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  1. Celtics to sign Leandro Barbosa ... and that's fine.

    Andy Kamenetzky

    Why a headline in this neck of the woods regarding news about the enemy? Because Los Angeles Lakers fans have inquired throughout the offseason about the Brazilian Blur landing in L.A. A lot. After all, Leandro Barbosa is a "name," and fans are...

    Blog | October 17, 2012
  2. The Forum: Additional free agent options

    Andy Kamenetzky

    It's safe to say the offseason goal of bolstering the Lakers roster has been met ... and then some. Still, neither front office nor fans are ever truly satisfied, and players like Leandro Barbosa and Kenyon Martin, among others, remain unemployed. We...

    Blog | September 17, 2012
  3. New PodKast: Shannon Brown, Shaq, retired numbers

    Andy Kamenetzky

    It may be the offseason, but that'll never stop us from yammering. For that matter, we actually found a fair amount of substance to yammer about during our latest session at the mic. Among the talking points: PODCAST Andy and Brian ta...

    Blog | August 06, 2010
  4. How the Lakers match up: San Antonio Spurs

    Andy Kamenetzky

    For the past several seasons, the San Antonio Spurs have served as basketball's version of Jason Voorhees: They cannot be killed. Since about 2008, fans and media (I've been as guilty as anybody) have cited their long teeth, declining athleticism and...

    Blog | August 16, 2012
  5. PodKast: The schedule, Olympics and mascot heists

    Andy Kamenetzky

    At long last, a string of legitimate offseason basketball topics that don't include the words "Dwight" or "Howard!" Huzzah!!! It's enough to make a pair of podcasters giddy with glee. The show can be heard by clicking on the module, and a list of tal...

    Blog | July 28, 2012
  6. Mike Brown confident a full training camp will pay dividends

    Andy Kamenetzky

    There's no question the circumstances Mike Brown encountered during his first season in L.A. weren't easy. No offseason communication with players. A shortened, chaotic training camp filled with drama surrounding Chris Paul, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom....

    Blog | July 18, 2012
  7. The Forum: Offseason moves

    Andy Kamenetzky

    The Lakers want to make big offseason changes, but limited trade assets and no cap space makes "how" the $1,000,000 question. I break down potential approaches with Kevin Arnovitz and Dave McMenamin....

    Blog | June 13, 2012
  8. PodKast: The future of the NBA, D.Fish and the "big 3" formula

    Andy Kamenetzky

    With the Finals approaching and questions a'plenty surrounding the Lakers, there's nary a shortage of talking points this young offseason. Along with's Ramona Shelburne, we chop up the following: - (2:54): The OKC Thunder pulle...

    Blog | June 09, 2012
  9. Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown says he'd like to reduce Kobe...

    Andy Kamenetzky

    Lakers coach Mike Brown says he'd like to reduce Kobe Bryant's minutes.

    Story | Conversation | January 17, 2012
  10. PodKast w/ Matt Barnes: The Lockout, his health and his charity b...

    Andy Kamenetzky

    It's unfortunately not an NBA game, but Matt Barnes is participating this weekend in a decent facsimile. "We Believe vs. Dubs" will feature members of the 2007 Golden State Warriors squad vs. the current crew. Dudes like Steph Curry, Monta Ellis, Gil...

    Blog | November 02, 2011
  11. Podkast w/Sam Amick: Labor negotiations, Derek Fisher, Nicolas Ca...

    Andy Kamenetzky

    You want your lockout update? We got your lockout update! scribe Sam Amick has provided some of the best CBA coverage around this offseason, and was kind enough to spare us some time. Among the talking points: PODCAST Andy and ...

    Blog | September 19, 2011
  12. The Triangle: Who gets hurt worst by an extended lockout?

    Andy Kamenetzky

    Most folks, even those optimistic about the prospect of a 2012 season, feel one or two month's worth of games could be missed before a labor agreement is reached. If that's the case, which Laker would be hurt most by an extended offseason? Is Mike Br...

    Blog | September 12, 2011
  13. The Triangle: Kevin Durant and the Lakers

    Andy Kamenetzky

    With totals of 44 (Goodman League vs. Drew League), 66 (Rucker Park), 59 (Goodman vs. the Carmelo All Stars (Melo, LeBron, CP3), no player has racked more points this offseason than Kevin Durant. These bursts come on the heels of back-to-back sco...

    Blog | September 11, 2011
  14. 5-on-5 (+1) with the Lakers

    Andy Kamenetzky's NBA section has featured a daily offseason series where five writers answer five questions about a particular team. Pacific Division analysis begins today with the Lakers, and the scribes on hand are Dave McMenamin, J.A. Adande, our pals P...

    Blog | August 15, 2011
  15. Chat transcript

    Andy Kamenetzky

    For those unable to crash the party, live vicariously through those in attendance. Talking points included barnstorming, potential offseason acquisitions through free agency or trade and this lockout nonsense. Here is the link....

    Blog | July 06, 2011
  16. The Triangle: How to improve outside shooting

    Andy Kamenetzky

    Chief among the needs identified in our "offseason needs" series is outside shooting. In the most recent edition of The Triangle, we, along with Dave McMenamin, discuss ways to improve this glaringly big problem....

    Blog | June 14, 2011