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  1. Loomis: 'All we want to sell is hormone replacement'

    Tom Farrey

    The couple at the center of the Orlando pharmacy raid once said all they wanted to sell was hormone replacement, not anabolic steroids.

    Story | Conversation | February 28, 2007
  2. Doc who once opposed steroids has new cause: HGH

    Tom Farrey

    Once an opponent of steroids, Bob Goldman now promotes the use of testosterone and human growth hormone as important tools in the antiaging movement, writes Tom Farrey.

    Story | Conversation | September 06, 2006
  3. Doctor in Panthers case had own vision of health

    Tom Farrey

    The doctor in the Panthers steroids case didn't care about the rules. He did it his way, writes Tom Farrey.

    Story | Conversation | September 05, 2006
  4. McRae describes abuses in Mets' locker room

    Tom Farrey

    Brian McRae, who played with five major league teams from 1990 to '99, tells ESPN the Magazine that the Mets of the late 1990s can be added to the list of drugged-up teams.

    Story | Conversation | November 11, 2005
  5. Team did little to discourage drug use

    Tom Farrey

    The Mets of the late 1990s can be added to the list of drugged-up teams in the major leagues.

    Story | Conversation | November 09, 2005
  6. Cleaning up after spilled juice

    Tom Farrey

    The fallout of the BALCO investigation brought much public posturing but ultimately little change in the age of steroids.

    Story | Conversation | July 22, 2005
  7. Results: Dominicans fail more tests than U.S. players

    Tom Farrey

    Baseball players in the Dominican Summer League tested positive for steroids last year at a rate six times that of their peers in the U.S. minor leagues.

    Story | Conversation | April 09, 2005
  8. MLB to begin program in league of teen prospects

    Tom Farrey

    Major League Baseball will begin a drug testing program for the Dominican Summer League, checking players for steroids and other banned substances this year.

    Story | Conversation | April 30, 2004
  9. Conan the Politician

    Tom Farrey

    Now that Arnold has taken office in California, he can change how we think about the dangers of steroids.

    Story | Conversation | November 17, 2003
  10. Senators want over-the-counter andro ban

    Tom Farrey

    Mark McGwire's little home run pill is about to be pulled off the shelves.

    Story | Conversation | October 24, 2003
  11. Players aren't juiced about pledge

    Tom Farrey

    In an era when 'roids are all the rage in professional sports, few players will pledge to play without performance-enhancing drugs.

    Story | Conversation | June 18, 2002