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  1. Growing up as the 'Jewish Jordan'

    Henry Abbott

    In a moment with parallels to Linsanity, Tamir Goodman was once a global basketball phenomenon with a strong cultural identity -- especially after Sports Illustrated called him "the Jewish Jordan." At the time he was a high-school junior from Pikesvi...

    Blog | July 29, 2013
  2. Jeremy Lin confronts critics

    Henry Abbott

    In his first hours as a Rocket, after a phone call from New York's Glen Grunwald ended his time as a Knick, Jeremy Lin spoke to Pablo S. Torre of Sports Illustrated. Lin, so recently a player in whom Knick fans could see no flaw has recently been ...

    Blog | July 18, 2012
  3. Elgin Baylor's quiet refusal

    Henry Abbott

    In 1966, Frank Deford profiled Elgin Baylor for Sports Illustrated. What emerges is undeniably one of the greatest players, and characters, in NBA history. Of course Baylor scored with the best, and rebounded better than almost anyone his size. Today...

    Blog | January 16, 2012
  4. The man who "cut" Michael Jordan

    Henry Abbott

    You'll thank me if you take the time to read this amazing Thomas Lake story, in Sports Illustrated, about Michael Jordan's high-school coach Clifton "Pop" Herring. That Jordan wasn't really cut is only a tiny part of what fascinates. For instance, do...

    Blog | January 10, 2012
  5. Arrogance in the eye of the beholder

    Henry Abbott

    Sports Illustrated photographer Walter Iooss, Jr. stepped away from the camera to pen a fantastic series of anecdotes about those he has photographed, from Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods to John McEnroe and Paulina Porizkova. It's very respectful, he...

    Blog | December 14, 2011
  6. Wednesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Made my day: Amazing comedy of Shawn Marion, Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler getting confused about the lockout, going to a middle school lock-in. Carmelo Anthony stops by Sports Illustrated to publicize his shoe. Instead, in a great little moment, h...

    Blog | October 12, 2011
  7. The tax proposal the players hate

    Henry Abbott

    Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated shares details of the NBA's proposed stiff luxury tax, which is one of the key "systems issues" that broke apart talks on Monday. He writes: The tax would start at $1.75 in penalty payments for every dollar a team ...

    Blog | October 12, 2011
  8. Thursday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Zach Lowe of Sports Illustrated does an amazing job culling stories from the making of The Decision. This is Mark Dowley: "LeBron is an exceptionally bright young man. No one is taking advantage of LeBron James. And Maverick Carter is a very bright g...

    Blog | June 30, 2011
  9. William Wesley and John Calipari

    Henry Abbott

    S.L. Price's Sports Illustrated profile of Kentucky coach John Calipari is exhaustively reported and wonderfully told. It also includes one of the rarer baubles in sports -- on-the-record quotes from William Wesley. This passage includes something co...

    Blog | March 11, 2011
  10. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Carmelo Anthony talks at some length to Iam Thomsen of Sports Illustrated. Anthony's particularly nuanced on the point of what it means for a star to seek the company of other stars. He sure seems to empathize with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, who a...

    Blog | January 18, 2011
  11. If these shoes work, the NBA has to ban them

    Henry Abbott

    Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard has been testing out some shoes that claim they can make you jump higher, thanks to some kind of high-tech spring built into the sole. The NBA may ban them -- which would surely be amazing for sales, as a powerfu...

    Blog | September 08, 2010
  12. Quiet Thunder

    Henry Abbott

    You've probably heard Thunder assistant GM Rich Cho's name -- it pops up on short lists of candidates for GM jobs around the the NBA. But he's almost never in the media. Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated describes Sam Presti's right-hand man as a ...

    Blog | July 02, 2010
  13. Pau Gasol, quasi-surgeon, miracle worker and organ donor

    Henry Abbott

    In Sports Illustrated, Lee Jenkins profiles Pau Gasol, who is fascinating. The article proves the Laker big man really can play many different roles: At Children's Hospital he met with doctors in a conference room, quizzing them about their treat...

    Blog | March 24, 2010
  14. Late Friday Mini-Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    The NBA asks bench players to stay seated, for the sake of fans behind them, unless something really stellar happens. Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard visited San Quentin to play basketball against the locals. The ending of the article is abso...

    Blog | October 02, 2009
  15. Tuesday Bullets

    Henry Abbott

    Lawyer Michael McCann (of Sports Law Blog and Sports Illustrated) has published a draft of a fairly lengthy paper examining Judge Sonia Sotamayor and her record in sports law. McCann was on the legal team that represented Maurice Clarett when he sued...

    Blog | July 14, 2009
  16. A Basketball Camp in Switzerland

    Henry Abbott

    Austin journalist Bruce Selcraig is a former Sports Illustrated investigative reporter and has written for The New York Times Magazine, Harper's and The Atlantic. He has coached youth basketball in Washington DC and Austin for nearly two decades,...

    Blog | June 08, 2009