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  1. Capital Games

    Will players from the steroid era in baseball ever make it to Cooperstown? ESPN MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian, former player Dale Murphy and Senator Joe Donnelly discuss.

    Audio Podcast | July 24, 2014
  2. Hank Aaron, MLB

    Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron comments on his legacy, breaking Babe Ruth's home run record, high and low moments in his career, perceptions of steroid-era players and more.

    Audio Podcast | April 08, 2014
  3. Tony Clark, MLB

    MLBPA executive director Tony Clark comments on how the changes to MLB's drug policy came about, the steroid era, baseball fans, the debut of expanded replay and more.

    Audio Podcast | April 03, 2014
  4. Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

    Tough to be a Laker fan right now. Max & Marcellus talk about big star athletes who fail in the big games. Max talks about the greatest hitters in baseball history and the steroid era.

    Audio Podcast | January 13, 2014
  5. Max & Marcellus: [hr1]

    Max says the Lakers team does not seem to have a plan. Max & Marcellus talk about the baseball Hall Of Fame and players in the steroid era. Will a player like Bonds ever get in the Hall?

    Audio Podcast | January 09, 2014
  6. Tony LaRussa, HoF

    Hall of Fame inductee Tony La Russa discusses how the recent Hall of Fame inductees should feel, gives his opinion on Roger Clemens being left out, whether the steroid era players should be voted in and more.

    Audio Podcast | January 08, 2014
  7. Bob Costas, MLB

    NBC's Bob Costas discusses how he views the Baseball Hall of Fame, Ken Gurnick's decision to exclude players from the steroid era from his HOF ballot, whether there will be any unexpected inductees and more.

    Audio Podcast | January 08, 2014
  8. Jeff Idelson: 1/9

    President of the Baseball Hall of Fame Jeff Idelson says the steroid era of baseball will be considered a part of the game that reflected society.

    Audio Podcast | January 09, 2013
  9. The Michael Kay Show: 1/9

    Tyson Chandler says Kevin Garnett definitely crossed the line. Jeff Idelson says the steroid era will be looked at as a reflection of society.

    Audio Podcast | January 09, 2013
  10. Barry Bloom: 11/29

    Will the stars of the steroid era ever make it to Cooperstown? Barry Bloom lets you know why Barry Bonds has had a change of heart regarding the Hall of Fame.

    Audio Podcast | November 29, 2012
  11. Mason and Ireland : 11/07 [hr2]

    Steve and John talk about the Dodgers signing of Mark McGuire as the batting coach. ESPN's Buster Olney joins Steve and John to talk of Mark McGuire and the steroid era and Fast Track.

    Audio Podcast | November 08, 2012
  12. Howard Bryant,

    Bryant talks about what to expect from the Mitchell Report and how it will be a failure if everyone isn't held accountable for the Steroid Era.

    Audio Podcast | December 12, 2007
  13. 'Got To Clean Up The Game'

    Dan Patrick Show: Mark Grace's views of a scandal are colored by emotions of anger at The Steroid Era.

    Audio Podcast | August 08, 2005
  14. Goose Gossage, MLB

    Baseball Hall of Famer Goose Gossage dishes on what being selected for induction is like, how voters should treat players from the steroids era and more.

    Audio Podcast | January 08, 2014
  15. Mike Piazza

    Former Dodgers and Mets catcher Mike Piazza talks about his famous World Series incident with Roger Clemens and the impact of the steroids era on his Hall of Fame chances.

    Audio Podcast | February 19, 2013
  16. By The Numbers

    Dan Patrick Show: Steroid allegations will be used to scrutinize statistics of players in Tony Gwynn's era.

    Audio Podcast | August 18, 2005