not cheat and did not ga...

    Blog | March 01, 2013
  12. Fractures in SPL as they pass the buck again?

    John Gow

    With a first glance at media reports on the outcome of Scottish Premier League's meeting, you would have been forgiven for believing that the SPL clubs had voted for the new league reconstruction plan of a 12-12-18 setup. Chief Executive Neil Doncast...

    Blog | January 28, 2013
  13. McCoist defends fans from repeated season

    John Gow

    While Charles Green is showing his frustration over the proposed league reconstruction by changing the subject to everything from leaving Scottish football to suing UEFA, Ally McCoist is coolly defending the club and fans in the proper way. - Redk...

    Blog | January 11, 2013
  14. Rangers searching for 'sporting integrity'

    John Gow

    "What's the point of finishing the season? Why should we send people out when no one can get relegated and no one can get promoted?" This is the response from Rangers CEO Charles Green on Rangers TV to news that the Scottish Premier League (SPL) a...

    Blog | January 09, 2013
  15. A defining moment for Rangers

    John Gow

    Those following the Rangers story knew that when they were paired away to Dundee United for the next round of the Scottish Cup, there would be as much, if not more, talk about football politics than the beautiful game itself. Whether it has any ba...

    Blog | December 05, 2012
  16. Gers, fans say no to SPL

    John Gow

    In the last few posts I have looked at league reconstruction from a relatively dispassionate viewpoint. There were a lot of blanks to be filled in, but on the whole it was an attempt at objectivity. Now, I will give a purely personal opinion on wh...

    Blog | November 27, 2012