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  1. Tim Kurkjian, MLB

    ESPN MLB Insider Tim Kurkjian discusses the Biogenesis investigation, the Red Sox's addition of Jake Peavy, the trade deadline, Pete Rose's future and more.

    Audio Podcast | July 31, 2013
  2. Jack O'Connell, BBWAA

    O'Connell is surprised by the timing of Barry Bonds' indictment, talks about Bonds' HOF chances, his jealousy of McGwire and Sosa, and says Pete Rose's gambling is worse than Bonds' steroids.

    Audio Podcast | November 18, 2007
  3. Kline On Kline

    AllNight: Giants RP Steve Kline shares his thoughts on the latest with Jason Grimsley and steroids.

    Audio Podcast | June 07, 2006
  4. 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty'

    GameNight: Former MLB reliever John Rocker talks about Barry Bonds, steroids and being the "bad guy" in sports.

    Audio Podcast | May 16, 2006
  5. 'Bad Choice'

    Baseball Show: Senator Jim Bunning has some harsh words regarding George Mitchell heading MLB's steroid investigation.

    Audio Podcast | April 03, 2006
  6. Overdue

    SportsBash: "Game of Shadows" co-author Lance Williams reacts to the MLB's steroid investigation.

    Audio Podcast | April 03, 2006
  7. 'No Choice'

    GameNight: SI's Tom Verducci says "Game of Shadows" forced MLB into investigating alleged steroid use.

    Audio Podcast | March 31, 2006
  8. No One Else Was

    SportsBash: Steve Phillips on the steroid investigation and why he never asked his players if they were using steroids.

    Audio Podcast | March 31, 2006
  9. 'Can Of Worms'

    GameNight: Jayson Stark wonders how far Bud Selig is willing to go in the steroid investigation.

    Audio Podcast | March 31, 2006
  10. His Motivation

    AllNight: Jeff Pearlman explains what was going on with Barry Bonds in 1998 and the conversation with Ken Griffey, Jr. about steroids.

    Audio Podcast | March 15, 2006
  11. Steroid Suspicion

    AllNight: Pedro Gomez talks about the latest allegations on Barry Bonds.

    Audio Podcast | March 09, 2006
  12. Juicy Details

    GameNight: Mark Fainaru-Wada talks about writing his book, "Game of Shadows," detailing Bonds' steroid use.

    Audio Podcast | March 08, 2006
  13. 'Not New News'

    GameNight: KGO's Larry Beil says he has no reason to not believe the reports of Bond's steroid use in "Game of Shadows."

    Audio Podcast | March 08, 2006
  14. 'Wow'

    GameNight: ESPN the Magazine's Shaun Assael says "Game of Shadows" does an exceptional job of detailing Barry Bonds' steroid use.

    Audio Podcast | March 08, 2006