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  1. SABR Day 3: Evolution versus revolution

    Christina Kahrl

    PHOENIX -- As the third and last day of SABR's third Analytics Conference wound down, I wanted to focus on the question that I came into it with, asking whether or not sabermetrics today is more revolutionary or evolutionary. Moneyball's pop culture ...

    Blog | March 15, 2014
  2. Brian McCann's value on D

    Christina Kahrl

    Brian McCann's future with the Braves is certainly open to speculation, as Jerry Crasnick points out so effectively. And if McCann does wind up a free agent, a lot of potential earnings will be tied to two qualities: His bat and position scarcity, be...

    Blog | January 18, 2013
  3. Defining who's Mr. Average

    Christina Kahrl

    With all of this talking about production up the middle or at the four corners over the past 25 years, it might also be helpful to put this into perspective by asking: Who's average? Here again, I'm indebted to Clay Davenport's work in creating Eq...

    Blog | January 29, 2012
  4. Position Production: Up the Middle

    Christina Kahrl

    As we discussed in the first installment yesterday, performance at different positions invariably moves around a bit from year to year, but what about at the skill positions up the middle? It seems as if not a winter goes by when you won't wind up...

    Blog | January 29, 2012
  5. Position production: At the corners

    Christina Kahrl

    Are first basemen doing more to put runs on the board today than they did 10 years ago? How about 25 years ago? How do you make broad comparisons like this? With any question like this you can get hung up on the differences between eras. Run-scori...

    Blog | January 28, 2012
  6. Baseball's bunting fiends

    Christina Kahrl

    While doing research for today's piece on Ron Roenicke, a few fun items came my way that weren't Brewers- or postseason-centric. Thanks to Doug Kern and the gang at Stats & Info, I was given a leaderboard for which position players have been bunt...

    Blog | September 22, 2011
  7. Baseball's top set-up men

    Christina Kahrl

    So who are the real firemen? You know who leads the majors in saves, but ninth-inning save opportunities aren't distributed especially equally. And in the age of Eck-style three-out saves, it isn't like the guys getting saves are the ones charged wit...

    Blog | September 02, 2011
  8. Bautista flies highest and furthest

    Christina Kahrl

    Who's this season's air force, the guys delivering the highest ratio of home runs to fly balls? It's not a hugely significant thing, but it is interesting because it's a reflection of power, generally among a subset of hitters who aim for the fences ...

    Blog | August 31, 2011
  9. Who's got the Golden Gun?

    Christina Kahrl

    Sort of like yesterday's exercise with pitchers, if you want to take a stab at who's doing the best job of eradicating the running game from behind the plate, you can go in a few directions. Cut off playing time around 400 innings caught (we'll cheat...

    Blog | August 30, 2011
  10. Running-Game Killers: Pitchers

    Christina Kahrl

    This late in the year, it's easy to start getting into who's doing the best job in the more obscure areas, some of which wind up mattering an awful lot, and some of which are just interesting to know. Today's quick take on statistical feats is on the...

    Blog | August 29, 2011
  11. A look at team baserunning

    Christina Kahrl

    One of the guilty pleasures of listening to Chicago White Sox broadcasts when Hawk Harrelson and Tom Paciorek were in the booth during the 1990s was their discussion of "team speed." They sometimes even nonsensically talked about individual players w...

    Blog | August 25, 2011
  12. The Age of Strikeouts

    Christina Kahrl

    To add some perspective to the overall rise of the strikeout, let's make a quick switch to the conversation and move from K/9 to the total percentage of plays that end with a strikeout. That done, this year pitchers are striking out batters 18.4 p...

    Blog | July 06, 2011
  13. Who are the real 'RBI guys?'

    Christina Kahrl

    In the age of new metrics for player performance, the RBI is mired in tough times. The snarkier analysts will chuck it out entirely as an unfortunate statistical footnote. It isn't something you'd go to WAR for, after all, not when the analysis commu...

    Blog | July 02, 2011
  14. NL over- and underperforming teams

    Christina Kahrl

    In the interest of balance, just as we did last week with the American League, let's now take a look at the top teams outperforming their expected record so far this season in the Senior Circuit, referring to the Pythagorean win-loss records at Baseb...

    Blog | June 24, 2011
  15. Johnny Damon's milestone

    Christina Kahrl

    With a two-bagger on Saturday, Johnny Damon has pelted major league outfields with his 500th double. As The Associated Press was quick to report, "Damon became just the 11th player all-time to have 500 doubles, 100 triples, 200 homers, and 2,500 hits...

    Blog | June 18, 2011
  16. The more things change with relievers

    Christina Kahrl

    Progress doesn't necessarily mean that all things always move along a single direction; it's one of those reliably annoying truths of history and housing markets alike. Certainly in the arc of relief-pitcher usage patterns in baseball history over th...

    Blog | June 18, 2011